Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift -The Need for Speed - Full Movie.

Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift, DIRECTED BY Justin Lin. Feel the need for speed in Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift. Drift racing, culture clash, and the thrill of the Tokyo underworld. 

Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift

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Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift - Synopsis:

Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift, directed by Justin Lin, is a thrilling movie about a teenager who becomes a major competitor in the world of drift racing. The protagonist of the movie, Sean Boswell, is a troubled teenager who moves to Tokyo to avoid a jail sentence in America. There, he finds himself in the world of drift racing, where he meets some of the best racers in the world.

As Sean begins to immerse himself in the world of drift racing, he discovers that it is not just about winning races. It is about earning respect, and he must prove himself to his new friends and rivals. The movie is full of action-packed scenes that keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

The story begins with Sean, a high school student in America who loves cars and racing. He is constantly getting into trouble with the law, and his mother decides to send him to Tokyo to live with his father, a US Navy officer. Sean is not happy about the move, but he quickly realizes that Tokyo has a thriving car scene, and he is soon introduced to the world of drift racing.

Sean meets Han, a street racer who becomes his mentor and teaches him the art of drift racing. Han introduces Sean to the drift racing scene in Tokyo, where he meets DK, the top racer in the city. DK is the leader of a gang that controls the racing scene in Tokyo, and he is not happy about Sean's arrival.

As Sean begins to compete in drift races, he catches the eye of Neela, DK's girlfriend. Neela is impressed with Sean's driving skills and begins to develop feelings for him. This complicates matters further, as DK becomes even more hostile towards Sean.

The movie culminates in a thrilling race between DK and Sean, where the winner takes all. The race is full of high-speed chases, near misses, and heart-stopping moments. In the end, Sean emerges victorious, earning the respect of his peers and DK's girlfriend.

Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift is a movie that appeals to car enthusiasts and action fans alike. The movie features some of the most exciting car chases ever filmed, and the story is engaging and well-written. Justin Lin does an excellent job of directing the movie, and the performances of the actors are top-notch.

In conclusion, Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift is a movie that is sure to thrill audiences. With its exciting racing scenes, engaging story, and top-notch performances, it is a must-see for fans of action and car racing movies.

Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift


Justin Lin


Ryan Kavanaugh ... executive producer
Amanda Lewis ... co-producer (as Amanda Cohen)
Grace Morita ... associate producer: Tokyo
Neal H. Moritz ... producer
Lynwood Spinks ... executive producer
Clayton Townsend ... executive producer
Kazutoshi Wadakura ... line producer: Tokyo
Chiaki Yamase ... associate producer: Tokyo.


Lucas Black Lucas Black ... Sean Boswell
Damien Marzette Damien Marzette ... High School Security Guard (as Damien Marzett)
Trula M. Marcus Trula M. Marcus ... American Math Teacher (as Trula Marcus)
Zachery Ty Bryan Zachery Ty Bryan ... Clay (as Zachery Bryan)
Brandon Brendel Brandon Brendel ... Clay's Buddy #1
Daniel Booko Daniel Booko ... Clay's Buddy #2
David V. Thomas David V. Thomas ... Clay's Buddy #3
Amber Stevens West Amber Stevens West ... Cheerleader #1 (as Amber Stevens)
Ashika Gogna Ashika Gogna ... Cheerleader #2
Christian Salazar Christian Salazar... Chubby Hispanic Kid
Kevin Caira Kevin Caira ... Auto Shop Bully #1
Trey Sanford Trey Sanford ... Auto Shop Bully #2 (as Julius Trey Sanford)
Danny Ray McDonald II Danny Ray McDonald II ...Auto Shop Bully #3
Nikki Griffin Nikki Griffin ... Cindy - Clay's Girlfriend
Vincent Laresca Vincent Laresca ... Case Worker
Joey Crumpton Joey Crumpton ... Police Officer (as Joseph 'Bama' Crumpton)
Lynda Boyd Lynda Boyd ... Ms. Boswell
Brian Goodman Brian Goodman ... Major Boswell
Yôko Maki Yôko Maki ... Woman at Boswell's Apartment
Nathalie Kelley Nathalie Kelley ... Neela
Rie Shibata Rie Shibata ... Math Teacher
Shad Moss Shad Moss ... Twinkie (as Bow Wow)
Toshi Hayama Toshi Hayama ... Toshi at Underground Garage
Atley Siauw Atley Siauw ... DJ Atley
Leonardo Nam Leonardo Nam ... Morimoto
Kazuki Namioka Kazuki Namioka ... Tea Hair #1
Hiroshi Hatayama Hiroshi Hatayama ... Tea Hair #2
Jason Tobin Jason Tobin ... Earl
Keiko Kitagawa Keiko Kitagawa ... Reiko
Brian Tee Brian Tee ... D.K.
Sung Kang Sung Kang ... Han
Kaila Yu Kaila Yu ... Cowgirl at Starting Line #1
Aiko Tanaka Aiko Tanaka ... Cowgirl at Starting Line #2
Satoshi Tsumabuki Satoshi Tsumabuki ... Exceedingly Handsome Guy
Alden Ray Alden Ray ... Alden
Konishiki Konishiki ... Paw Man
Jimmy Lin Jimmy Lin ... Jimmy
Caroline Correa Caroline Correa ... Sexy Brazilian Model (as Caroline de Souza Correa)
Silvia Suvadová Silvia Suvadová ... Russian Model
Keiichi Tsuchiya Keiichi Tsuchiya ...Old Fisherman #1
Kazutoshi Wadakura Kazutoshi Wadakura ...Old Fisherman #2
Verena Mei Verena Mei ... Beautiful Girl in Skyline #1
Mari Jaramillo Mari Jaramillo ... Beautiful Girl in Skyline #2
Shôko Nakagawa Shôko Nakagawa ... Bo-Peep Girl #1
Mikiko Yano Mikiko Yano ... Bo-Peep Girl #2
Wendy Watanabe Wendy Watanabe ... Neela's Friend #1
Tina Tsunoda Tina Tsunoda ... Neela's Friend #2
Koji Kataoka Koji Kataoka ... Yakuza Pinkie
Shin'ichi Chiba Shin'ichi Chiba ... Uncle Kamata (as Sonny Chiba)
Tak Kubota Tak Kubota ... Yakuza Man #1
Stuart W. Yee Stuart W. Yee ... Yakuza Man #2 (as Stuart Yee)
Mickey Koga Mickey Koga ...Yakuza Man #3 (as Mitsuki Koga)
Hidesuke Motoki Hidesuke Motoki ... Yakuza Man #4
Toshio Ariki Toshio Ariki
Mitsuru Ôno Mitsuru Ôno
Chris Astoyan Chris Astoyan ... Racer (uncredited)
Tessa Bartholomew Tessa Bartholomew ... Club Girl (uncredited)
April Betts April Betts ... Cheerleader (uncredited)
Ai Cherie Ai Cherie ... Bouncer's Girlfriend (uncredited)
Willis Chung Willis Chung ... Tea Hair #4 (uncredited)
Joshua Collins Joshua Collins ... Skater Student (uncredited)
Vin Diesel Vin Diesel ... Dominic Toretto (uncredited)
Stacey Doss Stacey Doss ... D.K. Entourage (uncredited)
Victoria Gracie Victoria Gracie ... Model (uncredited)
Jade Gzi Jade Gzi ... Tea Hair #3 (uncredited)
Elizabeth Hara Elizabeth Hara ... Model (uncredited)
Bud Joseph Hebert Bud Joseph Hebert...Student (uncredited)
Alexis Hernandez Alexis Hernandez...Latino Crew (uncredited)
Jimmy Hsu Jimmy Hsu ... Yakuza (uncredited)
Harley Jay Harley Jay ... Student (uncredited)
Anant A.J. Jiemjitpolchai Anant A.J. Jiemjitpolchai ... Stunt (uncredited)
Britten Kelley Britten Kelley ... Model (uncredited)
Eunice Kiss Eunice Kiss ... Racer (uncredited)
Tara Kredel Tara Kredel ... Cheerleader (uncredited)
Paul Leach Paul Leach ... Hero Man (uncredited)
Sandra McCurdy Sandra McCurdy ... Model (uncredited)
Chaoxiang Ming Chaoxiang Ming ... Little Kid (uncredited)
Rana Morrison Rana Morrison ...Christine - Teacher (uncredited)
Emmi Nakagawa Emmi Nakagawa ... Business Woman (uncredited)
Tyler Nelson Tyler Nelson ... Mascot (uncredited)
Masami Okada Masami Okada ... Hostess at scene with Sunny Chiba (uncredited)
Jay Pangan Jay Pangan ... Extra (uncredited)
Erica Russell Erica Russell ... Extra (uncredited)
Kevin Ryan Kevin Ryan ... Bully (uncredited)
Chrissy Teigen Chrissy Teigen ... Girl in parking Garage (uncredited)
Sandy Velasco Sandy Velasco ... Hip Hop Girl (uncredited)
Minn Vo Minn Vo ... Dancer (uncredited)
Nina Xining Zuo Nina Xining Zuo ... Motorcycle Babe (uncredited).

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