I Am Number Four - Alien Powers Unleashed - Full movie.

I Am Number Four, DIRECTED BY  D.J. Caruso. Witness alien powers unleashed in I Am Number Four. Extraterrestrial teens, hidden enemies, and the fight for survival.

I Am Number Four

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I Am Number Four - Synopsis:

"I Am Number Four" is a sci-fi action movie directed by D.J. Caruso. The story follows the journey of an alien named Number Four, who is one of nine children from the planet Lorien. They are being hunted down by the Mogadorians, an alien race that destroyed their planet and is now determined to wipe out the last remaining Lorien survivors.

Number Four, played by Alex Pettyfer, is living on Earth under the protection of his guardian Henri, played by Timothy Olyphant. They move from place to place to avoid being detected by the Mogadorians, but when they settle in a small town in Ohio, Number Four finds himself drawn to a girl named Sarah, played by Dianna Agron.

As Number Four begins to develop feelings for Sarah, he also starts to discover his own powers and learns that he is the next target on the Mogadorians' hit list. With the help of his friend Sam, played by Callan McAuliffe, and his newfound abilities, Number Four must fight to protect himself and the people he cares about from the ruthless Mogadorians.

As the story unfolds, Number Four learns more about his Lorien heritage and the importance of his role in the survival of his species. The action-packed climax sees Number Four facing off against the Mogadorians in a battle to the death, where he must use all of his powers to defeat them and protect his new home on Earth.

I Am Number Four


D.J. Caruso


Michael Bay...producer
Chris Bender...executive producer
Emily Berger...associate producer
Matthew Cohan...co-executive producer
Lori J. Nelson...associate producer
Langley Perer...co-executive producer
J.C. Spink...executive producer
David Valdes...executive producer.


Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer ... John
Timothy Olyphant Timothy Olyphant ... Henri
Teresa Palmer Teresa Palmer ... Number 6
Dianna Agron Dianna Agron ... Sarah
Callan McAuliffe Callan McAuliffe ... Sam
Kevin Durand Kevin Durand ... Mogadorian Commander
Jake Abel Jake Abel ... Mark
Jeff Hochendoner Jeff Hochendoner ... Sheriff James
Patrick Sebes Patrick Sebes ... Kevin
Greg Townley Greg Townley ... Number 3
Reuben Langdon Reuben Langdon ... Number 3's Guardian
Emily Wickersham Emily Wickersham ... Nicole
Molly McGinnis Molly McGinnis ... Receptionist
Brian Howe Brian Howe ... Frank
Andy Owen Andy Owen ... Bret (as Andrew Owen)
Sophia Anne Caruso Sophia Anne Caruso ... Girl on Street (as Sophia Caruso)
Charles Carroll Charles Carroll ... Sam's Stepdad
L. Derek Leonidoff L. Derek Leonidoff ... Mr. Berhman
Garrett M. Brown Garrett M. Brown ... Mr. Simms
Sabrina de Matteo Sabrina de Matteo ...Physics Teacher
Cooper Thornton Cooper Thornton ... Sarah's Dad
Judith Hoag Judith Hoag ... Sarah's Mom
Jack Walz Jack Walz ... Sarah's Brother
Bill Laing Bill Laing ... Demented Farmer
Beau Mirchoff Beau Mirchoff ... Drew
Cody Johns Cody Johns ... Kern
Isabella Robbins Isabella Robbins ... Teen at Party
Damien Walters Damien Walters ... Mog
Jon Braver Jon Braver ... Mog
Kevin Cassidy Kevin Cassidy ... Mog
Nash Edgerton Nash Edgerton ... Mog
Matt Leonard Matt Leonard ... Mog
Carrick O'Quinn Carrick O'Quinn ... Mog
Tim Sitarz Tim Sitarz ... Mog (as Timothy Sitarz)
Steve Upton Steve Upton ... Mog
Tucker Albrizzi Tucker Albrizzi ... Tuck (uncredited)
Ken Beck Ken Beck ... Jackson (uncredited)
Rik Billock Rik Billock...Electric Chair Operator (uncredited)
Norman Cardaro Norman Cardaro ... Man at Carnival (uncredited)
Amelia Compton Amelia Compton ... Girl in Car (uncredited)
Francis C. DeMarco III Francis C. DeMarco III...Student (uncredited)
Megan Follows Megan Follows ...Supermarket Cashier (uncredited)
Brittany Forringer Brittany Forringer ... Cheerleader / Party Guest (uncredited)
William Kania William Kania ... Carnival Patron (uncredited)
Kira Marie Kira Marie ... Friend (uncredited)
Chris Markle Chris Markle ... High School Jock (uncredited)
Andre' Mason Andre' Mason ... Sheriff Deputy (uncredited)
Jaclyn McSpadden Jaclyn McSpadden... Student (uncredited)
Doug Michaels Doug Michaels ...Student / Party Boy (uncredited)
Nicholas Santino Morrison Nicholas Santino Morrison ... Boy at Carnival (uncredited)
Jackson Nunn Jackson Nunn ... Neighbor (uncredited)
Brenna Roth Brenna Roth ... News Reporter (uncredited)
Zoe Simek Zoe Simek ...Girl in Classroom (uncredited)
Steven D. Snyder Steven D. Snyder... Mog (uncredited)
Robert Stull Robert Stull ... Neighbor (uncredited)
Bryan Tanaka Bryan Tanaka ... Carnival Patron (uncredited)
Michelle Vezzani --Michelle Vezzani...Carnival Patron (uncredited)
Brandon Wardle Brandon Wardle ... Partygoer (uncredited)
Morgan Wolk Morgan Wolk ... Teen #1 (uncredited).

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