Hercules - A Mythic Hero's Journey - Full movie.

Hercules, DIRECTED BY Brett Ratner. Embark on a mythic hero's journey with Hercules. Legendary monsters, divine powers, and the test of true heroism.


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Hercules - Synopsis:

Hercules, the Greek demigod, is a legendary character that has fascinated people for centuries. Directed by Brett Ratner, the movie "Hercules" explores the story of this mythical hero and his legendary twelve labors. In this movie, Hercules' life as a sword-for-hire is tested when the King of Thrace and his daughter seek his aid in defeating a tyrannical warlord. The movie is a perfect blend of action, adventure, and mythology, which makes it an exciting watch for people of all ages.

The movie "Hercules" is a fascinating depiction of the legendary character's life, who is portrayed as a sword-for-hire, instead of the typical demi-god we have come to know. The story follows Hercules as he is hired by the King of Thrace and his daughter to defeat a tyrannical warlord. The warlord is terrorizing the land and the king and his daughter seek Hercules' help in defeating him.

Hercules is portrayed as a fearless warrior, who has gone through twelve labors to prove his worthiness as a demi-god. The movie shows his strength, power, and his ability to overcome any obstacle. The audience gets to see Hercules in action, as he leads his army into battle, fights fierce monsters, and defeats his enemies with ease.

Brett Ratner has done a fantastic job in directing this movie. The special effects, the fight scenes, and the storyline are all top-notch, which makes it a must-watch for any movie enthusiast. The movie also features a talented cast, including Dwayne Johnson, who plays the role of Hercules. His portrayal of the character is flawless, and he brings the character to life on the big screen.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this movie is the attention given to the details of the story. The movie takes a unique approach to the traditional story of Hercules, and it does so with great care. The audience gets to see the character's struggles, his pain, and his triumphs, which makes it a relatable and emotional experience.

In conclusion, the movie "Hercules," directed by Brett Ratner, is an exceptional movie that is well worth watching. It is a perfect blend of action, adventure, and mythology, which makes it an exciting watch for people of all ages. The movie features a talented cast, impressive special effects, and a gripping storyline that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

If you're a fan of Greek mythology or action movies, then this movie is a must-watch. It is a great depiction of the legendary character Hercules, and it does so with great care and attention to detail. So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the thrilling ride that is "Hercules."



Brett Ratner


Sarah Aubrey ... executive producer
Peter Berg ... executive producer
Jesse Berger ... executive producer
Ross Fanger ... executive producer
Beau Flynn ... producer
Hiram Garcia ... associate producer
Barry Levine ... producer
Erika Milutin ... line producer: Croatia
Brett Ratner ... producer.


Dwayne Johnson Dwayne Johnson ... Hercules
Ian McShane Ian McShane ... Amphiaraus
John Hurt John Hurt ... Lord Cotys
Rufus Sewell Rufus Sewell ... Autolycus
Aksel Hennie Aksel Hennie ... Tydeus
Ingrid Bolsø Berdal Ingrid Bolsø Berdal ... Atalanta
Reece Ritchie Reece Ritchie ... Iolaus
Joseph Fiennes Joseph Fiennes ... King Eurystheus
Tobias Santelmann Tobias Santelmann ... Rhesus
Peter Mullan Peter Mullan ... Sitacles
Rebecca Ferguson Rebecca Ferguson ... Ergenia
Isaac Andrews Isaac Andrews ... Arius
Joe Anderson Joe Anderson ... Phineas
Stephen Peacocke Stephen Peacocke ... Stephanos
Nicholas Moss Nicholas Moss ... Demetrius (as Nick Moss)
Robert Whitelock Robert Whitelock ... Nicolaus
Irina Shayk Irina Shayk ... Megara
Christopher Fairbank Christopher Fairbank ... Gryza (as Chris Fairbank)
Ian Whyte Ian Whyte ... Bessi Leader
Karolina Szymczak Karolina Szymczak ... Alcmene
Matt Devere Matt Devere ... Cotys Guard
Máté Haumann Máté Haumann ... Cotys Guard (as Mate Haumann)
Barbara Palvin Barbara Palvin ... Antimache
Tonia Sotiropoulou Tonia Sotiropoulou ... Vixen
Caroline Boulton Caroline Boulton ... Vixen
Robert Maillet Robert Maillet ... Executioner
Oliver Doherty Oliver Doherty ... Hercules' Child
Tom Doherty Tom Doherty ... Hercules' Child
Panka Kovacs Panka Kovacs ... Hercules' Child
Mark C. Phelan Mark C. Phelan ... Corsair (as Mark Phelan)
John Cross John Cross ... Lt. Marcos
Peter Ivanyi Peter Ivanyi ... Wolf Handler
Erika Marozsán Erika Marozsán ... Ergenia's Maiden (as Erika Marozsan)
Nóra Hörich Nóra Hörich ...Ergenia's Maiden (as Nora Horich)
Athina Papadimitriu Athina Papadimitriu ... Midwife
Anna Trokán Anna Trokán ... Midwife (as Anna Trokan)
Judit Viktor Judit Viktor ... Tavern Madame
Csilla Baksa Csilla Baksa ... Tavern Vixen
Elena V. Holovcsak Elena V. Holovcsak ... Tavern Vixen
Petra Piringer Petra Piringer ... Tavern Vixen
Erika Lajos Erika Lajos ... Tavern Vixen
Dora Kanizsa Dora Kanizsa ... Tavern Vixen
Sydney van den Bosch Sydney van den Bosch ... Tavern Vixen
Lilla Bozoki Lilla Bozoki ... Tavern Vixen
Dalma Lörincz Dalma Lörincz ...Tavern Vixen (as Dalma Lorincz)
Patricia Hegedus Patricia Hegedus...Feasting Hall Server
Tímea Vajna Tímea Vajna ... Feasting Hall Guest (as Timea Palacsik)
Benjamin Blankenship Benjamin Blankenship...Feasting Hall Guest
Erik Orgovan Erik Orgovan ... Feasting Hall Guest
Shay Sabag Shay Sabag ... Athenian Citizen
Anna Zsíros Anna Zsíros ...Athenian Citizen (as Anna Zsiros)
Jean Pigozzi Jean Pigozzi ... Athenian Lord
Anna Skidanova Anna Skidanova ... Athenian Lady
Kristina Starostina Kristina Starostina ... Dancer
Dorottya Podmaniczky Dorottya Podmaniczky ... Dancer
Lilla Babos Lilla Babos ... Dancer
Aden G. Wright Aden G. Wright ... Child Hercules
Tamas Csernus Tamas Csernus ... Baby Hercules
Miklós Bányai Miklós Bányai ...Eurystheus Guard #1 (uncredited)
Jenei Csaba Jenei Csaba ... Cotys Guard (uncredited)
Mark Epstein Mark Epstein...Elite Guard to Lord Cotys (uncredited)
Kalle Hennie Kalle Hennie ... Thracian Worrior (uncredited)
Kornelia Horvath Kornelia Horvath ... Tavern serving woman (uncredited)
Attila Jenei Attila Jenei ... Cotys Guard (uncredited)
Irina Konstantinova Irina Konstantinova... Woman (uncredited)
Ócsai Krisztián Ócsai Krisztián ... Cotys Warrior (uncredited)
Sebastien Lyons Sebastien Lyons ...Audio Description (uncredited)
Zoltan Lörincz Zoltan Lörincz ... Corsair (uncredited)
Anthony Milton Anthony Milton ...Lord Cotys' Guard (uncredited)
Adam Nemet Adam Nemet...Cotys Royal Guard Leader (uncredited)
Sergej Onopko Sergej Onopko ...Eurystheus Guard #2 (uncredited)
Adam Skardelli Adam Skardelli ... Bessi Warrior (uncredited)
Daniel Westwood Daniel Westwood ... Coetsy's Guard (uncredited)
András Ábel András Ábel ... Cotys Warrior (uncredited).

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