Central Intelligence - Unlikely Allies, Big Action - Full movie.

Central Intelligence, DIRECTED BY Rawson Marshall Thurber. Unlikely allies, big action in Central Intelligence. Spies, laughter, and the world's fate in their hands.

Central Intelligence

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Central Intelligence - Synopsis:

Central Intelligence is a hilarious action-comedy directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber and starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart. The movie follows the story of a mild-mannered accountant, Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart), who is lured into the world of international espionage after he reconnects with his awkward pal from high school, Bob Stone (Dwayne Johnson), through Facebook.

Calvin is a successful accountant with a beautiful wife and a great job, but he is not satisfied with his life. On the other hand, Bob was an overweight, bullied kid in high school who was saved by Calvin from being humiliated in front of the entire school.

After 20 years, Bob has transformed into a lethal CIA agent with a chiseled body and a charming personality. Bob is on a mission to stop a dangerous black market arms dealer from selling a nuclear weapon to terrorists. However, he needs Calvin's help to get access to important files from his former workplace.

Calvin is initially reluctant to help Bob, but he is soon dragged into a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Together, they travel around the world, dodging bullets, and fighting off bad guys. As they get closer to their target, they realize that things are not what they seem, and they must rely on each other to survive.

The movie is packed with action, comedy, and heartwarming moments that make it a must-watch. The chemistry between Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart is fantastic, and their comedic timing is perfect. The supporting cast, including Amy Ryan, Danielle Nicolet, and Jason Bateman, also delivers solid performances.

In terms of the technical aspects, Central Intelligence is a well-made movie with excellent cinematography, special effects, and a catchy soundtrack. The action scenes are well choreographed and keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The humor is also on point, and the jokes are clever and not too over-the-top.

In conclusion, Central Intelligence is a highly entertaining movie that will keep you laughing and engaged from start to finish. It has a great cast, an engaging plot, and impressive technical aspects that make it a must-watch for action-comedy lovers. If you're looking for a fun movie to watch with your friends or family, this is definitely one to consider.

Central Intelligence


Rawson Marshall Thurber


Beau Bauman ... co-producer
Richard Brener ... executive producer
Samuel J. Brown ... executive producer
Michael Disco ... executive producer
Toby Emmerich ... executive producer
Michael Fottrell ... producer
Hiram Garcia ... co-producer
Ed Helms ... executive producer
Adam McCarthy ... co-producer
Steven Mnuchin ... executive producer
Peter Principato ... producer (p.g.a.)
Scott Stuber ... producer (p.g.a.)
Paul Young ... producer.


Dwayne Johnson Dwayne Johnson ... Bob Stone
Kevin Hart Kevin Hart ... Calvin Joyner
Amy Ryan Amy Ryan ... Agent Pamela Harris
Danielle Nicolet Danielle Nicolet ... Maggie
Jason Bateman Jason Bateman ... Trevor
Aaron Paul Aaron Paul ... Phil
Ryan Hansen Ryan Hansen ... Steve
Tim Griffin Tim Griffin ... Agent Stan Mitchell
Timothy John Smith Timothy John Smith ...Agent Nick Cooper
Sione Kelepi Sione Kelepi ... Young Robbie
Dylan Boyack Dylan Boyack ... Trevor - 17 Years Old
Thomas Kretschmann Thomas Kretschmann ... The Buyer
Megan Park Megan Park ... Waitress
George Carroll George Carroll ... Thugged Out (as Slaine)
Annie Kerins Annie Kerins ... Lady MC
Nate Richman Nate Richman ... Big Bro
Robert Woo Robert Woo ... Ethan
Kumail Nanjiani Kumail Nanjiani ... Jared the Airport Security Guard
Phil Reeves Phil Reeves ... Principal Kent
David Stassen David Stassen ... Randy's Husband
Rickey Eugene Brown Rickey Eugene Brown ... Flunkie
Kyle Washburn Kyle Washburn ... Flunkie #2
Michael Patrick Kane Michael Patrick Kane ... Driver
Sarah K. Thurber Sarah K. Thurber ... Beautiful Restaurant Woman
Lawrence Koplin Lawrence Koplin ... Dashing Restaurant Man
Rawson Marshall Thurber Rawson Marshall Thurber ... Handsome Pants-Catcher
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Jared Acquaviva Jared Acquaviva ... Student (uncredited)
Giovanni Alabiso Giovanni Alabiso ... Homeless Man in Park (uncredited)
Colin Allen Colin Allen ...Restaurant Server (uncredited)
Kristen Annese Kristen Annese ...High School Student (uncredited)
Brett Azar Brett Azar ... Agent Wally (uncredited)
Emilija Baksys Emilija Baksys ...High School Student (uncredited)
Sophia Bellas Sophia Bellas ... Bar Patron (uncredited)
David Bellerose David Bellerose ... Bar Patron (uncredited)
David S. Bookbinder David S. Bookbinder ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Macayla Botelho Macayla Botelho ...High School Student (uncredited)
Eliane Brick Eliane Brick ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Amanda Camarena Burdier Amanda Camarena Burdier ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
John J. Burke John J. Burke ... High School Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Mark Burzenski Mark Burzenski ... Restaurant Guest (uncredited)
Kristen Caron Kristen Caron ... Cheerleader (uncredited)
Timothy Carr Timothy Carr ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Joe Jafo Carriere Joe Jafo Carriere ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Chemi Che-Mponda Chemi Che-Mponda ... Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Kadian Clarke Kadian Clarke ... Office Worker (uncredited)
Angel Connell Angel Connell ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Clemeen Connolly Clemeen Connolly ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Jeffrey Corazzini Jeffrey Corazzini...CIA agent (uncredited)
Rayshaun Deese Rayshaun Deese ... Derrick (uncredited)
Tierre Diaz Tierre Diaz ...High School Student (uncredited)
Alijah Ileana Dickenson Alijah Ileana Dickenson ... Student (uncredited)
Nicholas A. DiMaio Nicholas A. DiMaio...CIA Agent (uncredited)
Sue Dimouro Sue Dimouro ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Kenney Dorcely Kenney Dorcely ... Subway Worker (uncredited)
Alexandre Dornback Alexandre Dornback ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Hannah Jane Doyon Hannah Jane Doyon ... High School Student (uncredited)
Jody Ebling Jody Ebling ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Irina Egay Irina Egay ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Ellyana Ellyana ... C.I.A. Recruit (uncredited)
Matthew Eriksen Matthew Eriksen ... Track Star (uncredited)
Tim Estiloz Tim Estiloz ... Office Executive (uncredited)
Olivia Filleti Olivia Filleti ...High School Student (uncredited)
Keith Fluker Keith Fluker ... Agent (uncredited)
Sarah Fostier Sarah Fostier ...High School Student (uncredited)
Rocco Frattasio Rocco Frattasio ... High School Track Athlete (uncredited)
Shane Fuller Shane Fuller ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
James Galarneau James Galarneau ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Susan Garfield Susan Garfield ... Office Worker (uncredited)
Mickey Gilmore Mickey Gilmore ... Bartender (uncredited)
Tom Granger Tom Granger ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Jed Griswold Jed Griswold ...High School Teacher (uncredited)
Alin Halajian Alin Halajian ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
London Hall London Hall ... Patient at Doctor's Office / Driver (uncredited)
Katie Hanley Katie Hanley ...High School Student (uncredited)
Mikaela Happas Mikaela Happas ...High School Student (uncredited)
Anita Harkess Anita Harkess ...Reunion Classmate (uncredited)
Kimberly Howe Kimberly Howe ... Waitress (uncredited)
Elisabeth Anne Hughes Elisabeth Anne Hughes ... Bar Patron (uncredited)
Ian Dylan Hunt Ian Dylan Hunt ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Frankie Imbergamo Frankie Imbergamo...Bar Patron (uncredited)
Emmanuel Jalbert Emmanuel Jalbert ...Extra (uncredited)
Marcela Jaramillo Marcela Jaramillo ... Business Woman (uncredited)
Billy Jenkins Billy Jenkins ...High School Student (uncredited)
Nicole Jesson Nicole Jesson ... Classmate (uncredited)
Keston John Keston John ...Young Bob (voice) (uncredited)
Jimmy C. Jules Jimmy C. Jules ... Former Classmate (uncredited)
Colleen Kelly Colleen Kelly ... Hawthorne Accounting Manager (uncredited)
J Parker Kent J Parker Kent ... Accountant (uncredited)
Tom Kilgallen Tom Kilgallen ...Airport Ground Crew (uncredited)
Sam Kombo Sam Kombo ...High School Student (uncredited)
Laurie Kwiatkowski Laurie Kwiatkowski ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
David Lacreta David Lacreta ... Football fan (uncredited)
Hashim Lafond Hashim Lafond ...High School Athlete (uncredited)
Patrick Languzzi Patrick Languzzi ... Bar Patron (uncredited)
James L. Leite James L. Leite ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Taixa Lenid Taixa Lenid ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Jacqueline Levasseur Jacqueline Levasseur ... Business Person (uncredited)
Sigrid Lium Sigrid Lium ...Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Benjamin Lott Benjamin Lott ... CIA Agent (uncredited)
Frantz Louizia Frantz Louizia ...High School Athlete (uncredited)
Ilena Love Ilena Love ...High school Student (uncredited)
Charles Luise Charles Luise ... CIA SWAT (uncredited)
Wayne Malm Jr. Wayne Malm Jr. ...High School Student (uncredited)
Michael Marchand Michael Marchand ... Jr. Accountant (uncredited)
Michael Mardo Michael Mardo ...High School Student (uncredited)
Tom Mariano Tom Mariano ...Airport Ground Crew (uncredited)
Allie Marshall Allie Marshall ...High School Student (uncredited)
Christian Massa Christian Massa ...High School Student (uncredited)
Joe Massa Joe Massa ...High School Student (uncredited)
Jamie Mazareas Jamie Mazareas ... Reunion guest (uncredited)
Melissa McCarthy Melissa McCarthy ...Darla (uncredited)
Colin McIsaac Colin McIsaac ... High School Student (uncredited)
Tanja Melendez Lynch Tanja Melendez Lynch ... High School Teacher (uncredited)
Derek Mikula Derek Mikula ... Letterman (uncredited)
Anthony Molinari Anthony Molinari ... Agent Lio (uncredited)
Randy Morris Randy Morris ... Alumni (uncredited)
Guy Nardulli Guy Nardulli ... Larry (voice) (uncredited)
David Sean O'Donnell David Sean O'Donnell ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Rafaela Ochoa Rafaela Ochoa ... Office Worker (uncredited)
Joseph Oliveira Joseph Oliveira ... School Teacher (uncredited)
Richard Pacheco Richard Pacheco ... Precision Driver (uncredited)
Levon Panek Levon Panek ... CIA Agent (uncredited)
Joseph Paolo Joseph Paolo ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Anthony Perillo Anthony Perillo ...High School Student (uncredited)
Jamal Peters Jamal Peters ... Reunion guest (uncredited)
Dennis Pietrantonio Dennis Pietrantonio ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Eddie Polanco Eddie Polanco ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Allan Poppleton Allan Poppleton ... Larry (uncredited)
Rickland Powell Rickland Powell ... Reunion Mascot (uncredited)
Leah Procito Leah Procito ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Jessica Rainville Jessica Rainville ... High School Student (uncredited)
Noel Ramos Noel Ramos ... Bar Patron / Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Todd Rapisarda Todd Rapisarda ... Reunion Dancer (uncredited)
Jeannine Reardon Jeannine Reardon ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
David Riccio Jr. David Riccio Jr. ... Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Alex Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez ...High School Student (uncredited)
Rocky Rodriques Rocky Rodriques ... Bar Patron (uncredited)
Jay Romero Jay Romero ... High School Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Stephanie Ann Saunders Stephanie Ann Saunders ... Waitress (uncredited)
Max Schochet Max Schochet ... High School Teen (uncredited)
Waleed Sediqe Waleed Sediqe ... Bystander (uncredited)
Tyler J. Shaw Tyler J. Shaw ... Classmate (uncredited)
Chaunty Spillane Chaunty Spillane...Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
David Struffolino David Struffolino... Driver (uncredited)
Michael Steven Swanson Michael Steven Swanson ... Junior Manager (uncredited)
Lino Tanaka Lino Tanaka ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Carole Taylor Carole Taylor ... Driver (uncredited)
Kristen Tusini Kristen Tusini ...High School Student (uncredited)
JP Valenti JP Valenti ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Roman Vangeli Roman Vangeli ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Nicolas Villamizar Nicolas Villamizar ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Kyle Viveiros Kyle Viveiros ... Bar Patron (uncredited)
Christopher Weigel Christopher Weigel ... Precision Driver (uncredited)
Amy Whalen Amy Whalen ... Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Precious White Precious White ... Reunion Registration Girl (uncredited)
Mark Wickham Mark Wickham ... Wally (uncredited)
Paul Williams Paul Williams ...Voice of Budweiser (uncredited)
Dora Winifred Dora Winifred ...High School Student (uncredited)
Alrahim Wright III Alrahim Wright III ... Flunkie #3 (uncredited)
Keil Oakley Zepernick Keil Oakley Zepernick ... Big Bar Patron (uncredited)
Amanda Zocco Amanda Zocco ... Business Woman (uncredited).

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