Jack the Giant Slayer - A Legendary Adventure - Full movie.

Jack the Giant Slayer, DIRECTED BY Bryan Singer.  Join a legendary adventure with Jack the Giant Slayer. Giants, fairy tales, and the quest for a kingdom's fate.

Jack the Giant Slayer

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Jack the Giant Slayer - Synopsis:

Jack the Giant Slayer is a 2013 American fantasy-adventure film directed by Bryan Singer. The film tells the story of Jack, a young farmhand who accidentally opens a gateway between the human world and a race of giants, reigniting the ancient war between humans and giants. Jack, fighting for the kingdom and the love of a princess, becomes a hero as he leads the charge to defeat the giants and save humanity.

The film starts with Jack as a young boy, hearing the story of how the giants were banished to their world by the king of Cloister many years ago. Years later, Jack is now a young man working on a farm, where he comes across some magic beans that can open the gateway between the two worlds. Jack accidentally drops the beans, and they sprout into a massive beanstalk that leads to the giants' world.

The king's knights, including his trusted advisor Elmont, and the treacherous Roderick, who wants to marry the princess and take over the kingdom, accompany Jack and the princess to the giants' world. There, they encounter two-headed giant Fallon, his brother Fumm, and the giant's leader, General Fallon. Jack and his companions must fight their way through the giants and stop Roderick's evil plan to control the giants and destroy humanity.

The film's stunning visual effects and breathtaking action sequences are complemented by the talented cast, including Nicholas Hoult as Jack, Eleanor Tomlinson as the princess, and Ewan McGregor as Elmont. The chemistry between Hoult and Tomlinson is palpable, and their love story is a highlight of the film. McGregor, as the dashing and fearless knight, is a delight to watch, and Stanley Tucci as the villainous Roderick adds a touch of humor to the film.

Jack the Giant Slayer is a thrilling adventure that combines fantasy and action to create a unique cinematic experience. The film's message of courage, loyalty, and sacrifice resonates with audiences, making it a classic tale of good versus evil.

In conclusion, Jack the Giant Slayer is a must-see film for anyone who loves fantasy, adventure, and epic battles. The film's exciting story, stunning visual effects, and talented cast make it an unforgettable cinematic experience. Directed by Bryan Singer, the film is a tribute to the timeless tale of Jack and the Beanstalk and a thrilling addition to the fantasy-adventure genre.

Jack the Giant Slayer


Bryan Singer 


Richard Brener ... executive producer
Michael Disco ... executive producer
David Dobkin ... producer
Toby Emmerich ... executive producer
Alex Garcia ... executive producer
Jon Jashni ... executive producer
Ori Marmur ... producer
Patrick McCormick ... producer
Neal H. Moritz ... producer
John Ottman ... associate producer
John Rickard ... executive producer
Bryan Singer ... producer.


Nicholas Hoult Nicholas Hoult ... Jack
Eleanor Tomlinson Eleanor Tomlinson ... Isabelle
Ewan McGregor Ewan McGregor ... Elmont
Stanley Tucci Stanley Tucci ... Roderick
Eddie Marsan Eddie Marsan ... Crawe
Ewen Bremner Ewen Bremner ... Wicke
Ian McShane Ian McShane ... King Brahmwell
Christopher Fairbank Christopher Fairbank ... Uncle
Simon Lowe Simon Lowe ... Monk
Mingus Johnston Mingus Johnston ... Bald
Ralph Brown Ralph Brown ... General Entin
Joy McBrinn Joy McBrinn ... Old Maid
Chris Brailsford Chris Brailsford ... Blacksmith
Warwick Davis Warwick Davis ... Old Hamm
Craig Salisbury Craig Salisbury ... Panto Erik the Great
Peter Bonner Peter Bonner ... Panto Monk
Lee Boardman Lee Boardman ... Badger
Lee Whitlock Lee Whitlock ... Small Drunk
Jody Halse Jody Halse ... Fat Drunk
Richard Dixon Richard Dixon ... King's Artiste
Bill Nighy Bill Nighy ... General Fallon
John Kassir John Kassir ... General Fallon's Small Head
Cornell John Cornell John ... Fee (as Cornell S. John)
Andrew Brooke Andrew Brooke ... Fye
Angus Barnett Angus Barnett ... Foe
Ben Daniels Ben Daniels ... Fumm
Philip Philmar Philip Philmar ... Cook Giant
Peter Elliott Peter Elliott ... Sentry / Bugler Giant
Don McCorkindale Don McCorkindale ... Tongue Giant
Tayler Marshall Tayler Marshall ... 1st Child
Amber Vertannes Amber Vertannes ... 2nd Child
Alex Macqueen Alex Macqueen ... Tour Guide (as Alex MacQueen)
Joe E Salazar Joe E Salazar ... Roddy (as Joseph Salazar)
Hattie Gotobed Hattie Gotobed ... Little Girl
Steven Williams Steven Williams ... Master of Secrets (as Steve Williams)
John Lebar John Lebar ... Panto Giant 1
Phill Martin Phill Martin ... Panto Giant 2
Steve Haze Steve Haze ... Panto Musician
Michael Self Michael Self ... Young Jack
Tim Foley Tim Foley ... Jack's Father
Sydney Rawson Sydney Rawson ... Young Isabelle
Tandi Wright Tandi Wright ... Queen
Byron Coll Byron Coll ... Soldier
Aaron Jackson Aaron Jackson ... Soldier
Charlie Akin Charlie Akin ... Soldier (uncredited)
Mark Badham Mark Badham ...King's Foot Soldier (uncredited)
Lauren Barrand Lauren Barrand ... Pantomine Extra (uncredited)
Jason Beeston Jason Beeston ...King's Foot Soldier (uncredited)
Christian Black Christian Black ...King's Foot Soldier (uncredited)
Chris Bowe Chris Bowe ... King's Guard (uncredited)
Kai Boyce Kai Boyce ...Panto Peasant Boy (uncredited)
Stephen Brocklehurst Stephen Brocklehurst ... King's Foot Soldier (uncredited)
Doc Butler Doc Butler ...King's Foot Soldier (uncredited)
Alfred Camp Alfred Camp ... Soothsayer (uncredited)
Robert Clayton Robert Clayton ... King's Guard (uncredited)
James Cook James Cook ...Kings Foot Soldier (uncredited)
Graham Curry Graham Curry ...King's Foot Soldier (uncredited)
Annabelle Davis Annabelle Davis ... Pantomine Extra (uncredited)
Joseph Dewey Joseph Dewey ... King's Paige (uncredited)
Richard Dorton Richard Dorton ...Motion Capture Actor (uncredited)
Anthony Errington--Anthony Errington...King's Archer (uncredited)
Alfie Fitch Alfie Fitch ...Child in Audience (uncredited)
Mick Fryer-Kelsey Mick Fryer-Kelsey... Villager (uncredited)
Sean Francis George Sean Francis George ... King's Foot Soldier (uncredited)
Philip Harvey Philip Harvey ...Fire Arrow Archer (uncredited)
Caroline Hayes Caroline Hayes ... Jack's Mum (uncredited)
Matthew David Hearn Matthew David Hearn ... King's Guard / King's Foot Soldier (uncredited)
Mitch Hill Mitch Hill ... Baker / Peasant (uncredited)
Matthew Hodgkin Matthew Hodgkin ... King's Juggler (uncredited)
Kevin Hudson Kevin Hudson ... Gate Seargent (uncredited)
Charli Janeway Charli Janeway ... Palace Guard (uncredited)
Todd Von Joel Todd Von Joel ... King's Guard (uncredited)
Andy Joy Andy Joy ... King's Paige (uncredited)
James Kirkham James Kirkham ... Young Jack (uncredited)
Daniel Lapaine Daniel Lapaine ... Jack's Dad (uncredited)
Nigel Lowe Nigel Lowe ... Monk (uncredited)
Darren Lynch Darren Lynch ... Johnathan (uncredited)
Celina Macdonald Celina Macdonald...Merchant 1049 (uncredited)
Duncan JC Mais Duncan JC Mais ...King's Foot Soldier (uncredited)
Martyn Mayger Martyn Mayger ... Gentleman (uncredited)
Raine McCormack Raine McCormack ... Giant (uncredited)
Henry Monk Henry Monk ... King's Guard (uncredited)
David Norfolk David Norfolk ... King's Minister / Gentleman (uncredited)
Michael St Omer Michael St Omer ... Hog Roast Seller / Barricade Peasant (uncredited)
Andrew Paxton-Gray Andrew Paxton-Gray... Peasant (uncredited)
Howard Pearse Howard Pearse ... Peasant (uncredited)
Gloria Riccio Gloria Riccio ... Farmer / Peasant (uncredited)
Edward Sampson Edward Sampson ... Archer / Giant (uncredited)
Greg Sanchez Greg Sanchez ... Peasant (uncredited)
Steve Saunders Steve Saunders ... Townsperson (uncredited)
Santi Scinelli Santi Scinelli ... Soothsayer (uncredited)
James Thomas Scott James Thomas Scott... Farmer (uncredited)
Andrew Scott-Marshall Andrew Scott-Marshall ... King's Guard (uncredited)
Max Scully Max Scully ... Cavalry (uncredited)
Nick Shaw Nick Shaw ... King's Minister (uncredited)
Simon Steggall Simon Steggall ... Farmer (uncredited)
Shane Stevens Shane Stevens ...Motion Capture Actor (uncredited)
Paul Stockman Paul Stockman ... Townsman (uncredited)
Tony Sweeney Tony Sweeney ... Archer (uncredited)
Sebastian Tarlach Sebastian Tarlach ... King's Foot Soldier (uncredited)
Dan Twine Dan Twine ... Soldier (uncredited)
Paul Warren Paul Warren ...The Not-So-Strong Man (uncredited)
Simon John Wilson Simon John Wilson ... Monk Hand Double (uncredited)
Christian Wolf-La'Moy Christian Wolf-La'Moy ... Horse Merchant (uncredited).

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