Blitz - A High-Stakes Thriller - Full movie.

Blitz, DIRECTED BY Mike Burns. Experience a high-stakes thriller with Blitz. Detectives, psychopaths, and the race against time.


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Blitz - Synopsis:

Blitz is a 2011 action thriller film directed by Elliott Lester and stars Jason Statham, Paddy Considine, and Aidan Gillen. The movie is set in London and follows the story of Detective Sergeant Tom Brant, who is dispatched to take down a serial killer who has been targeting police officers.

The film begins with the murder of a police officer in broad daylight by a hooded assailant. Brant, a tough and uncompromising cop, is assigned to the case and soon discovers that the killer is targeting police officers in a bid to gain notoriety. As the body count rises and the killer continues to taunt the police force, Brant finds himself in a race against time to catch the killer before he strikes again.

The killer, who calls himself "Blitz," is a cunning and ruthless sociopath who has no qualms about killing anyone who gets in his way. He is played by Aidan Gillen, who delivers a chilling and disturbing performance as the deranged killer.

As Brant and his team close in on Blitz, the killer steps up his game, launching a series of deadly attacks on the police force. With the help of a young officer named WPC Elizabeth Falls, played by Zawe Ashton, Brant finally tracks down Blitz to his hideout.

In the climactic showdown, Brant confronts Blitz, and a violent and bloody battle ensues. The film ends with Brant victorious, but at a great personal cost.

Blitz is a fast-paced and action-packed film that delivers plenty of thrills and suspense. It is a gritty and realistic portrayal of the challenges faced by the police force in their fight against crime.

In conclusion, if you are a fan of action thrillers and police procedurals, then Blitz is a must-see movie. With its gripping storyline, strong performances, and intense action sequences, it is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.



Mike Burns


Guy Avshalom ... executive producer
Ken Bruen ... executive producer
Steven Chasman ... producer
Gisela Evert ... associate producer
Samuel Hadida ... executive producer
Victor Hadida ... co-executive producer
Lisa Jordan ... senior post producer
Zygi Kamasa ... producer
Alwyn Kushner ... executive producer (as Alwyn Hight Kushner)
Donald Kushner ... producer.


Jason Statham Jason Statham ... Brant
Paddy Considine Paddy Considine ... Nash
Aidan Gillen Aidan Gillen ... Weiss
Zawe Ashton Zawe Ashton ... Falls
David Morrissey David Morrissey ... Dunlop
Ned Dennehy Ned Dennehy ... Radnor
Mark Rylance Mark Rylance ... Roberts
Luke Evans Luke Evans ... Stokes
Nicky Henson Nicky Henson ... Superintendent Brown
Steven Harwood-Brown Steven Harwood-Brown ... Metal (as Steven Harwood Brown)
Bill Champion Bill Champion ... Dr. Leonard
Richard Riddell Richard Riddell ... McDonald
Ron Donachie Ron Donachie ... Cross
Elly Fairman Elly Fairman ... Sandra (as Ellie Fairman)
Alex Lanipekun Alex Lanipekun ... Precocious PC
Mark Roper Mark Roper ... Cab Driver 1
Ranjit Krishnamma Ranjit Krishnamma ... Cab Driver 2
Nabil Elouahabi Nabil Elouahabi ... Witness
Del Synnott Del Synnott ... Simons
Joe Dempsie Joe Dempsie ... Theo Nelson
Mickey Hughes Mickey Hughes ... Puggy
Daniel Green Daniel Green ... Leicester
Serge Soric Serge Soric ... Pavel
Antonia Christy Antonia Christy ... Reporter on TV
Gregory Finnegan Gregory Finnegan ... Computer Geek (as Greg Finnegan)
David Keyes David Keyes ... Drug Buddy
Taylor James Taylor James ... Gym Assistant
Aldonio Danny Freitas Aldonio Danny Freitas ... Hoodie 1 (as Aldonio Freitas)
Mens-Sana Tamakloe Mens-Sana Tamakloe ... Hoodie 2
Michael Byrch Michael Byrch ... Hoodie 3
Ralph Laurila Ralph Laurila ... Hoodie 4
Reece Beaumont Reece Beaumont ... Hoodie 5
Jack Bence Jack Bence ... Hoodie 6
Jamie Kenna Jamie Kenna ... Jenkins
Ken Bruen Ken Bruen ... Irish Priest
Martina Laird Martina Laird ... Forensic Officer
Bill Westley Bill Westley ... The Griffin Barman
Felix Scott Felix Scott ... Wellesley Barman
Rupert Holliday-Evans Rupert Holliday-Evans ... Funeral Attendant (as Rupert Holliday Evans)
Christina Cole Christina Cole ... WPC
Jessica Swain Jessica Swain ... Swearing Girl
Des Barron Des Barron ... Shopper (uncredited)
Luke Barron Luke Barron ...Forensics Officer (uncredited)
John Burton John Burton ... Metal's Dad (uncredited)
Justin Cosh Justin Cosh ... Security Guard (uncredited)
Taya De La Cruz Taya De La Cruz ... Dancing Girl (uncredited)
Amit Dhut Amit Dhut ... Shopkeeper (uncredited)
Rebecca Eve Rebecca Eve ... Bar Customer (uncredited)
Rishi Ghosh Rishi Ghosh ... Gym Guy (uncredited)
Bob Glouberman Bob Glouberman ...Yacht Crew Member (uncredited)
Marc Hockley Marc Hockley ... Police Suspect (uncredited)
Julie Hoult Julie Hoult ... Metal's Mother (uncredited)
Ian Hughes Ian Hughes ... Pebbles (uncredited)
Ian Hughes Ian Hughes ... Police informer (uncredited)
Shiden Mezghebe Shiden Mezghebe ... Snooker Player (uncredited)
Joanna Miller Joanna Miller ... PC Bolt (uncredited)
Mike Parish Mike Parish ... Pub Customer (uncredited)
Mike Vaughn Mike Vaughn ... Yacht Crewman (uncredited)
Chris Wilson Chris Wilson ... Police Inspector (uncredited).

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