Kong: Skull Island - The Return of the King - Full movie.

Kong: Skull Island, DIRECTED BY Jordan Vogt-Roberts. Witness the return of the king in Kong Skull Island. Monsters, mythology, and the battle for dominance. 

Kong: Skull Island

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Kong: Skull Island - Synopsis:

Kong Skull Island is a 2017 American monster film directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts. It is a reboot of the King Kong franchise and serves as the second film in Legendary's MonsterVerse. The film takes place in 1973, at the end of the Vietnam War, where a team of scientists, soldiers, and explorers embark on a mission to an uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean known as Skull Island.

The expedition team is led by former British SAS Captain James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston), who is accompanied by a team of soldiers, including Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard (Samuel L. Jackson) and his subordinates. Along with them, the team also includes a government agent, Bill Randa (John Goodman), a pacifist photojournalist, Mason Weaver (Brie Larson), and a group of scientists.

Upon their arrival, the team drops bombs to map out the island, but they soon discover that they have entered the territory of the mighty Kong, a giant ape, and the last of his kind. The team finds themselves stranded on the island and must fight for their survival while trying to find a way to escape. They soon encounter a group of indigenous people, who warn them about the dangers of the island and the wrath of Kong.

As they venture deeper into the island, the team discovers that there are other creatures that inhabit Skull Island, including the terrifying Skullcrawlers, monstrous reptilian creatures that prey on Kong and other creatures on the island. The team realizes that Kong is not their enemy, but rather, he is the protector of the island and is fighting to keep the balance between the creatures.

As the team tries to leave the island, Packard, who has become obsessed with killing Kong, convinces his men to go on a mission to capture or kill the giant ape. This leads to a final showdown between Kong and the military, with the lives of the expedition team caught in the middle.

In the end, the team discovers that the island is not just a primal Eden, but also a gateway to a larger world of monsters, setting up future movies in the MonsterVerse.

Overall, Kong Skull Island is a thrilling and visually stunning movie that offers a fresh take on the classic monster tale. The movie boasts a talented cast, spectacular special effects, and an exciting plot that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

If you are a fan of action, adventure, and monster movies, then Kong Skull Island is a must-watch. With its incredible visuals and intense action scenes, it is sure to satisfy even the most demanding moviegoers.

Kong: Skull Island


Jordan Vogt-Roberts


Debbi Bossi ... associate producer
Edward Cheng ... executive producer
Jennifer Conroy ... co-producer (as Jen Conroy)
Alex Garcia ... producer (produced by)
Jon Jashni ... producer (produced by)
Eric McLeod ... executive producer
Mary Parent ... producer (produced by)
Tom C. Peitzman ... co-producer (as Tom Peitzman)
Nicholas Simon ... line producer: Vietnam
Thomas Tull ... producer (produced by).


Tom Hiddleston Tom Hiddleston ... James Conrad
Samuel L. Jackson Samuel L. Jackson... Preston Packard
Brie Larson Brie Larson ... Mason Weaver
John C. Reilly John C. Reilly ... Hank Marlow
John Goodman John Goodman ... Bill Randa
Corey Hawkins Corey Hawkins ... Houston Brooks
John Ortiz John Ortiz ... Victor Nieves
Tian Jing Tian Jing ... San
Toby Kebbell Toby Kebbell ... Jack Chapman / Kong
Jason Mitchell Jason Mitchell ... Mills
Shea Whigham Shea Whigham ... Cole
Thomas Mann Thomas Mann ... Slivko
Eugene Cordero Eugene Cordero ... Reles
Marc Evan Jackson Marc Evan Jackson ... Landsat Steve
Will Brittain Will Brittain ... Young Marlow / Marlow's Son
Miyavi Miyavi ... Gunpei Ikari
Richard Jenkins Richard Jenkins ... Sen. Willis
Allyn Rachel Allyn Rachel ... Secretary O'Brien
Robert Taylor Robert Taylor ... Athena Captain
James M. Connor James M. Connor ... Gen. Ward (voice) (as James Michael Connor)
Thomas Middleditch Thomas Middleditch ... Jerry (voice)
Brady Novak Brady Novak ... Base Guard
Peter Karinen Peter Karinen ... Chinook Pilot
Brian Sacca Brian Sacca ... Chinook Co-Pilot
Joshua Funk Joshua Funk ... Seismic Soldier
Daniel F. Malone Daniel F. Malone ... Boat Captain (as Daniel Malone)
Glenn 'Kiwi' Hall Glenn 'Kiwi' Hall ... Boat Captain
Garreth Hadfield Garreth Hadfield ... Crew Chief
Shannon Brimelow Shannon Brimelow ...Kamikaze Pilot
Jon Quested Jon Quested ... Dead Pilot
Korey Williams Korey Williams ... Sunglasses Pilot
Dat Phan Dat Phan ... Bar Thug
Cynthy Wu Cynthy Wu ... Thug's Girlfriend
Beth Kennedy Beth Kennedy ... Marlow's Wife
Bryan Chojnowski Bryan Chojnowski...Chicago Taxi Driver
Terry Notary Terry Notary ... Kong
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Emmy Agustin Emmy Agustin ... Vendor (uncredited)
Keisuke Akizawa Keisuke Akizawa ...Male Tribe Member (uncredited)
Tim Appleton Tim Appleton ... Scientist (uncredited)
Moises Arias Moises Arias ... Bar Guest (uncredited)
Brenton Ashe Brenton Ashe ...Landsat Technician (uncredited)
Miguel A. Baez Jr. Miguel A. Baez Jr.... Deckhand (uncredited)
Sharon M. Bell Sharon M. Bell ... Chinatown Vendor (uncredited)
Lexy Bernardo Lexy Bernardo ... Iwi Tribe Member (uncredited)
Raj K. Bose Raj K. Bose ...Gambling Den Patron (uncredited)
Alexander Canton Alexander Canton... Engineer (uncredited)
Matthew A. Chapman Matthew A. Chapman ... Sky Devils Pilot (uncredited)
Theo Coumbis Theo Coumbis ... Press (uncredited)
Philippe Deseck Philippe Deseck ... Gunner (uncredited)
Javier Diaz Javier Diaz ... Huey Pilot (uncredited)
Ann Duong Ann Duong ...Female Tribe Member (uncredited)
Simon Durrell Simon Durrell ... Crew Chief (uncredited)
Casey Eveleigh Casey Eveleigh ... Scientist (uncredited)
Frederick Falk Frederick Falk ... Riot Police (uncredited)
James Edward Flynn James Edward Flynn...Sgt. Dren (uncredited)
Paul Riley Fox Paul Riley Fox ... RTO Soldier (uncredited)
Dan Gruenberg Dan Gruenberg ... Protester (uncredited)
Leighton Hara Leighton Hara ... Businessman (uncredited)
Nathan Hedger Nathan Hedger ...Landsat Technician (uncredited)
Michael C Hollandsworth Michael C Hollandsworth ...Partygoer (uncredited)
Nicole Hunt Nicole Hunt ... Gala Guest (uncredited)
Mitchell L. Johnson Mitchell L. Johnson... Soldier (uncredited)
Richard Allan Jones Richard Allan Jones...Businessman (uncredited)
Rachel Joseph Rachel Joseph ... Iwi (uncredited)
Cale Kampers Cale Kampers ... Sky Devil (uncredited)
Kevin Kent Kevin Kent ... Landsat Team (uncredited)
Paul S.W. Lee Paul S.W. Lee ... Businessman (uncredited)
Alona Leoine Alona Leoine ... Island Girl (uncredited)
Alex Leontev Alex Leontev ... Canteen (uncredited)
Jamie A. Marchetti Jamie A. Marchetti ... Athena Deckhand (uncredited)
Norman Martinez Norman Martinez ...Helicopter Mechanic (uncredited)
Darcie Mayo Darcie Mayo ... Gala Attendee (uncredited)
Shawn McBride Shawn McBride ... Shop Owner (uncredited)
Salvatore Merenda Salvatore Merenda...Bridge Crew (uncredited)
Erin Moriarty Erin Moriarty ... Bar Guest (uncredited)
Ed Moy Ed Moy ... Dockworker (uncredited)
Toshiko Onizawa Toshiko Onizawa ...Waitress at Saigon Bar (uncredited)
Marcelo Palacios Marcelo Palacios...Gala Attendee (uncredited)
Jerald M.S. Pang Jerald M.S. Pang ... Bangkok Dockside Civilian Vendor / Saigon Gambler / VW Bus Flatbed Driver (uncredited)
Jeff Parker Jeff Parker ... Sky Devil Pilot (uncredited)
James Joseph Pulido James Joseph Pulido... Sailor (uncredited)
James Quach James Quach ... Dockworker (uncredited)
Jordan James Reyes Jordan James Reyes...Man In Suit (uncredited)
Martin Reyes Martin Reyes ... IWI Warrior (uncredited)
Nick Robinson Nick Robinson ... Bar Guest (uncredited)
Scott M. Schewe Scott M. Schewe ... Gala Press (uncredited)
David James Sikkink David James Sikkink...Gala Attendee (uncredited)
Hunter Skeen Hunter Skeen ... Soldier (uncredited)
Raymond Spaulding Raymond Spaulding...Congressman (uncredited)
Jason Speer Jason Speer ... Sky Devil Pilot (uncredited)
Peter Thurnwald Peter Thurnwald ... Iwi Prince (uncredited)
Rafael Torrijos Rafael Torrijos ... SkyDevil (uncredited)
Andreys Varela Andreys Varela ... ND Soldier (uncredited)
Nel Venzon Nel Venzon ... Vietnamese Pedestrian (uncredited)
Christopher F. Walker Christopher F. Walker ... Helicopter Pilot (LT. Saunders) (uncredited)
Scott Wallace Scott Wallace ... Sky Devil Pilot (uncredited)
John A Weaver John A Weaver ... Congressman (uncredited).

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