The Retaliators: Unleashing a New Breed of Heroes.

The Retaliators, DIRECTED BY Samuel Gonzalez Jr. Unleash a new breed of heroes in The Retaliators. Revenge is their mission, justice their weapon.

The Retaliators

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The Retaliators - Synopsis:

The Retaliators boasts an impressive production team with Samuel Gonzalez Jr., Michael Lombardi, and Bridget Smith leading the charge. The directors' vision for the film is to create a story that's not only action-packed but also emotionally resonant. They've brought together a talented cast of actors who bring their A-game to every scene.

Michael Lombardi plays the role of the Judge, a man consumed by his need for revenge. Lombardi delivers a nuanced and powerful performance that's both intense and relatable. Marc Menchaca and Joseph Gatt play the Judge's adversaries, and their performances add depth to the movie's villains. It's rare to see antagonists that are just as compelling as the protagonist, but The Retaliators achieves this effortlessly.

The film's writing team, Darren Geare and Jeff Allen Geare, have crafted a story that's both thrilling and emotionally poignant. They've created a character-driven narrative that explores the themes of loss, justice, and revenge. The dialogue is sharp, and the pacing is perfect, ensuring that the audience is always engaged.

The Retaliators isn't just an action movie; it's also a movie about human connections. The unlikely alliance between the Judge and Marla is a testament to the film's focus on character development. Marla, played by Katie Kelly, is a character who's just as motivated by revenge as the Judge, but her backstory and motivations are different. This creates a dynamic between the two characters that's both engaging and unpredictable.

The action sequences in the movie are stunning. The fight choreography is top-notch, and the camera work is impressive. The movie's soundtrack, composed by Jonathan Davis of Korn, adds an extra layer of intensity to the action scenes.

In conclusion, The Retaliators is a movie that's sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers. It's a well-crafted story with a talented cast and a dedicated production team. The film explores themes that are both emotionally resonant and thrilling, and the action sequences are truly spectacular. The Retaliators promises to be an unforgettable cinematic experience that's not to be missed.

The Retaliators


Samuel Gonzalez Jr.
Michael Lombardi
Bridget Smith.


Roy Koriakin...line producer
Allen Kovac...producer
Michael Lombardi...producer
Mike Walsh...producer (as Michael Walsh).


Michael Lombardi Michael Lombardi ... Bishop
Marc Menchaca Marc Menchaca ... Jed
Joseph Gatt Joseph Gatt ... Ram Kady
Katie Kelly Katie Kelly ... Sarah
Abbey Hafer Abbey Hafer ... Rebecca Bishop
Jacoby Shaddix Jacoby Shaddix ... Quinn Brady
Brian O'Halloran Brian O'Halloran ... Obnoxious Guy at XMas Tree Place
Shannan Wilson Shannan Wilson ... Debbie
Zoltan Bathory Zoltan Bathory ... Fang
Ivan L. Moody Ivan L. Moody ... Vic
Chris Kael Chris Kael ... Decker
Cree Kelly Cree Kelly ... Aunt Jody
Meghan Noone Meghan Noone ... Bishop's Wife
Tommy Lee Tommy Lee ... Strip Club DJ
Corrie Graham Corrie Graham ... April
Gigi Gustin Gigi Gustin ... Cynthia
Sarah Nicklin Sarah Nicklin ... Emily
Craig Mabbitt Craig Mabbitt ... Arlo Garcia
Amanda Lyberg Amanda Lyberg ... Erica
Spencer Charnas Spencer Charnas ... Max
Dominic Costa Dominic Costa ... Officer Kelly
Brian Gallagher Brian Gallagher ... Police Officer
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Bryan Alvarez (Bobby) Bryan Alvarez (Bobby) ... Arlo
Anna Alimani Anna Alimani ... Dancer
Michael Antonio Michael Antonio ... Subhuman
Angelina Aucello Angelina Aucello...Christmas Farm Cashier
Kevin D. Benton Kevin D. Benton ... Subhuman
Matt Brandyberry Matt Brandyberry ...Church Band Member
Kristoffe Brodeur Kristoffe Brodeur ... Subhuman
Robert John Burke Robert John Burke ... Lt. Briggs
Danny Case Danny Case ... Church Band Member
Aaron Dalla Villa Aaron Dalla Villa ...80's Vizor Guy
Lance Dowdle Lance Dowdle ... Church Band Member
Sandra Fantasia Sandra Fantasia ... Dancer
Bobby Favoretto Bobby Favoretto ... Bartender
Jeff Fuell Jeff Fuell ... AA Participant
Nyamjantsan Jaya Galsanjamts Nyamjantsan Jaya Galsanjamts ... Man In The Box
River Geare River Geare ... Jacob
Rachel Hilbert Rachel Hilbert ... Sophie
Jason Hook Jason Hook ... Cruz
Natalie Kline Natalie Kline ... Dancer
Kristopher Kling Kristopher Kling ... Arlo
Robert Knepper Robert Knepper ... Otto
Ari Loeb Ari Loeb ... Subhuman
Mat Madiro Mat Madiro ... Church Band Member
Gemma McIlhenny Gemma McIlhenny ... Sharon
Reno Muren Reno Muren ... Kate
Billy Patterson Billy Patterson ... AA Participant
Whitney Peyton Whitney Peyton ... Subhuman
Madison Schwartz Madison Schwartz ...Rebecca's Friend
Tuk Smith Tuk Smith ... Tuk (sermon performer)
Skyler Stone Skyler Stone ... Obnoxious Dad
Brian Tronieri Brian Tronieri ... Christmas Farm Cashier
Melanie Waldman Melanie Waldman ... Sub-human
Marc Schwarz Marc Schwarz ... EMT (uncredited).

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