Criminal Minds: Season 12 - Secrets of the Past - Full episodes.

Criminal Minds: Season 12, DIRECTED BY Guy Norman Bee. Uncover secrets of the past in Criminal Minds: Season 12. Unresolved cases, personal demons.

Criminal Minds. Season 12

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Criminal Minds: Season 12 - Synopsis:

As season 12 of Criminal Minds opens, the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) is back and ready to tackle some of their most complex cases yet. Led by David Rossi (played by Joe Mantegna), the team must navigate a series of cases that push them to their limits, both personally and professionally.

One of the major story arcs of this season involves the character of Spencer Reid (played by Matthew Gray Gubler). After being framed for a murder he didn't commit, Reid finds himself behind bars, and the BAU must work to clear his name and bring the real killer to justice. As the team races against time to prove Reid's innocence, they face mounting obstacles, including corrupt prison guards and a ruthless gang of criminals.

Meanwhile, JJ (played by A.J. Cook) struggles with the aftermath of a traumatic event from her past, and must learn to cope with the emotional toll it has taken on her. She finds solace in the support of her colleagues, including Penelope Garcia (played by Kirsten Vangsness), who continues to provide her trademark mix of humor and technical wizardry.

One of the things that sets Criminal Minds apart from other crime dramas is its rich and diverse cast of characters. In addition to Rossi, Reid, JJ, and Garcia, the team also includes Emily Prentiss (played by Paget Brewster), a former Interpol agent with a sharp mind and a no-nonsense attitude, and Dr. Tara Lewis (played by Aisha Tyler), a forensic psychologist who brings a fresh perspective to the team.

Each member of the BAU brings their own unique set of skills and experiences to the table, and the show does an excellent job of highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each character. Whether they're working together to solve a case or dealing with their own personal struggles, the members of the BAU are a compelling and dynamic group of people.

As with previous seasons of Criminal Minds, season 12 is full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. From unexpected plot twists to shocking character developments, this season is packed with surprises that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Criminal Minds. Season 12


Guy Norman Bee


Jon Barbour ... executive producer
Gary Khammar ... executive producer
Molly McNaughton ... producer.


Kirsten Vangsness Kirsten Vangsness ...  Penelope Garcia331 episodes, 2005-2023 
Matthew Gray Gubler Matthew Gray Gubler ...  Dr. Spencer Reid323 episodes, 2005-2020 
A.J. Cook A.J. Cook...Jennifer Jareau312 episodes, 2005-2023 
Joe Mantegna Joe Mantegna...David Rossi283 episodes, 2007-2023 
Thomas Gibson Thomas Gibson...Aaron Hotchner256episodes, 2005-2020 
Shemar Moore Shemar Moore...Derek Morgan252 episodes, 2005-2020 
Paget Brewster Paget Brewster..Emily Prentiss204 episodes,2006-2023 
Aisha Tyler Aisha Tyler...Dr. Tara Lewis97 episodes, 2015-2023 
Adam Rodriguez Adam Rodriguez ...Luke Alvez79 episodes, 2016-2023 
Daniel Henney Daniel Henney ..Matt Simmons49 episodes, 2015-2020 
Jeanne Tripplehorn Jeanne Tripplehorn ...  Alex Blake48 episodes, 2012-2020 
Mandy Patinkin Mandy Patinkin...Jason Gideon47 episodes, 2005-2020 
Lola Glaudini Lola Glaudini...Elle Greenaway28 episodes, 2005-2020 
Josh Stewart Josh Stewart ...William LaMontagne Jr.27 episodes, 2007-2023 
Jayne Atkinson Jayne Atkinson ..Erin Strauss24 episodes, 2007-2020 
Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt ...  Kate Callahan23 episodes, 2014-2015 
Cade Owens Cade Owens...Jack Hotchner22 episodes, 2007-2016 
Nicholas Brendon Nicholas Brendon ...  Kevin Lynch20 episodes, 2007-2014 
Brian Appel Brian Appel ...Agent Anderson / ...18 episodes, 2005-2020 
Meredith Monroe Meredith Monroe ...  Haley Hotchner / ...14 episodes, 2005-2013 
Damon Gupton Damon Gupton..Stephen Walker15 episodes, 2016-2017 
Mekhai Andersen Mekhai Andersen ...  Henry LaMontagne12 episodes, 2009-2023 
Rachel Nichols Rachel Nichols ...  Ashley Seaver13 episodes, 2010-2011 
Gina Garcia-Sharp Gina Garcia-Sharp ...  Evidence Tech Gina / ...11 episodes, 2006-2020 
Rochelle Aytes Rochelle Aytes ...  Savannah Hayes10 episodes, 2013-2016 
Jane Lynch Jane Lynch ...Diana Reid10 episodes, 2006-2020 
Zach Gilford Zach Gilford ...Elias Voit10 episodes, 2022-2023 
Meta Golding Meta Golding ...Jordan Todd8 episodes, 2008-2009 
Kelly Frye Kelly Frye...Kristy Simmons8 episodes, 2017-2020 
Nicholas D'Agosto Nicholas D'Agosto ...  Deputy Director Doug Bailey7 episodes, 2022-2023 
Ryan-James Hatanaka Ryan-James Hatanaka ...  Tyler Green7 episodes, 2022-2023 
Gail O'Grady Gail O'Grad...Krystall Richards7 episodes, 2018-2023 
Bellamy Young Bellamy Young...Beth Clemmons7 episodes, 2011-2013.

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