The Gray Man: A Thriller of Espionage.

The Gray ManDIRECTED BY Anthony Russo. Immerse yourself in a thrilling world of espionage in The Gray Man. Secrets are deadly, spies are everywhere.

The Gray Man

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The Gray Man - Synopsis:

The Gray Man is a highly anticipated movie directed by the talented Russo brothers, Anthony and Joe Russo. The movie is an action-packed, mystery thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The film stars a skilled CIA mercenary, known only as "The Gray Man", who unintentionally uncovers dark agency secrets. As a result, he becomes the target of a global manhunt led by psychopathic former colleagues and international assassins.

The movie opens with the Gray Man, a highly skilled CIA mercenary, performing a mission for the agency. During the mission, he stumbles upon a dark secret that puts his life in danger. A psychopathic former colleague, who is now working as an assassin, learns of the Gray Man's discovery and places a bounty on his head. This sets off a worldwide manhunt by assassins from around the globe, who are determined to take down the Gray Man.

As the Gray Man tries to evade his pursuers, he finds himself delving deeper into the mystery of the dark secrets he uncovered. With the help of an unlikely ally, he sets out to unravel the truth behind the conspiracy and clear his name.

The movie takes the audience on a thrilling ride, full of twists and turns, as the Gray Man fights to stay one step ahead of his pursuers. The high-stakes action sequences and intense mystery will keep you on the edge of your seat, as the Gray Man tries to survive the manhunt and uncover the truth.

The film stars a talented cast, including the lead actor who plays the Gray Man, who brings to life the character of the skilled CIA mercenary. The psychopathic former colleague and the international assassins are played by equally talented actors, who bring to life the tension and drama of the manhunt.

The movie is directed by the Russo brothers, who have a reputation for delivering high-quality, action-packed movies. The film is produced by Joe Roth, Jeff Kirschenbaum, Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, Mike Larocca, and Chris Castaldi, who are known for their expertise in the action and mystery genres. The script is written by Joe Russo, Christopher Markus, and Stephen McFeely, who have a proven track record of delivering suspenseful and thrilling stories.

The Gray Man is a must-see movie for fans of action, mystery, and thriller genres. With its intense plot, high-stakes action sequences, and talented cast and production team, it is sure to be a hit at the box office. Whether you're a fan of the Russo brothers or just a lover of thrilling movies, The Gray Man is a movie you won't want to miss.

The Gray Man


Anthony Russo...(directed by)
Joe Russo...(directed by).


Jake Aust ... executive producer
Chris Castaldi ... producer (produced by) (p.g.a.)
Geoffrey Haley ... executive producer (as Geoff Haley)
Silvie Janculová...line producer: Prague (as Silvia Janculova)
Benoit Jaubert line producer (as Benoît Jaubert)
Murtaza Kathawala ... associate producer
Jeff Kirschenbaum ... producer (produced by)
Mike Larocca ... producer (produced by) (p.g.a.)
Viet Luu ... associate producer.


Ryan Gosling Ryan Gosling ... Six
Chris Evans Chris Evans ... Lloyd Hansen
Ana de Armas Ana de Armas ... Dani Miranda
Billy Bob Thornton Billy Bob Thornton ... Fitzroy
Jessica Henwick Jessica Henwick ... Suzanne Brewer
Dhanush Dhanush ... Avik San
Alfre Woodard Alfre Woodard ... Margaret Cahill
Regé-Jean Page Regé-Jean Page ... Carmichael
Wagner Moura Wagner Moura ... Laszlo Sosa
Julia Butters Julia Butters ... Claire
Shea Whigham Shea Whigham ... Six's Father
Deobia Oparei Deobia Oparei ... Dulin (as DeObia Oparei)
Robert Kazinsky Robert Kazinsky ... Perini
Daz Crawford Daz Crawford ... Markham
Callan Mulvey Callan Mulvey ... Dining Car
Charlit Dae Charlit Dae ... The Buyer
Cameron Crovetti Cameron Crovetti ... Young Six
Chris Castaldi Chris Castaldi ... Dawson
Jeremy Tichy Jeremy Tichy ... Officer Zelezny
Marian Mitas Marian Mitas ... Ranking Officer
Petr Semerád Petr Semerád ...URNA Captain (as Petr Semerad)
Dana Aliya Levinson Dana Aliya Levinson ...Lead Hansen Tech
Nadiv Molcho Nadiv Molcho ... Junior Hansen Tech
Jimmy Jean-Louis Jimmy Jean-Louis ... Alex Dumas
Adam Bartlett Adam Bartlett ... Command Center Tech
Eme Ikwuakor Eme Ikwuakor ... Barnes
Patrick Newall Patrick Newall ... C.I.A. Officer
Anthony J. Vorhies Anthony J. Vorhies ... C.I.A. Specialist (as Anthony Vorhies)
Quinn R. Somasavachai Quinn R. Somasavachai ... Young Boy
Siri Schwartzberg Siri Schwartzberg ... Old Woman
Faye Tamasa Faye Tamasa ...Young Woman (as Faye Nightingale)
Alexander Minajev Alexander Minajev ... Russian Orthodox Priest
Karen Jin Beck Karen Jin Beck ... DJ (as DJ Shy)
Angela Russo-Otstot Angela Russo-Otstot ... C.I.A. Tech
Kate Blumberg Kate Blumberg ... Wendy
Becky Wu Becky Wu ... Doctor
Maria Darkina Maria Darkina ... Czech Orderly
Justin Walker White Justin Walker White ... Pilot
Kaipo Schwab Kaipo Schwab ... Co-Pilot
Emanuel Felix Emanuel Felix ... Chopper Pilot
Kendall Wells Kendall Wells ... Australian Team Leader
Michael Anthony Rogers Michael Anthony Rogers ... Intense Man
Joe Daru Joe Daru ... Gamer
Oleg Kim Oleg Kim ... Drunken Thai Guy
Irina Aylyarova Irina Aylyarova ... Czech Doctor
Martin Harris Martin Harris ... Czech Police Officer
Michelle Twarowska Michelle Twarowska...Czech Injured Woman
Michel Carliez Michel Carliez ... Patrol Merc
Grace Russo Grace Russo ... Teenage Girl #1
Lia Russo Lia Russo ... Teenage Girl #2
Camille Marquez Camille Marquez ... Elena
Brent McGee Brent McGee ... Erik Carver
Belén Cusi Belén Cusi ... Hansen Exec (as Belén Cusí)
Faouzi Brahimi Faouzi Brahimi ... Machine Gun Merc
Paul Abell Paul Abell ... C.I.A. Agent #1
Andy Watts Andy Watts ... C.I.A. Agent #2
Steffen Dziczek Steffen Dziczek ... C.I.A. Agent #3 / 2003 De-Age Double #1 (as Steffen Aaron Dziczek)
Ian Stone Ian Stone ... C.I.A. Agent #4
R. Ben Parker R. Ben Parker ... Medivac EMT #1
Swen Gillberg Swen Gillberg ... Medivac EMT #2
William 'Ish' Barkley William 'Ish' Barkley ... Medic
Stepan Radina Stepan Radina ...Funeral Gunner (as Štepán Radina)
Gozie Agbo Gozie Agbo ... CIA DDO Fine
Isaac Stephen Montgomery    Isaac Stephen Montgomery ... MP #1
Matthew Bellows Matthew Bellows ... MP #2
Marc Forget Marc Forget ... Interrogation Subject
Boone Platt Boone Platt ... Masked Man
Gee Alexander Gee Alexander ... Goon
Dennis Kunkel Dennis Kunkel ... CIA Deputy
Steven Sievert Steven Sievert ... 1995 De-Age Double #1
Gordon Tarpley Gordon Tarpley ... 2003 De-Age Double #4.

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