The Moderator: Unraveling the Truth.

The ModeratorDIRECTED BY Zhor Fassi-Fihri. Unravel the truth in The Moderator. Explore the depths of deception and hidden agendas.

The Moderator

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The Moderator - Synopsis:

Directed by Zhor Fassi-Fihri, with writing credits by Hicham Hajji and Jonathan McConnell, The Moderator is a powerful and captivating film that tells the story of a young journalist named Sarah who uncovers a major corruption scandal in the Moroccan government.

Sarah is a passionate and ambitious journalist who is determined to uncover the truth and expose the corruption that is plaguing her country. When she discovers evidence that a high-ranking government official is involved in illegal activities, she knows that she has to act fast.

As Sarah begins to investigate further, she is drawn into a dangerous world of power and corruption. She must navigate her way through a web of lies and deceit, all while trying to protect herself and her loved ones.

Along the way, Sarah meets a man named Adam, who becomes her ally in the fight against corruption. Together, they work to bring down the corrupt officials and expose the truth.

But the road to justice is never easy, and Sarah soon finds herself facing powerful enemies who will stop at nothing to protect their interests. As she delves deeper into the scandal, Sarah must confront her own fears and vulnerabilities, and find the strength to continue the fight.

The Moderator is a thrilling and thought-provoking film that explores the complex issues of power, corruption and redemption. It is a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end, and leave you with a deeper understanding of the challenges that face journalists and activists in the fight for justice.

As a website that aims to provide in-depth and engaging content to our readers, we believe that The Moderator is a film that deserves to be seen and appreciated by a wider audience. Its powerful message and expertly crafted storytelling make it a must-see for anyone who is interested in politics, journalism, and social justice.

We hope that this article has piqued your interest in The Moderator, and that you will consider watching it for yourself. It is a film that will leave you with a greater appreciation for the courage and determination of those who are willing to stand up for what is right, even in the face of great adversity.

The Moderator


Zhor Fassi-Fihri.


Charles M. Barsamian ... executive producer (as Charles Barsamian)
Shanan Becker ... executive producer
Karim Bernoussi ... executive producer
Bill Bromiley ... executive producer (as William V. Bromiley)
Gregory Chambet ... executive producer
Youssef El Aoufir ... executive producer
Lotfi El Gorda ... executive producer (as Lofti Elgorda)
Zhor Fassi-Fihri ... executive producer
Hicham Hajji ... producer (p.g.a.).


Robert Knepper Robert Knepper ... Agent John Ross
Gary Dourdan Gary Dourdan ... Agent Richard Bourdeau
Sabine Crossen Sabine Crossen ... Agent Clair Paxton
Irma Lake Irma Lake ... Mya Snik
Gladys Bautista Gladys Bautista ... Lilia
Julian Mileta Julian Mileta ... Gayer The Manager
Michael Patrick Lane Michael Patrick Lane ... Vance Wilhorn
Hicham Hajji Hicham Hajji ... Interpol Driver
Soraya Azzabi Soraya Azzabi ... Selma Battal
Brice Bexter Brice Bexter ... Jawad El Glaoui (as Brice Bexter El Glaoui)
Abdellatif Chaouqi Abdellatif Chaouqi ... Moroccan Police Captain
Younes Benzakour Younes Benzakour ... Moh
Maria-Claudia Nova Maria-Claudia Nova...Rita (as Maria Nova)
Hugh O'Shea Hugh O'Shea ... Interpol Director
Nadia Kazar Nadia Kazar ... Kenza
Jonathan McConnell Jonathan McConnell ...Interpol Agent
Marie Batoul Prenant Marie Batoul Prenant ... Sarah
Don Bigg Don Bigg ... Hakim Aouzad
Abderrahmane Baalla Abderrahmane Baalla ...Salma's Father
Anastasia Bobkina Anastasia Bobkina...Scandinavian Girl 1
Mohamed Targuisti Mohamed Targuisti ... Café Man 1
Charlotte Sophie Fessol Charlotte Sophie Fessol ... Barmaid
Kimberly Dawn Gruen Kimberly Dawn Gruen ... TV Reporter
Yassine Chabab Yassine Chabab ... Little Brother
Elena Goloussenko Elena Goloussenko...Scandinavian Girl 2
Younes Baghaza Younes Baghaza ... Café Man 2
Inis Berrada Inis Berrada ... Rim
Marouane Britel Marouane Britel ... Incel Kid
Idriss Askour Idriss Askour ... Police Officer (uncredited)
Samy Naceri Samy Naceri ... Mister Marlon (uncredited).

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