TROY, DIRECTED BY Wolfgang Petersen.


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TROY is a 2004 epic war film directed by Wolfgang Petersen, which is an adaptation of Homer's poem "The Iliad." The movie features an all-star cast, including Brad Pitt as Achilles, Eric Bana as Hector, Orlando Bloom as Paris, and Diane Kruger as Helen. The screenplay was written by David Benioff, who is known for his work on the popular TV series "Game of Thrones."

The movie tells the story of the Trojan War, a ten-year-long conflict between the kingdoms of Troy and Greece. The Trojan prince Paris (Orlando Bloom) falls in love with Helen (Diane Kruger), the wife of Menelaus, the king of Sparta (Brendan Gleeson). Paris takes Helen back to Troy, which angers Menelaus and prompts the Greeks to launch a war against Troy. The Greek army is led by Agamemnon (Brian Cox), who is determined to conquer Troy and expand his empire. The Greeks are joined by the legendary warrior Achilles (Brad Pitt), who is promised eternal glory and fame by Agamemnon.

The Trojans are led by Hector (Eric Bana), who is a brave and honorable warrior. He is the only one who stands up to Achilles and is respected by both his own people and the Greeks. The movie portrays the brutal and bloody nature of war, with both sides suffering heavy losses. The Greeks eventually succeed in breaching the walls of Troy using a wooden horse filled with soldiers, and the city is sacked.

TROY was a box office success, grossing over $497 million worldwide. It received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising the film's action scenes and performances, while others criticized its historical inaccuracies and changes to the original story. However, the movie's popularity has endured over the years, and it is considered a classic in the epic war genre.

In conclusion, TROY is an epic movie that tells the story of the Trojan War and features a talented cast and crew. The movie is a must-see for fans of action and historical dramas. If you haven't watched it yet, we highly recommend it.



Wolfgang Petersen


Barbara Huber...associate producer
Wolfgang Petersen...producer (produced by)
Diana Rathbun...producer (produced by)
Colin Wilson...producer (produced by).


Julian Glover Julian Glover ... Triopas
Brian Cox Brian Cox ... Agamemnon
Nathan Jones Nathan Jones ... Boagrius
Adoni Maropis Adoni Maropis ... Agamemnon's Officer
Jacob Smith Jacob Smith ... Messenger Boy
Brad Pitt Brad Pitt ... Achilles
John Shrapnel John Shrapnel ... Nestor
Brendan Gleeson Brendan Gleeson ... Menelaus
Diane Kruger Diane Kruger ... Helen
Eric Bana Eric Bana ... Hector
Orlando Bloom Orlando Bloom ... Paris
Siri Svegler Siri Svegler ... Polydora
Lucie Barat Lucie Barat ... Helen's Handmaiden
Ken Bones Ken Bones ... Hippasus
Manuel Cauchi Manuel Cauchi ... Old Spartan Fisherman
Mark Lewis Jones Mark Lewis Jones ... Tecton
Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund ... Patroclus
Sean Bean Sean Bean ... Odysseus
Julie Christie Julie Christie ... Thetis
Peter O'Toole Peter O'Toole ... Priam
James Cosmo James Cosmo ... Glaucus
Nigel Terry Nigel Terry ... Archeptolemus
Trevor Eve Trevor Eve ... Velior
Owain Yeoman Owain Yeoman ... Lysander
Saffron Burrows Saffron Burrows ... Andromache
Luke Tal Luke Tal ... Scamandrius
Matthew Tal Matthew Tal ... Scamandrius
Rose Byrne Rose Byrne ... Briseis
Vincent Regan Vincent Regan ... Eudorus
Tyler Mane Tyler Mane ... Ajax
Louis Dempsey Louis Dempsey ... Aphareus
Joshua Richards Joshua Richards ... Haemon
Tim Chipping Tim Chipping ... Echepolus
Desislava Stefanova Desislava Stefanova ... Singing Woman
Tanja Tzarovska Tanja Tzarovska ... Singing Woman
Alex King Alex King ... Apollonian Guard
Frankie Fitzgerald Frankie Fitzgerald ... Aeneas
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Spyro Curtis Spyro Curtis ... Polydamas (uncredited).

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