Wise Girls: Crime, Friendship, and Betrayal.

 Wise Girls, DIRECTED BY David Anspaugh.  Enter the world of crime, friendship, and betrayal in WiseGirls. Loyalties will be tested.

wise Girls

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Wise Girls - Synopsis:

Are you a fan of mystery and drama movies? If so, then Wise Girls directed by David Anspaugh is a film that you won't want to miss. This captivating movie is written by John Meadows and will leave you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

The film is set in the heart of New York City, where three women who have known each other since childhood find themselves working in a trendy Italian restaurant. Meg, played by Mira Sorvino, is the newly appointed manager of the restaurant, and along with Raychel (Mariah Carey) and Kate (Melora Walters), she forms a close bond with the rest of the staff.

However, things start to take a sinister turn when Meg discovers that the restaurant is a front for a money-laundering scheme run by the Mafia. As the three women attempt to figure out what's going on, they find themselves in grave danger.

Wise Girls is a film that explores the themes of friendship, loyalty, and trust. The movie does an excellent job of keeping the viewer on the edge of their seat, thanks to its gripping storyline, tense atmosphere, and well-written characters.

If you're a fan of Mariah Carey, you'll be pleased to know that she delivers a standout performance in Wise Girls. Her character, Raychel, is tough, streetwise, and fiercely loyal to her friends. Carey's portrayal of Raychel is both nuanced and compelling.

Wise Girls also boasts an impressive supporting cast, with performances from the likes of Arthur J. Nascarella and Saul Stein.

Overall, Wise Girls is a must-watch film for anyone who loves a good mystery and drama. It's a well-crafted movie with a captivating storyline, excellent performances, and a satisfying conclusion that will leave you wanting more.

So if you're looking for a film to watch this weekend, make sure to check out Wise Girls. You won't be disappointed.

wise Girls


David Anspaugh.


Mark Austin ... associate producer
Bill Blake ... producer
Peter Block ... co-producer
Bill Blum ... producer
Richard Brams ... producer
Nichole Cherill ... associate producer
Anthony Esposito ... producer
Jean Fox ... co-producer.


Mira Sorvino Mira Sorvino ... Meg Kennedy
Mariah Carey Mariah Carey ... Raychel
Melora Walters Melora Walters ... Kate
Arthur J. Nascarella Arthur J. Nascarella ... Mr. Santalino (as Arthur Nascarella)
Saul Stein Saul Stein ... Umberto
Joseph Siravo Joseph Siravo ... Gio Esposito
Christian Maelen Christian Maelen ...Frankie Santalino
Anthony Alessandro Anthony Alessandro ... Lorenzo
Louis Di Bianco Louis Di Bianco ... Deluca (as Louis DiBianco)
Noam Jenkins Noam Jenkins ... Garcia
Jeremiah Sparks Jeremiah Sparks ... Detective Levine
Dax Ravina Dax Ravina ... Tony
Karen Giordano Karen Giordano ... Angela Fontaine
Michael Egan Michael Egan ... Joey Jr. (as Mike Egan)
Jere Gillis Jere Gillis ... No Nose
Steve Alonso Steve Alonso ... DEA Officer
Tina Bruno Tina Bruno ... Mrs. Saladino
Isa Thomas Isa Thomas ... Grandmother Nell
Jan Glenham Jan Glenham ... Cadaver
Lisa Ward Lisa Ward ... Frankie's Girlfriend
Peter Baylis Peter Baylis ... Collegiate Man
Lisa Croft Lisa Croft ... Bartender
Rudolfo Meloni Rudolfo Meloni ... Restaurant Patron
Omar Corsetti Omar Corsetti ... Bar Patron
Dimitri Iatrou Dimitri Iatrou ... Bar Patron
Joseph Dibari Joseph Dibari ... Bar Patron (as Joe Dibari)
Howard Gibson Howard Gibson ... Featured
Nick Smyth Nick Smyth ... Club Goer (uncredited).

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