Paradize City: A Journey to Paradise.

Paradize City, DIRECTED BY Chuck Russell. Embark on a mesmerizing journey to Paradise City. Discover a world of beauty and mystery.

paradize city

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Paradize City - Synopsis:

Paradise City is a thrilling action movie that takes you on a journey to the dark and dangerous underworld of a fictional metropolis. The film follows the story of a former soldier who returns home from war to find that his city has been taken over by a powerful criminal organization. With no other options, he joins forces with a group of rebels to take back control of the city and bring justice to its corrupt leaders.

The movie opens with a veteran named Max (played by Jason Statham) returning to Paradise City after a long deployment. He finds that the city has become a hub of criminal activity, controlled by a notorious crime boss named Frank (played by Willem Dafoe). Frank rules the city with an iron fist and has a vast network of loyal followers, making it difficult for Max to take him down.

However, Max soon discovers that there is a group of rebels who are fighting against Frank and his criminal empire. They are led by a charismatic leader named Leo (played by Tom Hardy), who is determined to bring down Frank and restore order to the city. Max decides to join forces with Leo and the rebels to help them in their mission.

As Max begins to immerse himself in the rebel movement, he quickly realizes that the city is more dangerous than he ever imagined. Frank and his followers will stop at nothing to maintain their hold on Paradise City, and Max must use all of his combat training and street smarts to stay alive.

The film follows Max and Leo as they embark on a series of daring raids against Frank's criminal empire. Along the way, they encounter a cast of colorful characters, including a rogue police officer, a mysterious hacker, and a former flame who is now working for Frank. Max and Leo must work together to overcome their differences and stay focused on their goal of taking down Frank and restoring order to Paradise City.

Paradise City is a movie that explores the themes of loyalty, justice, and the fight against corruption. The film depicts the struggle of ordinary citizens against a powerful criminal organization, and the lengths they will go to bring about change. The film also touches on the idea of the consequences of war, as Max struggles to adjust to civilian life after his deployment.

One of the central symbols of the film is the city of Paradise itself. The city serves as a metaphor for the corrupt society that Max and Leo are fighting against. It is a place of decadence and excess, but also of darkness and danger. The film uses this imagery to convey the idea that, even in a place that is supposed to be a paradise, there can be darkness lurking just beneath the surface.

One of the defining features of Paradise City is its pulse-pounding action sequences. The film is filled with high-octane chases, epic shootouts, and thrilling hand-to-hand combat scenes. Jason Statham, Tom Hardy, and Willem Dafoe bring their A-game to their performances, delivering intense and realistic fight scenes that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

The film also features a number of spectacular stunts, including a daring helicopter chase and a high-speed motorcycle chase through the streets of Paradise City. The filmmakers worked with a team of skilled stunt performers to create some of the most thrilling action scenes ever seen on the big screen.

Paradise City is an epic action movie that takes audiences on a journey to the dark and dangerous underworld of a fictional metropolis. With its thrilling plot, intense action sequences, and themes of justice and corruption, the film is sure to captivate audiences from start to finish. The film's talented cast, including Jason Statham, Tom Hardy, and Willem Dafoe, bring their characters to life with powerful performances, while the film's stunning visuals and spectacular stunts make it a must-see for action movie fans.

Whether you're a fan of fast-paced action, thrilling chases, or intense hand-to-hand combat, Paradise City has something for everyone. So, if you're looking for a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then be sure to check out Paradise City. You won't be disappointed!

paradize city


Chuck Russell.


Jas Boparai ... executive producer
Lee Broda ... executive producer
Ashley Coleman ... executive producer
Grady Craig ... executive producer
Stephen J. Eads ... executive producer
Bernie Gewissler ... line producer
Matthew Helderman ... executive producer
Ruben Islas ... executive producer
Jon Keeyes ... executive producer
Corey Large ... producer (produced by) (p.g.a.).


Bruce Willis Bruce Willis ... Ian Swan
John Travolta John Travolta ... Buckley
Stephen Dorff Stephen Dorff ... Robbie Cole
Noel Gugliemi Noel Gugliemi ... Alfredo Salazar
Blake Jenner Blake Jenner ... Ryan Swan
Branscombe Richmond Branscombe Richmond ... Thomas Kane
Kate Katzman Kate Katzman ... Nikki
Amber Abara Amber Abara ... Gerry
Lorenzo Antonucci Lorenzo Antonucci ... Scorpion
Corey Large Corey Large ... Zyatt
Praya Lundberg Praya Lundberg ... Savannah
Carrie Bernans Carrie Bernans ... Kai
Sarah Ashley Rodriguez Sarah Ashley Rodriguez ... Maid
Patty Lee Patty Lee ... Bartender / Stripper
Micah Giovanni Micah Giovanni ... Ern
Russell Satele Russell Satele ... Chief of Police
Bernie Gewissler Bernie Gewissler ...Terrance Billford
Adam Huel Potter Adam Huel Potter ... Rookie Cop
Laird Akeo Laird Akeo ... Koa
Kade Vu Kade Vu ... Manu
Ute Finch Ute Finch ... Mrs. Tilly
David Tu'itupou David Tu'itupou ... Barman
Victor Gonzalez Victor Gonzalez ... Warrior
Geronimo Son Geronimo Son ... Guest List Guard
Cesar Miramontes Cesar Miramontes ... Mike Hervez
Jock Armour Jock Armour ... Gunman
Mary Ann Perreira Mary Ann Perreira ... Aunty Kona
Bradford Haynes Bradford Haynes ... Jailer as Bradford Haynes
Vene Chun Vene Chun ... Charlie
Kawika Hoke Kawika Hoke ... Bodyguard
Chad Owens Chad Owens ... Warrior
Felix Perez Felix Perez ... Armed guard
Imani Thomas Imani Thomas...MMA Fighter / Referee / Club Patron
Shen Gandolfo Shen Gandolfo ... Bus boy
Kiegan Otterson Kiegan Otterson ... Chicago Cop
Kuuipomakawiwoole Kahalewai Hill Kuuipomakawiwoole Kahalewai Hill ... Server (as Ku'uipo Hill)
Hunt Coulahan Hunt Coulahan ... Bodyguard 1
Mary Ann Perriera Mary Ann Perriera ... Auntie Kona
Charles Kaeo Charles Kaeo ... Dougie
Miah Bellus Miah Bellus ... Bodyguard 2.

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