Violent Night: A Gripping Thriller - Full movie.

 Violent NightDIRECTED BY Tommy Wirkola. Experience a gripping thriller in Violent Night. Darkness descends, danger lurks in the shadows.

Violent Night

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Violent Night - Synopsis:

"Violent Night" is a thrilling action movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Directed by Tommy Wirkola and written by Pat Casey and Josh Miller, the film tells the story of a group of thieves who attempt to rob a high-security facility on Christmas Eve. The movie stars an impressive cast of actors, including Ruby Rose, Jean Reno, and Rupert Evans.

The film takes place on a snowy night, as the criminals plan their heist. They are armed to the teeth and have a well-planned strategy. However, their plan quickly goes awry when they realize that the facility they are robbing is not an ordinary one. It turns out to be a secret government laboratory that conducts dangerous experiments. The thieves are trapped in the facility, and they soon realize that they are not alone.

As the night unfolds, the thieves find themselves in a battle for survival against the laboratory's sinister creations. The creatures are terrifying and seem to be unstoppable. The criminals must use all their skills and firepower to fight their way out of the facility and make it out alive.

The movie is an action-packed thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The cast delivers impressive performances, and the special effects are top-notch. The snowy setting adds to the tension, making for a gripping viewing experience.

In conclusion, "Violent Night" is a must-watch for fans of action movies. It has everything you could want in a movie - suspense, excitement, and heart-pumping action. It is a film that will leave you breathless and wanting more.

Violent Night


Tommy Wirkola


Matt Akey ... executive producer: Calgary Unit
Paul Barry ... co-producer
Guy Danella ... producer (produced by)
Marc S. Fischer ... executive producer
Brandy Hagborg ... co-producer
David Leitch ... producer (produced by)
Kelly McCormick ... producer (produced by)
Scott Watson ... associate producer.


David Harbour David Harbour ... Santa
John Leguizamo John Leguizamo ... Scrooge
Beverly D'Angelo Beverly D'Angelo ... Gertrude
Alex Hassell Alex Hassell ... Jason
Alexis Louder Alexis Louder ... Linda
Edi Patterson Edi Patterson ... Alva
Cam Gigandet Cam Gigandet ... Morgan Steel
Leah Brady Leah Brady ... Trudy
André Eriksen André Eriksen ...Gingerbread (as Andre Eriksen)
Brendan Fletcher Brendan Fletcher ... Krampus
Mike Dopud Mike Dopud ... Commander Thorp
Alexander Elliot Alexander Elliot ... Bert
Mitra Suri Mitra Suri ... Candy Cane
Can Aydin Can Aydin ... Frosty
Phong Giang Phong Giang ... Tinsel
Finn McCager Higgins Finn McCager Higgins ... Jingle (as Finn McCrager Higgins)
Rawleigh Clements-Willis Rawleigh Clements-Willis ... Peppermint
Stephanie Sy Stephanie Sy ... Sugarplum
Cha-Lee Yoon Cha-Lee Yoon ... Techie
Marina Stephenson Kerr Marina Stephenson Kerr ... UK Barkeeper
John B. Lowe John B. Lowe ... UK Mall Santa
Ray Strachan Ray Strachan ... Al the Security Guard
Sean Skene Sean Skene ... Lead Bodyguard
Thomas Lorber Thomas Lorber ... Bodyguard
Erik Athavale Erik Athavale ... Drunk Dad
Adam Hurtig Adam Hurtig ... Head Waiter
Robert Borges Robert Borges...Eggnog Security Guard (as Rob Borges)
Adrian Persad Adrian Persad ... Kill Squad
Marc-Andre Brisebois Marc-Andre Brisebois ... Kill Squad
Dylan Rampulla Dylan Rampulla ... Kill Squad (as Dylan Anthony Rampulla)
Maxime Laurin Maxime Laurin ... Kill Squad
Christopher Sean Nott Christopher Sean Nott ... Kill Squad
Jake Kennerd Jake Kennerd ... Kill Squad
Carson Nattrass Carson Nattrass ... Kill Squad (as Carson Peter Mattrass)
Lance 'The Snake' Cartwright Lance 'The Snake' Cartwright ... Kill Squad (as Lance Cartwright)
Alan Castanaga Alan Castanaga ... Kill Squad
Jeff Strome Jeff Strome ... Mansion Staff
Shannon Guile Shannon Guile ... Lightstone Staff (as Shannon Guile-Hardy)
Anders Strome Anders Strome ... Lightstone Staff
Darren Ross Darren Ross ... Lightstone Staff
BJ Verot BJ Verot ... Lightstone Security
Tristan Carlucci Tristan Carlucci ... Lightstone Security (as Tristan Joseph Kollar Carlucci)
James Durham James Durham ... Lightstone Security
Brent Poplawski Brent Poplawski ... Lightstone Security
Frederick Allen Frederick Allen ... Bar Patron (uncredited)
DJ Brotherson DJ Brotherson ... Mercenary (uncredited)
Vance Halldorson Vance Halldorson ... Grounds Security (uncredited)
Derek James Trapp Derek James Trapp...Mercenary (uncredited).

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