Wire Room: A Thrilling Conspiracy Unveiled.

Wire Room, DIRECTED BY Matt Eskandari. Unveil a thrilling conspiracy in Wire Room. Trust no one, every wire holds a secret.

Wire Room

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Wire Room - Synopsis:

Wire Room is an action-packed movie that promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Directed by Matt Eskandari and written by Brandon Stiefer, the film follows the journey of a group of criminals who are trying to rob a high-security warehouse.

The story begins with the introduction of the main characters, a group of skilled thieves who are on a mission to steal a valuable item from the warehouse. The warehouse is guarded by a high-tech security system that is seemingly impenetrable. However, the group manages to find a way into the warehouse through an underground tunnel, which sets the stage for a thrilling heist.

As the group navigates through the warehouse, they encounter unexpected challenges, including the discovery of a hidden room filled with surveillance equipment. This room, also known as the "wire room," is where the security guards monitor the entire warehouse through a network of cameras and microphones.

Despite the odds, the group manages to make their way to the vault where the valuable item is stored. However, they soon realize that they have been set up and are now trapped inside the warehouse. With the security guards closing in, the group must use all of their skills and expertise to escape with their lives and the stolen item.

The movie is a thrilling ride from start to finish, filled with action-packed scenes and intense moments of suspense. The chemistry between the main characters is electric, and the performances are top-notch, keeping the audience engaged and invested in the story.

Wire Room is a must-see movie for anyone who loves action-packed thrillers. With its compelling storyline, talented cast, and expert direction, this film is sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences.

If you're looking for a high-quality action movie to watch, Wire Room is the perfect choice. With its thrilling plot, expertly crafted action sequences, and strong performances, it is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat.

Wire Room


Matt Eskandari.


Noel Ashman ... producer (produced by)
Jeffrey Belkin ... executive producer
Barry Brooker ... executive producer
Alastair Burlingham ... executive producer
Danny Chan ... executive producer
Danny Croizat ... Creative Executive
Charlie Dombek ... executive producer
Randall Emmett ... producer (produced by)
Ted Fox ... executive producer
Arianne Fraser ... executive producer
George Furla ... producer (produced by)
Gus Furla ... executive producer
David Gendron ... executive producer
Bernie Gewissler ...line producer.


Kevin Dillon Kevin Dillon ... Justin Rosa
Bruce Willis Bruce Willis ... Shane Mueller
Oliver Trevena Oliver Trevena ... Eddie Flynn
Texas Battle Texas Battle ... Sgt Peter Roberts
Amber Townsend Amber Townsend ... Cindy
Cameron Douglas Cameron Douglas ... Mike Axum
Shelby Cobb Shelby Cobb ... Nour Holborow
Faith Stowers Faith Stowers ... Sgt Natalie
Larken Woodward Larken Woodward ... Jenna
Adam Huel Potter Adam Huel Potter ... Lobby Guard
Sarah Schueler Sarah Schueler ... Emma
Martie Duncan Martie Duncan ... Bar Patron
Sli Lewis Sli Lewis ... Soldier 1
Bernie Gewissler Bernie Gewissler ... Soldier 2
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
MWW Michael Wilkerson MWW Michael Wilkerson ...Special Operations
John D. Hickman John D. Hickman ... Will (uncredited)
Sebastien Large Sebastien Large ...Detective J. Martinez (uncredited)
Don Lay Don Lay ... Bar Patron (uncredited)
Bradford Norris Bradford Norris ... Sheriff Deputy (uncredited).

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