Independence Day: Resurgence - Earth's Last Stand - Full movie.

Independence Day: Resurgence, DIRECTED BY Roland Emmerich. Prepare for Earth's last stand in Independence Day Resurgence. Alien invasion, global warfare, and the fight for humanity.

Independence Day: Resurgence

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Independence Day: Resurgence - Synopsis:

Independence Day: Resurgence is a science-fiction action movie directed by Roland Emmerich, released in 2016. It is a sequel to the 1996 movie Independence Day and continues the story two decades after the first invasion. In this movie, Earth faces a new threat from an extra-solar force, and humanity must rely on new space defenses to save the planet from annihilation.

The plot begins with the aftermath of the first invasion, where Earth has been preparing for a potential return of the alien invaders. Humanity has made significant technological advancements, including the establishment of the Earth Space Defense (ESD), a global defense and research program that utilizes alien technology recovered from the first invasion. The ESD has created a planetary defense system to protect Earth from any future alien attacks.

However, things take a turn for the worse when a massive alien spaceship arrives, which is even more powerful and advanced than the previous alien mothership. The ESD tries to communicate with the ship, but they receive no response. Soon after, the ship begins to drill into the Earth's core, causing unprecedented natural disasters and leaving the entire planet in jeopardy.

As humanity struggles to survive, a team of old and new heroes comes together to save the planet. The team includes David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum), a scientist who helped defeat the aliens in the first invasion, and Jake Morrison (Liam Hemsworth), a hotshot pilot who lost his parents during the first invasion. Together, they lead a group of pilots in a mission to infiltrate the alien ship and disable its primary weapon, while the rest of the ESD fights to protect the planet from the destruction caused by the drilling.

Throughout the movie, we see spectacular action sequences, intense aerial dogfights, and breathtaking visual effects. The movie's theme of humanity's resilience in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds is explored through the characters' journeys, who are faced with personal demons and overcome them to save the world.

In conclusion, Independence Day: Resurgence is an epic science-fiction action movie that delivers thrilling action sequences and stunning visuals. The movie provides an entertaining continuation of the story from the first Independence Day movie while expanding upon the world-building and introducing new characters. It's a must-watch for fans of the original movie and lovers of the science-fiction genre alike.

Independence Day: Resurgence


Roland Emmerich


Dean Devlin ... producer (p.g.a.)
Roland Emmerich ... producer (p.g.a.)
Ute Emmerich ... executive producer
Volker Engel ... co-producer
Larry Franco ... executive producer
Amy Greene ... line producer (uncredited)
Jeffrey Harlacker ... associate producer
K.C. Hodenfield ... co-producer
Harald Kloser ... producer (p.g.a.)
Carsten H.W. Lorenz ...executive producer (as Carsten Lorenz)
Marco Shepherd ... co-producer.


Liam Hemsworth Liam Hemsworth ... Jake Morrison
Jeff Goldblum Jeff Goldblum ... David Levinson
Jessie T. Usher Jessie T. Usher ... Dylan Hiller
Bill Pullman Bill Pullman ... President Whitmore
Maika Monroe Maika Monroe ... Patricia Whitmore
Sela Ward Sela Ward ... President Lanford
William Fichtner William Fichtner ... General Adams
Judd Hirsch Judd Hirsch ... Julius Levinson
Brent Spiner Brent Spiner ... Dr. Brakish Okun
Patrick St. Esprit Patrick St. Esprit ... Secretary of Defense Tanner
Vivica A. Fox Vivica A. Fox ... Jasmine Hiller
Angelababy Angelababy ... Rain Lao
Charlotte Gainsbourg Charlotte Gainsbourg ...Catherine Marceaux
Deobia Oparei Deobia Oparei ...Dikembe Umbutu (as DeObia Oparei)
Nicolas Wright Nicolas Wright ... Floyd Rosenberg
Travis Tope Travis Tope ... Charlie Miller
Chin Han Chin Han ... Commander Jiang
Gbenga Akinnagbe Gbenga Akinnagbe ... Agent Travis
Robert Loggia Robert Loggia ... General Grey
John Storey John Storey ... Dr. Isaacs
Joey King Joey King ... Sam
Jenna Purdy Jenna Purdy ... Voice of Sphere (voice)
Garrett Wareing Garrett Wareing ... Bobby
Hays Wellford Hays Wellford ... Felix
Mckenna Grace Mckenna Grace ... Daisy (as McKenna Grace)
James A. Woods James A. Woods ... Lt. Ritter (as James Andre Woods)
Robert Neary Robert Neary ... Captain McQuade
Joshua Mikel Joshua Mikel ... Armand
Joel Virgel Joel Virgel ... Jaques
Arturo Del Puerto Arturo Del Puerto ... Bordeaux
Matt Munroe Matt Munroe ... Prison Tech
Jacob Browne Jacob Browne ... Prison Tech
Ryan Cartwright Ryan Cartwright ... David's Assistant
Travis Hammer Travis Hammer ... Jeffrey Fineman
Lance Lim Lance Lim ... Camper Kevin
Zeb Sanders Zeb Sanders ... Camper Henry
Donovan Tyee Smith Donovan Tyee Smith ... Camper Marcus
Stafford Douglas Stafford Douglas ...Flight Officer
Jade Scott Lewis Jade Scott Lewis ...Salt Flat Tech
Beth Bailey Beth Bailey ... DC Hospital Nurse
Mona Malec Mona Malec ... DC Hospital Nurse
Omar Diop Omar Diop ... African Guard
Ron Yuan Ron Yuan ... Weapons Engineer
Grace Huang Grace Huang ... Female Technician
Stephen Oyoung Stephen Oyoung ... Young Man
J.P. Murrieta J.P. Murrieta ... Local Reporter
Casey Messer Casey Messer ... Local Reporter
Ben Wang Ben Wang ... Chinese President
Nicholas Ballas Nicholas Ballas ... French President
Jonathan Richards Jonathan Richards...British Prime Minister
Ivan G'Vera Ivan G'Vera ... Russian President (as Ivan Gvera)
Michael Davis Michael Davis ... Old Man with Oxygen
John Christian Love John Christian Love ... Officer (as Brandon K. Hampton)
Sam Quinn Sam Quinn ... Radar Officer
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Valerie Adams Valerie Adams ... Pedestrian (uncredited)
Lorus Allen Lorus Allen ... Area 51 Flagman (uncredited)
Mark S. Allen Mark S. Allen ... Journalist (uncredited)
Bren Anduze Bren Anduze ... London Civillian (uncredited)
Toney Anton Toney Anton ... ESD Tech / Ground Crew (uncredited)
Aurora Antonio Aurora Antonio ... Teenager (uncredited)
Justin Arnsworth Justin Arnsworth ... Fighter Pilot (uncredited)
Nathaniel Augustson Nathaniel Augustson ... Gas Station Attendant (uncredited)
Robert O. Baker Robert O. Baker ... Press Corp / Washington Dignitary (uncredited)
Colt Balok Colt Balok ... Area 51 Soldier (uncredited)
Brian Barela Brian Barela ... Area 51 Soldier (uncredited)
Wren Barnes Wren Barnes ... Girl Driving Her Car Away from Chaos (uncredited)
Richard Beal Richard Beal ... Military Brass (uncredited)
Ciara Bergman Ciara Bergman ... ESD Tech (uncredited)
Todd Bethke Todd Bethke ... Airline Passenger (uncredited)
Morse Bicknell Morse Bicknell ... Russian Commander (uncredited)
Steve Blacksmith Steve Blacksmith ... Orderly (uncredited)
Andrew James Bleidner Andrew James Bleidner ... Area 51 Soldier (uncredited)
Brian Bolman Brian Bolman ... ESD Medical Personnel (uncredited)
Dante Briggins Dante Briggins ... Area 51 Soldier (uncredited)
Nathan Brimmer Nathan Brimmer ... Cheyenne Mountain Security (uncredited)
Edward Butron Edward Butron ... Moon Base Tech (uncredited)
Monique Candelaria Monique Candelaria ... Tech Officer (uncredited)
Paul Caster Paul Caster ... RV Driver (uncredited)
Leilei Chen Leilei Chen ... Background (uncredited)
Gabrielle Chevalier Gabrielle Chevalier ... Civilian Child - Extra (uncredited)
Jeremie Dalaba Jeremie Dalaba ... Area 51 ESD Tech (uncredited)
RaSandra Daniels RaSandra Daniels ... Area 51 Soldier (uncredited)
RaShayla Daniels RaShayla Daniels ... Area 51 Ground Crew (uncredited)
Ava Del Cielo Ava Del Cielo ... Young Mother (uncredited)
David Devereaux David Devereaux ... Military Aide #1 (uncredited)
Faber Dewar Faber Dewar ... Flight Commander (uncredited)
Jetto Dorsainville Jetto Dorsainville ... Salt Flats Tech / Area 51 Soldier (uncredited)
Ed Duran Ed Duran ... Orbital tech #2 (uncredited)
Marlon V. Gaines Marlon V. Gaines ... Driver (uncredited)
Diana Gaitirira Diana Gaitirira ... Comms Officer (uncredited)
Gerry Garcia Gerry Garcia ... Bus Boy (uncredited)
Tahseen Ghauri Tahseen Ghauri ... Area 51 ESD Scientist (uncredited)
Lawrence Gilligan Lawrence Gilligan ... President Aide (uncredited)
Alison Grainger Alison Grainger ... Gas Station Customer (uncredited)
Evan Bryn Graves Evan Bryn Graves ... Pilot P. Goodman (uncredited)
William Greely William Greely ... Area 51 Tech (uncredited)
Sylvie Grontis Hagan Sylvie Grontis Hagan ... Scientist (uncredited)
Stephen M. Hardin Stephen M. Hardin ... Tug Pilot (uncredited)
Crystal Harris Crystal Harris ... Woman Driving Away from Chaos (uncredited)
Jason E. Hill Jason E. Hill ... Marine (uncredited)
Landon Hill Landon Hill ... Bus Passenger (uncredited)
Alan Humphrey Alan Humphrey ... Press Corps (uncredited)
Catharine E. Jones Catharine E. Jones ... Flight Officer #3 (uncredited)
Patrick Juarez Patrick Juarez ... Area 51 Officer (uncredited)
Jamie H. Jung Jamie H. Jung ... Ground Crew (uncredited)
Jade Kammerman Jade Kammerman ... Orbital Tech (uncredited)
Cory Kapahulehua Cory Kapahulehua ... Moon Base Tug Pilot (uncredited)
Harrison Kavanaugh Harrison Kavanaugh ... ESD Tech (uncredited)
Sal Koussa Sal Koussa ... Window Washer (uncredited)
Tyler Kurtz Tyler Kurtz ... Pilot (uncredited)
Tom Kwiat Tom Kwiat ... Pvt. Ian Jennings (uncredited)
Josh LaCombe Josh LaCombe ... Area 51 Tech (uncredited)
Mathias Lam Mathias Lam ... Moon Base Tech (uncredited)
Joey Lanai Joey Lanai ... George Ropata (uncredited)
Jonathan Lane Jonathan Lane ... Press Corps (uncredited)
Dom Dela Cruz Languit Dom Dela Cruz Languit ... Moon Base Crew (uncredited)
Andrei Lapionak Andrei Lapionak ... Russian Cosmonaut (uncredited)
Steve Larese Steve Larese ... Washington D.C. Dignitary (uncredited)
Shawn Lecrone Shawn Lecrone ... Pvt. T. Ferguson / Area 51 Soldier (uncredited)
Kenny Leu Kenny Leu ... Ping Li (uncredited)
Cajardo Lindsey Cajardo Lindsey ... Camera Operator (uncredited)
Audrey Loggia Audrey Loggia ... Astrid Grey (uncredited)
Justin Lotz Justin Lotz ... Gas Station Patron (uncredited)
David Loving David Loving ... DC Dignitary (uncredited)
Kelly V. Lucio Kelly V. Lucio ... Singapore Pedestrian (uncredited)
Jonathan Lund Jonathan Lund ... Scientist #1 (uncredited)
Jon McGarrah Jon McGarrah ... Area 51 Ground Crew (uncredited)
Monique McKellop Monique McKellop ... Dignitary Müller (uncredited)
David Miller David Miller ... USAF 2d Lt Hamm (uncredited)
Justin D. Moore Justin D. Moore ... Hospital Visitor / WA DC Dignitary (uncredited)
Victoria L. Moya Victoria L. Moya ... ESD Soldier / Hospital Patient (uncredited)
Jack Nolan Jack Nolan ... London Civilian (uncredited)
Hans Obma Hans Obma ... Sokolov (uncredited)
Johnny Otto Johnny Otto ... Secret Service Agent (uncredited)
Akshay Patel Akshay Patel ... Dylan's Pilot (uncredited)
Daniel Pattison Daniel Pattison ... Area 51 Fighter Pilot (uncredited)
Robert Peoples Robert Peoples ... Press Corps (uncredited)
Julian Petersen Julian Petersen ... Fighter Pilot / Military Soldier (uncredited)
Kyle Pierson Kyle Pierson ... Area 51 / ESD Ground Crew (uncredited)
Daniel Pimentel Daniel Pimentel ... Secret Service Agent (uncredited)
David Pinter David Pinter ... Area 51 Soldier (uncredited)
Tiffany Quilter Tiffany Quilter ... Driver fleeing invasion (uncredited)
Grizelda Quintana Grizelda Quintana ... Road Rage / Confrontation Driver (uncredited)
Ray Quiroga Ray Quiroga ... Fighter Pilot #1 (uncredited)
Dave Racki Dave Racki ... Chopper Pilot (uncredited)
Josh Relic Josh Relic ... Fighter Pilot (uncredited)
Alice Rietveld Alice Rietveld ... Secret Service Agent (uncredited)
Ryan Baloy Rivera Ryan Baloy Rivera ... SGT P. Howard (uncredited)
Chris Romrell Chris Romrell ... Moon Base Tech (uncredited)
Clayton Salberg Clayton Salberg ... Area 51 Fighter Pilot (uncredited)
Brent Wayne Sanders Brent Wayne Sanders ... Moon Base Tug Pilot (uncredited)
Joseph P. Santillanes Joseph P. Santillanes ... President Staff (uncredited)
Gabriel Schmidt Gabriel Schmidt ... Driver (uncredited)
Jack T. Silliman Jack T. Silliman ... Area 51 Tech Security (uncredited)
Christian Simpson Christian Simpson ... Sgt. Fletcher Smith (uncredited)
Jeremy Sims Jeremy Sims ... Area 51 Technician (uncredited)
Alma Sisneros Alma Sisneros ... Aide 2 (uncredited)
Corey Sondrup Corey Sondrup ... Driver (uncredited)
Phil Sperandeo Phil Sperandeo ... Area 51 Soldier (uncredited)
David Stanford David Stanford ... Washington D.C. Dignitary (uncredited)
Michael E. Stogner Michael E. Stogner ... Press Corps (uncredited)
Mario Telles Mario Telles ... Scientist (uncredited)
Aaron Templeton Aaron Templeton ... Area 51 Solider (uncredited)
Michael Love Toliver Michael Love Toliver ... Moon Base Tech (uncredited)
Vaughn Travis Vaughn Travis ... Angry Driver in Volvo Pulling Trailer (uncredited)
Aaron Tyler Aaron Tyler ... Tug Pilot (uncredited)
McKenna Wagenman McKenna Wagenman ... Gas Station Kid (uncredited)
Shannan Wagenman Shannan Wagenman ... Gas Station Patron (uncredited)
Taylor Wagenman Taylor Wagenman ... Hospital Kid (uncredited)
Jerry Walker Jerry Walker ... Milky Eye Guard (uncredited)
Rooter Wareing Rooter Wareing ...White House Staffer (uncredited)
Nate Warren Nate Warren ... Marley Sullivan (uncredited)
Joe Warshaw Joe Warshaw ...Sgt 1st Class Miller (uncredited)
Robert Douglas Washington Robert Douglas Washington ... Dirk Strickland (uncredited)
Charles Adam West Charles Adam West...Scientist #2 (uncredited)
Jeffrey M. Williams Jeffrey M. Williams ... Patricia Squadron Pilot (uncredited)
Danny Winn Danny Winn ... DC Dignitary (uncredited)
Benjamin Isaiah Wolfe Benjamin Isaiah Wolfe ... DC Dignitary (uncredited)
Julian Wondolowski Julian Wondolowski ... Driver with Vehicle Bugging Out (uncredited)
Daniel Zubiate Daniel Zubiate ... Adams Guard (uncredited).

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