MEDIEVAL: A Journey to the Age of Knights and Legends.

MEDIEVAL, DIRECTED BY Petr Jákl. Embark on a journey to the age of knights and legends in Medieval. Honor and glory await.


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MEDIEVAL - Synopsis:

"Jan Čapek: The Warrior Who Fought for Love and Justice in the Holy Roman Empire"

Jan Čapek was one of the greatest warriors in history, renowned for his bravery, loyalty, and love for justice. He was inspired by a true story set in the turbulent times of the Holy Roman Empire, where a power vacuum was created after the death of the reigning emperor. The Empire was plunged into chaos as two brothers, King Wenceslas of Czech and King Sigismund of Hungary, battled for control of the empty throne.

Jan was hired by Lord Boresh to carry out a dangerous mission – to kidnap Lady Katherine, the powerful Lord Rosenberg's fiancée. The purpose of this mission was to prevent Rosenberg's rise to power alongside the corrupt King Sigismund. Jan believed in the divine right of kings and was determined to carry out the mission with honor and respect.

However, as Katherine became embroiled in the political game between the monarchs, Jan found himself falling in love with her strong spirit and unwavering commitment to saving the people. Her dedication to justice and her love for the common people inspired Jan to fight back against the corruption, greed, and betrayal that was rampant among those vying for power.

In a brave attempt to liberate Lady Katherine, Jan led a rebel army into battle against the corrupt forces. In this moment of crisis, Jan realized that the fate of the Empire would be decided by his love for Lady Katherine and that his fate did not lie in the hands of Kings, but in the hands of his own people.

Jan Čapek was a true hero, who fought for love and justice in a time of great turmoil. His bravery and unwavering commitment to what was right inspired generations to come. The story of Jan Čapek reminds us that love and justice will always triumph over greed and corruption, and that the power of the people is greater than the power of Kings.



Petr Jákl.


Martin J. Barab ... executive producer (as Martin Barab)
Kevin Bernhardt ... executive producer
Pam Dixon ... executive producer
Cassian Elwes ... producer (produced by)
Arianne Fraser ... executive producer
Petr Jakl Sr. ... executive producer
Daniel Jaros ... associate producer (as Daniel Jaroš)
Petr Jákl ... producer (produced by).


Ben Foster Ben Foster ... Jan Zizka
Sophie Lowe Sophie Lowe ... Katherine
Michael Caine Michael Caine ... Lord Boresh
Til Schweiger Til Schweiger ... Rosenberg
Matthew Goode Matthew Goode ... King Sigismund
William Moseley William Moseley ... Jaroslav
Roland Møller Roland Møller ... Torak
Karel Roden Karel Roden ... King Wenceslas
Werner Daehn Werner Daehn ... Ulrich
Vinzenz Kiefer Vinzenz Kiefer ... Conrad
Alistair Brammer Alistair Brammer ... Freddy
Magnus Samuelsson Magnus Samuelsson ... Lars
Christopher Rygh Christopher Rygh ... Mick
Guy Roberts Guy Roberts ... Cyril
David Bowles David Bowles ... Giovanni
Jennifer Armour Jennifer Armour ... Barbara
Jan Budar Jan Budar ... Matthew
Kevin Bernhardt Kevin Bernhardt ... Captain Martin
Ondrej Vetchý Ondrej Vetchý ... Ondrej
Romana Vítová Romana Vítová ...Theresa (as Romana Jákl Vítová)
Ben Cristovao Ben Cristovao ... Ajdar
Sean Connor Renwick Sean Connor Renwick ... David (as Sean Renwick)
William Lizr William Lizr ... Nephew
Václav Jirácek Václav Jirácek ... Zdenek
Marek Vasut Marek Vasut ... Wenceslas Chamberlain
Roman Sebrle Roman Sebrle ... Javier
Zhang Lang Zhang Lang ... Zel
Zdenek Gloser Zdenek Gloser ... Captain of the Guard
Jakub Vanas Jakub Vanas ... Trevor (as Jakub Vaňas)
Aneta Kernová Aneta Kernová ... Maria
Laura Karolyi Laura Karolyi ... Anna
Adam Spalenka Adam Spalenka ... Young Jan
Pavel Schneider Pavel Schneider ... Monk
Jirí Kasík Jirí Kasík ... Sigmund's Chamberlain
Pavel Bezdek Pavel Bezdek ... Voetech
Filip Antonio Filip Antonio ... Village Boy.

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