THE SURVIVOR: Fighting Against All Odds.

 THE SURVIVORDIRECTED BY Barry Levinson. Fight against all odds in The Survivor. The will to live will be tested, hope will be the guiding light.

The Survivor

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THE SURVIVOR - Synopsis:

Directed by Barry Levinson and written by Justine Juel Gillmer, The Survivor is a cinematic adaptation of the best-selling book by Alan Scott Haft. The movie recounts the remarkable story of Harry Haft, a Polish Jew who survived the horrors of the Holocaust and went on to become a professional boxer.

The film tells the story of Harry's life before, during, and after the war. As a young man, Harry is forced into a concentration camp along with his family. There, he witnesses unspeakable atrocities and is forced to fight for his survival on a daily basis. Despite the odds stacked against him, Harry manages to keep his fighting spirit alive and his love for boxing intact.

After the war, Harry immigrates to the United States, where he begins a new life as a professional boxer. Despite the physical and emotional scars of his past, Harry manages to channel his pain and anger into his fights. He quickly rises up the ranks and becomes a fan favorite, earning the nickname "The Survivor."

The film explores themes of perseverance, resilience, and the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. It is a gripping tale of a man who refused to be defeated by the circumstances of his life and instead fought back with all his might. The Survivor is a movie that will inspire and move audiences, reminding us of the power of the human spirit to overcome even the most impossible of odds.

The movie begins with Harry Haft (played by Ben Foster) as a young man in Poland. Along with his family, Harry is forced into a concentration camp where he is subjected to brutal conditions and forced to fight for his survival. Despite the horror and suffering around him, Harry clings to his love of boxing as a source of hope and inspiration.

After the war, Harry emigrates to the United States and begins a new life as a professional boxer. Despite his physical and emotional scars, Harry is determined to succeed and becomes a fan favorite. He faces off against some of the toughest opponents in the ring, using his pain and anger to fuel his fights.

Throughout the film, Harry grapples with the trauma of his past and the challenges of his present. He falls in love with a young woman named Gloria (played by Vicky Krieps) and tries to start a family, but his past continues to haunt him. Harry must confront his demons and find a way to move forward if he is to truly find happiness and peace.

At its core, The Survivor is a movie about resilience and the power of the human spirit. Harry Haft is a man who refuses to be defeated by the horrors of his past and instead finds strength in his love of boxing. He channels his pain and anger into his fights, using the ring as a way to fight back against the injustices of the world.

The film also explores the theme of trauma and its long-lasting effects. Harry is a man who has been through unimaginable suffering, and his past continues to haunt him even after he has left the concentration camp. He struggles to form meaningful relationships and find a sense of purpose in his life. The Survivor is a powerful reminder of the lasting impact of trauma and the challenges of overcoming it.

The Survivor


Barry Levinson.


Adhrucia Apana ... executive producer
Bobby Cassidy Jr. ... associate producer
Jason Cloth ... executive producer
Matt Crespy ... associate producer
Danny DeVito ... executive producer
Ben Foster ... executive producer
David Gendron ... executive producer
Aaron L. Gilbert ... producer (p.g.a.)
Brenda Gilbert ... executive producer
Joel A. Greenberg ... executive producer
Ali Jazayeri ... executive producer
Ildiko Kemeny ... co-producer
Matti Leshem ... producer (p.g.a.)
Ashley Levinson ... executive producer
Barry Levinson ... producer.


Ben Foster Ben Foster ... Harry Haft
Billy Magnussen Billy Magnussen ... Schneider
Vicky Krieps Vicky Krieps ... Miriam Wofsoniker
Peter Sarsgaard Peter Sarsgaard ... Emory Anderson
Saro Emirze Saro Emirze ... Peretz Haft
Danny DeVito Danny DeVito ... Charley Goldman
John Leguizamo John Leguizamo ... Bill 'Pepe' Miller
Dar Zuzovsky Dar Zuzovsky ... Leah Krichinsky
Laurent Papot Laurent Papot ... Jean
Paul Bates Paul Bates ... Louis Barclay
Svetlana Kundish Svetlana Kundish ... Rushka Rinsky
Sonya Cullingford Sonya Cullingford ... Else
Michael Epp Michael Epp ... SS Kuttner
Erik Contzius Erik Contzius ... Cantor
Kingston Vernes Kingston Vernes ... Alan Haft
Sophie Knapp Sophie Knapp ... Helene Haft
Zachary Golinger Zachary Golinger ... Marty Haft
Charles Brice Charles Brice ... Coley Wallace
Scott Alexander Young Scott Alexander Young ... Referee (Big Fight) (as Scott A. Young)
John Guerrasio John Guerrasio ... Frankie Carbo
Pablo Raybould Pablo Raybould ... Blinky Palermo
Amalina Ace Amalina Ace ... Sarah Lieberman
Bálint Magyar Bálint Magyar ... Josef Mengele
Márk Szekulesz Márk Szekulesz ... Barman
Aaron Serotsky Aaron Serotsky ... Michael Lieberman
Miklós Kapácsy Miklós Kapácsy ... Doctor
Andrew Hefler Andrew Hefler ... Clerk
Kristóf Widder Kristóf Widder ... SS Guard #1
Patrick McCullough Patrick McCullough ... Weighmaster
Peter Linka Peter Linka ... Ring Announcer
Hans Peterson Hans Peterson ... Lead Guard
Katia Bokor Katia Bokor ... Ronit
Stephen Saracco Stephen Saracco ... Referee (La Starza)
Björn Freiberg Björn Freiberg ... Referee
Nikos Brisco Nikos Brisco ... Carnival Barker
Alan Jouban Alan Jouban ... Roland LaStarza
Adam Zambryzcki Adam Zambryzcki ... Boxing Prisoner #1
András Kovács András Kovács ... French Heavyweight
Gábor Czap Gábor Czap ... Boxing Prisoner #2
Anthony Molinari Anthony Molinari ...Rocky Marciano
Zsolt Erdei Zsolt Erdei ... La Starza's Trainer (as Zsolt 'Madar' Erdei).

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