Water Gate Bridge: Secrets of an Icon.

 Water Gate BridgeDIRECTED BY Hark Tsui. Uncover the secrets of an iconic structure in Water Gate Bridge. History holds its breath.

Water Gate Bridge

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Water Gate Bridge - Synopsis:

The Water Gate Bridge is a cinematic masterpiece directed by some of the most renowned filmmakers in the world. Hark Tsui, Kaige Chen, Dante Lam, Jianxin Huang, and Ju-chun Park have collaborated to create a visually stunning movie that captures the beauty of the bridge and the surrounding landscape.

The film's story revolves around the Water Gate Bridge, a magnificent structure that spans the river and connects two bustling cities. The bridge, an engineering marvel, becomes the backdrop for a thrilling tale of love, betrayal, and redemption.

As the story unfolds, we meet a young couple who fall in love on the bridge, unaware of the dangerous game being played around them. The bridge is also the site of a major heist, which threatens to destroy the couple's lives and the bridge itself.

With stunning cinematography, the film takes us on a journey across the bridge, showcasing its unique architecture and intricate design. The directors have done an excellent job of capturing the bridge's grandeur and its importance to the people who live around it.

The Water Gate Bridge is more than just a structure; it's a symbol of hope, unity, and progress. The film's portrayal of the bridge as a cultural and architectural wonder is both informative and inspiring. It reminds us of the importance of preserving our heritage and embracing progress at the same time.

The film's cast is outstanding, with talented actors bringing their A-game to every scene. The lead couple's chemistry is palpable, and their love story is both beautiful and heartbreaking.

Overall, The Water Gate Bridge is a must-watch for anyone who appreciates great cinema. It's a testament to the power of collaboration and the ability of art to inspire and unite people from different backgrounds.

In conclusion, we highly recommend The Water Gate Bridge to all film enthusiasts who appreciate great storytelling, stunning visuals, and outstanding performances. The film is a true masterpiece that will leave you mesmerized and craving for more.

Water Gate Bridge


Hark Tsui
Kaige Chen...(uncredited)
Dante Lam...(uncredited)
Jianxin Huang...(co-director)
Ju-chun Park...(co-director) (as Qin Tianzhu).


Jeffrey Chan ... associate executive producer
Hong Chen ... producer
Kaige Chen ... executive producer
Candy Leung ... producer
Nansun Shi ... producer
Dong Yu ... producer.


Jing Wu Jing Wu ... Wu Qianli
Jackson Yee Jackson Yee ... Wu Wanli
Michael Koltes Michael Koltes ... James K. Fergusson
Tom Markovic Tom Markovic ... Lieutenant Tim Chetwode
Rudy van Gelderen Rudy van Gelderen ... Second Lieutenant Bradley Bixler
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
John F. Cruz John F. Cruz ... General O.P. Smith
Yihong Duan Yihong Duan ... Ping He
James Filbird James Filbird ... General Douglas MacArthur
Kei Gambit Kei Gambit ...Psycho American Soldier (voice)
Le Geng Le Geng
Natalia Golovenko Natalia Golovenko... White House staff
Jun Hu Jun Hu ... Lei Gong
Chen Li Chen Li ... Yu Congrong
John Edward Lopez John Edward Lopez ... General Randolph Lockwood
Matias Lorieri Matias Lorieri ... US Marine Corps Commander
Ben Z Orenstein Ben Z Orenstein ... President Henry Truman
Marco Sentinelli Marco Sentinelli ... Willy Keaton - US Army Engineer
Kyrylo Shulga Kyrylo Shulga ... Jayden Jr
Steven John Venn Steven John Venn ... Lieutenant Colonial Wilber Colbert
Matil Zenkollari Matil Zenkollari ... The Sniper
Hanyu Zhang Hanyu Zhang ... Song Shilun
Yawen Zhu Yawen Zhu ... Mei Sheng.

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