Clarkson's Farm - Jeremy Clarkson's Rural Misadventures - Full movie.

Clarkson's Farm, DIRECTED BY Gavin Whitehead.  Join Jeremy Clarkson's rural misadventures in Clarkson's Farm. Farming, mishaps, and an unexpected journey.

Clarkson's Farm

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Clarkson's Farm - Synopsis:

Clarkson's Farm is a new documentary series that follows the former Top Gear and The Grand Tour host, Jeremy Clarkson, as he attempts to run a farm in the countryside. The series is directed by Gavin Whitehead and produced by Will Yapp, with Kit Lynch Robinson making a cameo in one of the episodes. The show first premiered on Amazon Prime Video on June 11, 2021, and it consists of eight episodes.

The show takes place on Diddly Squat Farm, which is located in Oxfordshire, England. The farm covers an area of 1,000 acres and includes various animals, such as sheep, cows, chickens, and pigs. Jeremy Clarkson, who has no previous farming experience, decided to purchase the farm after he became interested in the idea of "growing his own food." However, as he soon found out, farming is not as easy as it seems.

Throughout the series, viewers get to see Clarkson's struggles as he tries to learn the ropes of farming, dealing with everything from broken tractors to uncooperative animals. Along the way, he also gets help from his team, which includes his girlfriend Lisa Hogan, farm manager Kaleb Cooper, and local agricultural advisor Charlie Ireland.

The show is a mix of comedy and drama, with Jeremy Clarkson's wit and humor providing plenty of laughs. However, the series also highlights the challenges faced by farmers, such as the impact of weather conditions on crops and the importance of animal welfare. The show also touches on topics such as sustainability and the future of farming.

The series has been well-received by audiences and critics alike, with many praising Jeremy Clarkson's performance and the show's unique take on the farming industry. It has also helped to raise awareness of the importance of supporting local farmers and buying locally-sourced produce.

Clarkson's Farm


Gavin Whitehead...(8 episodes, 2021)
Will Yapp...(8 episodes, 2023)
Kit Lynch Robinson...(1 episode, 2023).


Peter Fincham ... executive producer (16 episodes, 2021-2023)
Conor Tighe ... assistant producer / producer (16 episodes, 2021-2023)
Andy Wilman ... executive producer / producer (15 episodes, 2021-2023)
Peter Richardson ... series producer / senior producer (11 episodes, 2021-2023)
Gavin Whitehead ... series producer (8 episodes, 2021)
Oliver Heath ... assistant producer (8 episodes, 2023)
Dan Grabiner ... head of uk originals / head of uk originals (6 episodes, 2021)
Adrian Sutton ... archive assistant producer (7 episodes, 2021)
Lauren Morton ...assistant producer / producer (6 episodes, 2021)
Mia Veglio-Taylor ... assistant producer (6 episodes, 2023)
Rachel Ramsay ... producer (3 episodes, 2021)
Catrina Lear ... producer (2 episodes, 2021)
Jordan Livermore ... producer (2 episodes, 2021)
Vicky Hoy ... producer (1 episode, 2023).


Jeremy Clarkson Jeremy Clarkson ... Self - Presenter17 episodes, 2021-2024 
Kaleb Cooper Kaleb Cooper ... Self17 episodes, 2021-2024 
Charlie Ireland Charlie Ireland ... Self - Land Agent16 episodes, 2021-2023 
Lisa Hogan Lisa Hogan ... Self15 episodes, 2021-2023 
Gerald Cooper Gerald Cooper ... Self13 episodes, 2021-2023 
Kevin Harrison Kevin Harrison ... Self5 episodes, 2021 
Ellen Helliwell Ellen Helliwell ... Self4 episodes, 2021 
Alan Townsend Alan Townsend ... Self4 episodes, 2023 
Simon Strong Simon Strong ... Self2 episodes, 2023 
Georgia Craig Georgia Craig ... Self2 episodes, 2021-2023 
Dave Clay Dave Clay ... Self1 episode, 2021 
Vernon Kay Vernon Kay ...Self (uncredited)1 episode, 2023. 

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