Jurassic Domination: Reign of Prehistoric Giants.

 Jurassic DominationDIRECTED BY Brian Nowak. Experience the reign of prehistoric giants in Jurassic Domination. Survival is the ultimate challenge. 

Jurassic Domination

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Jurassic Domination - Synopsis:

"Jurassic Domination," directed by Brian Nowak, is an epic adventure that transports audiences to a world where prehistoric creatures reign supreme. When an ambitious genetic experiment goes awry, dinosaurs with heightened intelligence and ferocity are unleashed, threatening to dominate the planet once again. As humanity faces the brink of extinction, a group of brave individuals must band together to survive the primordial onslaught and reclaim their place in the world.

The Bold Experiment

The movie begins with a scientific experiment that aims to push the boundaries of genetic engineering. In a desperate bid to create superior dinosaurs for military purposes, scientists inadvertently unlock latent genetic traits, endowing the ancient creatures with heightened intelligence and cunning.

A World in Chaos

As the dinosaurs break free from captivity, chaos ensues, and the world is thrown into disarray. The once-safe habitats of humanity are invaded by these ancient predators, who now wield abilities far beyond what science had ever envisioned.

Humanity on the Brink

With dinosaurs asserting dominance across the globe, humanity faces the threat of extinction. Governments crumble, and societies are reduced to pockets of survivors struggling to stay alive amidst the primal terror.

Unlikely Heroes

In the midst of the chaos, a diverse group of survivors emerges as humanity's last hope. United by courage and determination, they band together to confront the colossal challenge of surviving in a world ruled by ancient predators.

Survival of the Fittest

As the survivors fight for their lives, they quickly learn that in this prehistoric landscape, the rules of survival have evolved. They must adapt to the cunning tactics and relentless pursuit of the enhanced dinosaurs, employing every ounce of ingenuity and strength they possess.

A Desperate Quest for Sanctuary

The group embarks on a perilous journey to find a fabled sanctuary rumored to be shielded from the dinosaur's reign of terror. Along the way, they encounter breathtaking landscapes and unimaginable dangers, testing their bonds and resolve.

Bonds Formed in Adversity

As the survivors face near-impossible odds, they forge unbreakable bonds of camaraderie and trust. The journey becomes a test of their character and resilience, as they confront their fears and come to terms with the world they once knew.

Confrontation with the Dominant Species

In a heart-pounding climax, the survivors confront the deadliest and most intelligent dinosaur, the apex predator that leads the pack. It's a battle of wits and strength that will determine the fate of humanity and the prehistoric world they now coexist with.

The Balance of Power

Through sacrifice, ingenuity, and bravery, the survivors strive to restore the balance of power between humans and dinosaurs. They find a way to coexist and protect each other while respecting the untamed forces of nature that once ruled the Earth.

A New Beginning

"Jurassic Domination" concludes with a new beginning for humanity. The survivors emerge from the crucible of survival with a profound understanding of their place in the world, now forever intertwined with the prehistoric legacy of the past.

A Dinosaur Epic of Survival and Redemption

"Jurassic Domination," directed by Brian Nowak, delivers a thrilling dinosaur epic that blends action, adventure, and the resilience of the human spirit. With its awe-inspiring visuals, heart-pounding encounters, and a testament to the strength of unity, the movie leaves audiences with a renewed appreciation for the delicate balance between humanity and the natural world. As the survivors rise from the ashes of devastation, they carry with them the lessons of an era when dinosaurs once again roamed the Earth.

Jurassic Domination


Brian Nowak.


Paul Bales...co-producer
David G. Carrascal...line producer
David Courtice...Consulting Producer
Pauline Jones...line producer
David Michael Latt...producer
David Rimawi...executive producer.


Eric Roberts Eric Roberts ... General Greer
Jack Pearson Jack Pearson ... Major Tanner
Jamie Bernadette Jamie Bernadette ...Colonel Ramirez
Azeem Vecchio Azeem Vecchio ... Lt. Peters
Kahlo De Jesus Buffington Kahlo De Jesus Buffington ... Corporal Higgins
DeAngelo Davis DeAngelo Davis ... Sergeant Ajax
Eric Guilmette Eric Guilmette ... Captain Visitch
John Crosby John Crosby ... Raymond
Miranda Meadows Miranda Meadows ... Jerry
Alissa Filoramo Alissa Filoramo ... Carrie
Nicole Starrett Nicole Starrett ... Grace
Jenny Tran Jenny Tran ... Lieutenant Richardson (as Petito Potato)
Torrey Richardson Torrey Richardson ...Private Connors
Trevor Champion Rogers Trevor Champion Rogers ... Bill.

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