DEATH HUNT: A Deadly Pursuit.

 DEATH HUNT, DIRECTED BY Neil Mackay. Embark on a deadly pursuit in Death Hunt. Survival demands cunning and courage.

Death Hunt

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DEATH HUNT - Synopsis:

"Death Hunt" unfolds in the rugged wilderness of the Canadian Yukon during the 1930s, where a relentless manhunt ensues after a misunderstanding leads to a deadly confrontation. This action-packed movie follows the gripping pursuit of a fugitive trapper by a determined lawman, leading to a high-stakes showdown in the unforgiving northern terrain.

The Quiet Life in the Yukon

The movie begins with a quiet and solitary existence in the Yukon, where Albert Johnson, a reserved and skilled trapper, lives a reclusive life in the wilderness. His isolation and self-sufficiency earn him the nickname "The Mad Trapper."

A Misunderstanding Leads to Tragedy

A confrontation between Johnson and a group of men results in a tragic misunderstanding, leading to the death of one of the men. Fueled by fear and anger, the group, led by Sergeant Edgar Millen, perceives Johnson as a dangerous criminal and decides to capture him.

The Manhunt Begins

The pursuit begins, and a relentless manhunt unfolds as Millen and his posse set out to capture Johnson. However, they quickly realize that capturing the elusive trapper is no easy task. Johnson's survival skills, knowledge of the wilderness, and determination make him a formidable adversary.

The Cat-and-Mouse Chase

As Johnson evades capture, the pursuit turns into a tense cat-and-mouse game between him and Millen. The rugged Yukon landscape becomes a treacherous battleground, with both the hunter and the hunted facing numerous challenges and dangers.

An Unexpected Bond

As the chase continues, Millen gains insights into Johnson's past and the reasons behind his solitary life in the wilderness. This newfound understanding fosters a sense of empathy, leading Millen to question the motives behind the manhunt.

The Showdown

Amidst the harsh Yukon winter, the pursuit intensifies, and the movie builds to a climactic showdown between Johnson and Millen. The bitter cold, perilous terrain, and relentless pursuit push both men to their limits.

A Test of Character

The confrontation becomes a test of character and resilience for both Johnson and Millen. As they confront their fears and confrontations, they are forced to make difficult decisions that will shape their destinies.

Redemption and Justice

As the movie concludes, the pursuit comes to a dramatic resolution. The truth behind the initial misunderstanding emerges, shedding light on the motivations behind the events that unfolded. Redemption and justice intertwine as the characters confront the consequences of their actions.

Reflections on the Journey

"Death Hunt" is not just a tale of pursuit and confrontation; it is also a reflection on the human condition and the complexities of justice and morality. The movie explores themes of isolation, empathy, and the blurred lines between right and wrong.

The Unforgiving Beauty of the Yukon

The rugged and unforgiving beauty of the Yukon landscape serves as a compelling backdrop for the gripping story. The harshness of the wilderness mirrors the challenges faced by the characters, highlighting the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Conclusion: A Riveting Adventure in the Wild

"Death Hunt" is a riveting and action-packed adventure that explores the complexities of human nature and the pursuit of justice. With stunning visuals, intense performances, and a powerful narrative, the movie immerses viewers in a thrilling chase that tests the limits of courage, survival, and the pursuit of truth.

Death Hunt


Neil Mackay.


Frank Ieraci...producer
Greg Johnston...executive producer / producer.


Marlene Malcolm Marlene Malcolm ... Brooke Hamilton
Omar Tucci Omar Tucci ... Ray Harper
Terry McDonald Terry McDonald ... TJ
Rick Amsbury Rick Amsbury ... Rick
Greg Johnston Greg Johnston ... Gary
Michael Coughlan Michael Coughlan ... Mayor Dolan
Frank Ieraci Frank Ieraci ... Boat Driver
Mason Cromwell Mason Cromwell ... Human Target
Riley Lewis Riley Lewis ... Young TJ
Peter Lewis Peter Lewis ... Taggart
Sam Slessor Sam Slessor ... Town Heckler.

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