VENDETTA: A Story of Revenge.

VEDETTADIRECTED BY Jared Cohn. Unleash the power of revenge in Vendetta. Justice will be served, vengeance will be relentless.


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VENDETTA - Synopsis:

"VEDETTA," directed by Jared Cohn, is a gripping revenge thriller that plunges audiences into the dark world of crime and corruption. When a former special forces operative's life is shattered by a treacherous betrayal, he embarks on a relentless path of vengeance, determined to bring his enemies to their knees and unearth the sinister truth behind his downfall.

The movie introduces John Hartley, a highly skilled and honorable former special forces operative who had left his violent past behind. Living a quiet life, tragedy strikes when those he once trusted betray him, leaving his loved ones dead and his life in ruins.

Devastated by loss and fueled by rage, John transforms into a vengeful force, seeking justice for the ones he loved and the life he lost. He becomes a vigilante, operating outside the boundaries of the law, relentlessly hunting down those responsible for the heinous act.

As John delves deeper into the criminal underworld, he uncovers a dark conspiracy that reaches far beyond his initial betrayal. The web of deceit and corruption threatens to ensnare him, but he remains undeterred in his quest for vengeance and the truth.

Operating under the alias "VEDETTA," John becomes a shadowy avenger feared by criminals and sought after by law enforcement. His methods are brutal and ruthless, striking fear into the hearts of those who wronged him.

As John wages his one-man war against the criminal empire, he becomes the target of a relentless pursuit by both the law enforcement and the malevolent forces he seeks to dismantle. The cat-and-mouse chase intensifies as the stakes escalate.

Amidst the violence and chaos, John encounters unexpected allies who believe in his cause and see the potential for redemption in his quest for justice. These allies offer him a glimpse of hope in a world consumed by darkness.

In a heart-pounding climax, John confronts the mastermind behind his betrayal, unraveling the truth behind the conspiracy that shattered his life. The final showdown becomes a test of John's resolve, and he must decide whether to succumb to the darkness or embrace the chance for redemption.

As "VEDETTA" reaches its conclusion, the aftermath of John's retribution leaves a haunting legacy in the hearts of those he encountered. The echoes of his actions reverberate throughout the criminal underworld, serving as a warning to those who would dare to cross his path.

"VEDETTA," directed by Jared Cohn, delves into themes of redemption and retribution, exploring the consequences of betrayal and the lengths to which one will go to seek justice. It questions the moral boundaries one must navigate in the pursuit of vengeance.

"VEDETTA" is an intense and gripping revenge thriller that immerses audiences in a world of shadowy avengers and relentless pursuits. With its action-packed sequences, morally complex characters, and a riveting narrative, the movie leaves viewers questioning the fine line between hero and anti-hero and the true cost of seeking vengeance in a world steeped in corruption.



Jared Cohn.


Amar Balaggan ... producer
Marc Danon ... executive producer
Stephen J. Eads ... executive producer
Michael Feifer ... line producer
Corey Large ... producer
Nat McCormick ... executive producer
Ross Mrazek ... producer
Brian O'Shea ... executive producer
Angelo Paletta ... executive producer
Benjamin Rappaport ... producer.


Bruce Willis Bruce Willis ... Donnie Fetter
Theo Rossi Theo Rossi ... Rory Fetter
Thomas Jane Thomas Jane ... Dante
Clive Standen Clive Standen ... William Duncan
Mike Tyson Mike Tyson ... Roach
Maddie Nichols Maddie Nichols ... Kat Duncan
Jackie Moore Jackie Moore ... Luna
Kurt Yue Kurt Yue ... Detective Chen
Derek Russo Derek Russo ... Zachary Penton
Lauren Buglioli Lauren Buglioli ... Jen Duncan
Caia Coley Caia Coley ... Nurse Pam
Eric Buarque Eric Buarque
Dustin Lewis Dustin Lewis ... Doctor
Randy Gonzalez Randy Gonzalez ... Delgado
Maury Morgan Maury Morgan ... Alice Hawltin
Patrick Lamont Jr. Patrick Lamont Jr. ... Henley
Demetrius Stear Demetrius Stear ... Mick
Darryl L Dillard Darryl L Dillard ... Police Officer (as Darryl Dillard)
Cabot Basden Cabot Basden ... Danny Fetter
Tamil Periasamy Tamil Periasamy ... Clerk
Nathan Hesse Nathan Hesse ... Donut Cop
Jesse O'Neill Jesse O'Neill ... Trae
Cindy L. Jefferson Cindy L. Jefferson ... Judge
Rashawd Ford Rashawd Ford ...Doctor / Thug 1 (credit only).

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