Age of Heroes: Unleashing Extraordinary Powers.

 Age of HeroesDIRECTED BY Adrian Vitoria. Unleash extraordinary powers in the Age of Heroes. Legends will rise, destinies will be fulfilled.

Age of Heroes

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Age of Heroes - Synopsis:

The Age of Heroes is a highly-anticipated upcoming film that tells the story of a group of unlikely heroes who band together to save the world from a powerful and ancient evil. The movie is set in a fantasy world filled with magic, mythical creatures, and ancient gods, and is sure to be a hit with fans of the fantasy genre.

The Age of Heroes begins with the world on the brink of destruction. An ancient evil, known only as the Dark Lord, has risen from the depths of the earth and is threatening to enslave all of humanity. The only hope for the world is a group of unlikely heroes who must band together to defeat the Dark Lord and save the world from destruction.

The group of heroes includes a young orphan who is chosen by fate to wield a powerful magical sword, a skilled warrior who has been betrayed by his own people, and a wise wizard who has been studying the ancient prophecies that predict the Dark Lord's rise. Together, they embark on a journey across the land, facing countless dangers and overcoming impossible odds, all in the hopes of stopping the Dark Lord and saving the world.

Along the way, they are joined by a host of other characters, including a brave and honorable knight, a fierce and skilled warrior, and a cunning and resourceful rogue. Together, they face giant monsters, treacherous enemies, and powerful magic, all while struggling to uncover the truth behind the Dark Lord's rise and find a way to stop him.

The main characters of the Age of Heroes are a diverse and dynamic group of individuals, each with their own unique backstory and motivations. The orphan, who is chosen to wield the powerful magical sword, is a young and inexperienced hero who must learn to harness his newfound power and overcome his own fears and doubts. The warrior, who has been betrayed by his own people, is a skilled and powerful fighter who is driven by a desire for vengeance. The wizard, who is an expert in the ancient prophecies, is a wise and powerful mentor who guides the heroes on their journey.

The other characters include the brave and honorable knight, who is a skilled and fearless warrior; the fierce and skilled warrior, who is a fierce and skilled warrior; and the cunning and resourceful rogue, who is a cunning and resourceful rogue. Together, these characters form a close-knit group of friends and allies who support each other through their journey.

The Age of Heroes explores a number of themes, including the power of friendship and the importance of standing up for what is right, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. The movie also touches on the theme of destiny and the idea that each person has a unique role to play in the world. Additionally, the film explores the theme of sacrifice and the idea that sometimes, the greatest heroes are those who are willing to give everything for the greater good.

The Age of Heroes is a highly-anticipated fantasy film that promises to be a hit with fans of the genre. With an epic plot, dynamic characters, and powerful themes, the movie is sure to be a hit with audiences of all ages. With a great cast of actors and a talented director, the film is sure to be a blockbuster hit. So, be sure to mark your calendars for its release, and get ready for an epic adventure that will transport you to a world of magic, mythical creatures, and ancient gods.

Age of Heroes


Adrian Vitoria


Ed Scates & Adrian Vitoria.


Sean Bean Sean Bean ... Jones
Danny Dyer Danny Dyer ... Rains
Aksel Hennie Aksel Hennie ... Steinar
Izabella Miko Izabella Miko ... Jensen
James D'Arcy James D'Arcy ... Fleming
William Houston William Houston ... Mac
John Dagleish John Dagleish ... Rollright
Stephen Walters Stephen Walters ... Brightling
Guy Burnet Guy Burnet ... Riley
Ewan Ross Ewan Ross ... Gable
Christian Rubeck Christian Rubeck ... Model
Erik Madsen Erik Madsen ... Teichman (as Jan Erik Madsen)
Lee Jerrum Lee Jerrum ... Dobson
Rosie Fellner Rosie Fellner ... Holbrook
Tony Hood Tony Hood ... Sergeant Grey
Jay Simpson Jay Simpson ... RMP CSM
Adam Gillen Adam Gillen ... Soldier 1
Theo Barklem-Biggs Theo Barklem-Biggs ... Soldier 2
Timothy Watson Timothy Watson ... RMP Captain
Lin Blakley Lin Blakley ... Mrs. Shepherd
Georgina Sutcliffe Georgina Sutcliffe ... Grace
Christiaan Haig Christiaan Haig ... Muggs
Daniel Brocklebank Daniel Brocklebank ... RMP Officer
Sebastian Street Sebastian Street ... RMP Colonel
Geir Vegar Hoel Geir Vegar Hoel ... Ingmar (as Vegar Hoel).

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