Mayor of Kingstown: Season 2 - The Legacy Continues - Full episodes.

Mayor of Kingstown: Season 2, DIRECTED BY Stephen Kay. The legacy continues in Mayor of Kingstown: Season 2. Loyalties tested, the battle for Kingstown rages on.

Mayor of Kingstown: Season 2

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Mayor of Kingstown: Season 2 - Synopsis:

Mayor of Kingstown is a powerful drama series that premiered in 2021 and quickly gained a loyal following. The show explores themes of systemic racism, corruption, and inequality in the fictional city of Kingstown, Michigan, where the business of incarceration is the only thriving industry. The McLusky family, who are power brokers, are at the center of the show's action, as they navigate the complex political and social landscape of the city.

Season 2 of Mayor of Kingstown promises to be even more intense than the first. With new directors and a talented cast, the show will continue to delve into the dark and dangerous world of Kingstown, uncovering new layers of corruption and intrigue.

In the upcoming season, we can expect to see more of the McLusky family and their fight to maintain their power and influence in the city. We'll also be introduced to new characters and storylines, which will add even more depth and complexity to the show.

One of the most exciting aspects of Season 2 is the addition of Tasha Smith to the directing team. Smith is a highly acclaimed director and actor, known for her work on hit shows like Empire and Power. Her unique vision and creative talents are sure to take Mayor of Kingstown to new heights, as she brings her own perspective to the show's already impressive visual style.

In addition to Smith, the show will feature a roster of talented directors, including Stephen Kay, Guy Ferland, Clark Johnson, and Ben Richardson. Each of these directors brings their own unique style and perspective to the show, and viewers can expect to see a wide range of creative techniques and visual styles in each episode.

Overall, Season 2 of Mayor of Kingstown promises to be a thrilling ride for fans of the show. With its powerful themes, talented cast, and impressive direction, the show is sure to captivate audiences and continue to raise the bar for quality television.

Mayor of Kingstown: Season 2


Stephen Kay ... (8 episodes, 2022-2023)
Guy Ferland ... (4 episodes, 2021-2023)
Clark Johnson ... (2 episodes, 2021)
Ben Richardson ... (2 episodes, 2021)
Taylor Sheridan ... (2 episodes, 2021)
Tasha Smith ... (2 episodes, 2023).


Michael Friedman...executive producer (16 episodes, 2021-2023)
Ron Burkle ... executive producer (12 episodes, 2021-2023)
Hugh Dillon ... executive producer (12 episodes, 2021-2023)
Antoine Fuqua ... executive producer (12 episodes, 2021-2023)
David Glasser ... executive producer (12 episodes, 2021-2023)
Jeremy Renner ... executive producer (12 episodes, 2021-2023)
Taylor Sheridan ... executive producer (12 episodes, 2021-2023).


Jeremy Renner Jeremy Renner...Mike McLusky20 episodes, 2021-2023 
Dianne Wiest Dianne Wiest...Mariam McLusky20 episodes, 2021-2023 
Hugh Dillon Hugh Dillon ... Ian20 episodes, 2021-2023 
Tobi Bamtefa Tobi Bamtefa ... Deverin 'Bunny' Washington20 episodes, 2021-2023 
Taylor Handley Taylor Handley ..Kyle McLusky20 episodes, 2021-2023 
Emma Laird Emma Laird ... Iris20 episodes, 2021-2023 
Derek Webster Derek Webster ... Stevie20 episodes, 2021-2023 
Hamish Allan-Headley Hamish Allan-Headley ... Robert20 episodes, 2021-2023 
Aidan Gillen Aidan Gillen ...Milo Sunter20 episodes, 2021-2023 
Nishi Munshi Nishi Munshi ...Tracy / ...15 episodes, 2021-2023 
Nichole Galicia Nichole Galicia ...Rebecca14 episodes, 2021-2023 
Michael Beach Michael Beach...Kareem / ...13 episodes, 2021-2023 
Necar Zadegan Necar Zadegan...Evelyn / ...11 episodes, 2021-2023 
Pha'rez Lass Pha'rez Lass ... P-Dog10 episodes, 2021-2022 
James Jordan James Jordan ... Ed10 episodes, 2021-2022 
George Tchortov George Tchortov ...Joseph / ..10 episodes, 2021-2023 
Ryan Rosery Ryan Rosery ... Latrell8 episodes, 2021 
Lane Garrison Lane Garrison ... Carney7 episodes, 2023 
Dylan Kenin Dylan Kenin ... Gunner7 episodes, 2023 
D Smoke D Smoke ... Raphael6 episodes, 2023 
Jose Pablo Cantillo Jose Pablo Cantillo ... Carlos / ...6 episodes, 2021-2022 
Marcus Brandon Marcus Brandon ... Dedrick6 episodes, 2023 
Andrew Howard Andrew Howard ... Duke5 episodes, 2021 
Adam Clark Adam Clark ...Warden Mills5 episodes, 2021-2022 
Jason E. Kelley Jason E. Kelley ... Tim Weaver5 episodes, 2021 
Derek Basco Derek Basco ... Keno5 episodes, 2021-2023 
Mandela Van Peebles Mandela Van Peebles... Sam5 episodes, 2021 
Gratiela Brancusi Gratiela Brancusi...Tatiana5 episodes, 2023 
Matt Gerald Matt Gerald ... Davidson4 episodes, 2023 
Rob Stewart Rob Stewart ... Captain Richard Heard / ...4 episodes, 2021-2023 
Brandon Keel Brandon Keel ... Ruger4 episodes, 2021-2022 
Reinaldo Faberlle Reinaldo Faberlle... Luis4 episodes, 2023 
Phil Rice Phil Rice ... Digo / ...4 episodes, 2023 
Richie Stephens Richie Stephens ... Dmitri / ...4 episodes, 2023 
Natasha Marc Natasha Marc ... Cherry3 episodes, 2021-2022 
Kenny Johnson Kenny Johnson ... Charlie3 episodes, 2023 
Jake Schur Jake Schur ... Jacob3 episodes, 2023 
Ash Santos Ash Santos ... Coco3 episodes, 2023 
Rob Kirkland Rob Kirkland...Captain Walter3 episodes, 2021-2022 
Stacie Greenwell Stacie Greenwell ... Abby Steele3 episodes, 2021-2022 
Michael Godere Michael Godere ... Lewis3 episodes, 2023 
Tim Post Tim Post...rnest Van Ackle3 episodes, 2021-2022 
Carmen Johnson Carmen Johnson ... Candace3 episodes, 2021-2023 
Dru Viergever Dru Viergever ... Guard 33 episodes, 2021-2022 
Lindsay Owen Pierre Lindsay Owen Pierre...Doctor3 episodes, 2021 
Azaria Pynappls Nikolajev Azaria Pynappls Nikolajev ... Exotic Dancer #23 episodes, 2021 
Kristen Pepper Kristen Pepper ...Exotic Dancer #33 episodes, 2021 
Eman Hillawi Eman Hillawi ...Exotic Dancer #53 episodes, 2021 
Michael Gaston Michael Gaston ... Morass2 episodes, 2023 
Brian Markinson Brian Markinson ... Paul Selig2 episodes, 2021 
Nona Parker Johnson Nona Parker Johnson...Rhonda2 episodes, 2023 
Sandrine Holt Sandrine Holt ... Wendy2 episodes, 2023 
Lombardo Boyar Lombardo Boyar ... Jimmy2 episodes, 2021 
Scott Gibson Scott Gibson ... Agent Aldrich2 episodes, 2021 
Ezekiel Boston Ezekiel Boston ... Prison Guard2 episodes, 2023 
Zoe Doyle Zoe Doyle ... Agent Perry2 episodes, 2021 
Jock McKissic Jock McKissic ... Big Hush2 episodes, 2023 
Caesar Gilliam Caesar Gilliam ... Bunny's Lieutenant / ...2 episodes, 2023 
Gena Shaw Gena Shaw...Special Agent Leclerc2 episodes, 2023 
Frank Licari Frank Licari...Special Agent Song2 episodes, 2023 
Tony Nappo Tony Nappo ... Craig2 episodes, 2021 
Joseph Ruud Joseph Ruud ... Big Beard2 episodes, 2021 
Nabeel El Khafif Nabeel El Khafif ... Prison Guard2 episodes, 2021 
Lissa Brennan Lissa Brennan ... Donna2 episodes, 2023 
Jonathan Watton Jonathan Watton ...William Chalk2 episodes, 2021 
Alex Jade Alex Jade ... Rita2 episodes, 2021 
Jorge Molina Jorge Molina ... Mexican Cook2 episodes, 2021 
Connor Smith Connor Smith ... Loner2 episodes, 2021 
Paul Popowich Paul Popowich ...Agent Hastings2 episodes, 2021 
Darlene Cooke Darlene Cooke ... Claire2 episodes, 2021 
Kristen DeVore Rakes Kristen DeVore Rakes ... Rosanna2 episodes, 2023 
Steven Rodriguez---Steven Rodriguez...Marco Diaz2 episodes, 2023 
Mark Rainmaker Mark Rainmaker ...Command Guard2 episodes, 2022 
Ryan Turner Ryan Turner ... Guard2 episodes, 2021 
Joe Parro Joe Parro ... Greaser2 episodes, 2021 
Shauntel Harry Shauntel Harry ...Cherry's Cellmate2 episodes, 2021 
Michael Koras Michael Koras ... Guard 22 episodes, 2021 
Joel Rinzler Joel Rinzler ... Fire Captain2 episodes, 2021 
Kym Wyatt McKenzie Kym Wyatt McKenzie ... Command Sergeant2 episodes, 2022 
Shalyn Bass-McFaul Shalyn Bass-McFaul ... Linebacker Female Guard / ...2 episodes, 2021 
Aneesa Badshaw Aneesa Badshaw ...Exotic Dancer #62 episodes, 2021 
Jasmattie Mukutnauth Jasmattie Mukutnauth ... Exotic Dancer #72 episodes, 2021 
Kyle Chandler Kyle Chandler ... Mitch McLusky1 episode, 2021 
Billy Lush Billy Lush ... Kenny Miles1 episode, 2021 
Callie Thorne Callie Thorne ... Allison1 episode, 2023 
Latarsha Rose Latarsha Rose ... Vanessa1 episode, 2023 
Marcus Gladney Jr. Marcus Gladney Jr...Ray Ray1 episode, 2023 
Elizaveta Neretin Elizaveta Neretin... Vera1 episode, 2021 
Blake Shields Blake Shields ... Morrisey1 episode, 2023 
Michael Reventar Michael Reventar...Alberto1 episode, 2021 
Tina Ivlev Tina Ivlev ... Paris1 episode, 2023 
Marcie Kemmler Marcie Kemmler ... Sarah1 episode, 2023 
Paulino Nunes Paulino Nunes...State Watch Commander1 episode, 2022 
Charles Baker Charles Baker ... Horace1 episode, 2023 
Juanita Jennings Juanita Jennings...Esther1 episode, 2023 
Tommy Lafitte Tommy Lafitte ... Old Man1 episode, 2023 
Pete Burris Pete Burris...Gun Shop Shopkeeper1 episode, 2023 
Drew Davis Drew Davis ... Akim1 episode, 2021 
Tristan Paul Hernandez Tristan Paul Hernandez ... Deputy1 episode, 2021 
Drew Nelson Drew Nelson ...Shift Commander1 episode, 2022 
David Vegh David Vegh ... Psychiatrist1 episode, 2023 
Braxtyn McKinney----Braxtyn McKinney...Young Woman1 episode, 2023 
Jose Luis Valdez Jose Luis Valdez...Van Driver1 episode, 2023 
Terry Belleville Terry Belleville...Senator1 episode, 2021 
Ulysses Montoya Ulysses Montoya ... Chavez1 episode, 2021. 

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