Secret Headquarters: Unlock the Secrets.

Secret Headquarters, DIRECTED BY Henry Joost. Unlock the secrets of the Secret Headquarters. Adventure awaits behind closed doors.

Secret Headquarters

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Secret Headquarters - Synopsis:

"Secret Headquarters," directed by Henry Joost, is an exhilarating adventure that takes audiences on a captivating journey into the world of superheroes. When a young boy discovers a hidden underground lair that serves as a clandestine superhero headquarters, he finds himself thrust into a whirlwind of discovery, danger, and the realization of his own extraordinary potential.

The movie introduces 12-year-old Timmy, an ordinary and imaginative boy who loves comics and dreams of one day becoming a superhero. One fateful day, while exploring the woods near his home, Timmy stumbles upon a hidden entrance to a mysterious underground lair.

To his astonishment, Timmy learns that the hidden lair is a secret headquarters used by a team of real-life superheroes. With awe and excitement, he discovers a world he never knew existed, filled with advanced technology, incredible powers, and the ultimate fight against evil.

As Timmy befriends the team of superheroes, he is soon faced with the unthinkable: the world is in imminent danger, and the secret headquarters may be compromised. With a newfound sense of responsibility, Timmy must decide if he's ready to step up and join the ranks of these extraordinary individuals.

Under the guidance of the seasoned superheroes, Timmy undergoes intense training to hone his innate abilities and uncover his unique superpower. Along the way, he faces challenges that test his courage, determination, and loyalty.

As Timmy and the superhero team delve deeper into the mysteries of the underground lair, they uncover a sinister plot by a cunning and powerful villain. The fate of the world hangs in the balance as they prepare to face their greatest adversary yet.

Despite his initial doubts and insecurities, Timmy's journey teaches him that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. With the support of his newfound friends, he discovers the strength within himself to embrace his destiny as a hero.

In a heart-pounding climax, the superheroes face off against the villain in an epic battle that tests the limits of their powers and resolve. Timmy's courage and determination prove invaluable as they confront the forces of darkness.

As the battle unfolds, Timmy and the superheroes learn the true power of teamwork, friendship, and sacrifice. Together, they demonstrate that even the most extraordinary abilities are meaningless without the unity of heart and purpose.

"Secret Headquarters," directed by Henry Joost, is an unforgettable adventure that celebrates the boundless imagination and potential within each of us. It captivates audiences with its thrilling action, heartwarming moments, and the enduring message that heroes can be found in unexpected places.

"Secret Headquarters" concludes with a new chapter in the history of heroes. As Timmy embraces his role as a superhero and the underground lair continues to serve as a beacon of hope, a new generation of defenders emerges, ready to face whatever challenges the future may hold.

Secret Headquarters


Henry Joost
Ariel Schulman.


Jerry Bruckheimer ... producer
John K. Campbell ... associate producer (as John Campbell)
D. Scott Lumpkin ... executive producer (as Scott Lumpkin)
Chad Oman ... producer
Melissa Reid ... associate producer
Orlee-Rose Strauss ... executive producer.


Owen Wilson Owen Wilson ... Jack
Michael Peña Michael Peña ... Argon
Walker Scobell Walker Scobell ... Charlie
Jesse Williams Jesse Williams ... Irons
Keith L. Williams Keith L. Williams ... Berger
Momona Tamada Momona Tamada ... Maya
Charles Melton Charles Melton ... Hawaii
Abby James Witherspoon Abby James Witherspoon ... Lizzie
Kezii Curtis Kezii Curtis ... Big Mac
Jessie Mueller Jessie Mueller ... Lily Kincaid
Dustin Ingram Dustin Ingram ... Jersey
Levy Tran Levy Tran ... Virginia
Michael Anthony Michael Anthony ... Wisconsin
Dayna Beilenson Dayna Beilenson ... Ms. Squint
David Lengel David Lengel ... Coach Skipper
Forrest Deal Forrest Deal ... Forrest Deal
D.K. Metcalf D.K. Metcalf ... Coach Hammer (as DK Metcalf)
Lav Luv Lav Luv ... Umpire
Aiden Malik Aiden Malik ... Robbie Fernandez
Lucius Baston Lucius Baston ... Jerry the Janitor (as Lucius Baston Jr.)
Mick Daily Mick Daily ... Officer O'Reilly
Ninja N. Devoe Ninja N. Devoe ... Officer Grant
Nickolas Wolf Nickolas Wolf ... Classroom Child #1 (as Nickolas Antonescu Wolf)
Savannah Schultz Savannah Schultz ... Tall Child
Laila Pruitt Laila Pruitt ... Dance DJ
Louie Chaplin Moss Louie Chaplin Moss ... Young Charlie
Justice Freedom Jones Justice Freedom Jones ...Classroom Child #2
Labrandon Shead Labrandon Shead ...Berger's Dad (as LaBrandon Shead)
Constance McCracklin Constance McCracklin ... Berger's Mom
Riley Ramsey Riley Ramsey ... School Dance Child
Penelope Talleur Penelope Talleur ...Concession Worker
Mallory Hoff Mallory Hoff ... Anchorwoman.

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