Men in Black II - Extraterrestrial Pursuit - Full movie.

Men in Black II, DIRECTED BY Barry Sonnenfeld. Embark on an extraterrestrial pursuit in Men in Black II. Aliens, gadgets, and the wildest chases.

Men in Black II

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Men in Black II - Synopsis:

Men in Black II is a science fiction action comedy movie directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, released in 2002. The movie follows the story of Agent Jay (played by Will Smith), who is sent on a mission to find his former partner Agent Kay (played by Tommy Lee Jones) and restore his memory, as an old case from Kay's past resurfaces.

The movie opens with a scene showing a group of aliens discussing the Light of Zartha, a powerful energy source that has the potential to destroy entire galaxies. They mention that the light was hidden on Earth by a member of the royal family of Zartha. However, the aliens are interrupted by an incoming message warning them about the return of Agent Kay, who had previously defeated them.

In the next scene, Agent Jay is shown chasing down an alien in the streets of New York City. The alien tells Jay that Serleena (played by Lara Flynn Boyle), a shape-shifting alien who is looking for the Light of Zartha, has returned to Earth. Jay realizes that the only person who can help him stop Serleena is his former partner, Agent Kay, who has had his memory erased and is now living a normal life as a postal worker.

Jay goes to Kay's house and convinces him to join him on a mission to stop Serleena. They are joined by Frank the Pug (played by Tim Blaney), an alien who has information about the Light of Zartha. Together, they embark on a dangerous mission to save the planet from Serleena and her army of alien henchmen.

As the movie progresses, we see Agent Jay and Agent Kay battling their way through various obstacles, including a giant worm and a group of alien bikers. Along the way, they encounter several interesting characters, including a group of aliens who run a pizza parlor and a man who has been living in a subway station for decades.

Eventually, the team discovers that the Light of Zartha is actually hidden inside a necklace that is being worn by Laura Vasquez (played by Rosario Dawson), a woman who has unknowingly inherited the royal bloodline of Zartha. Serleena kidnaps Laura and takes the necklace, but Agent Jay and Agent Kay manage to rescue her and retrieve the necklace.

In the climactic scene, Agent Jay and Agent Kay face off against Serleena in a showdown that involves a giant alien robot and a massive battle in the streets of New York City. The team manages to defeat Serleena and save the planet from destruction.

In the end, Agent Kay decides to retire from the Men in Black, and Agent Jay is left to continue the mission alone. The movie ends with a scene showing a locker full of similar-looking postal worker uniforms, hinting at the possibility of there being more retired agents like Kay living among us.

Overall, Men in Black II is a thrilling and entertaining movie that combines elements of science fiction, action, and comedy to create a unique and enjoyable cinematic experience. With its engaging storyline, memorable characters, and impressive special effects, it is no wonder that this movie has become a fan favorite over the years.

Men in Black II


Barry Sonnenfeld


Marc Haimes...associate producer
Stephanie Kemp...associate producer
Laurie MacDonald...producer
Walter F. Parkes...producer
Steven Spielberg...executive producer.


Tommy Lee Jones Tommy Lee Jones ... Kay
Will Smith Will Smith ... Jay
Rip Torn Rip Torn ... Zed
Lara Flynn Boyle Lara Flynn Boyle ... Serleena
Johnny Knoxville Johnny Knoxville ...Scrad / Charlie
Rosario Dawson Rosario Dawson ... Laura Vasquez
Tony Shalhoub Tony Shalhoub ... Jeebs
Patrick Warburton Patrick Warburton ... Agent Tee
Jack Kehler Jack Kehler ... Ben
David Cross David Cross ... Newton
Colombe Jacobsen-Derstine Colombe Jacobsen-Derstine ... Hailey (as Colombe Jacobsen)
Peter Spellos Peter Spellos ... Motorman
Michael Rivkin Michael Rivkin ... Man with Dog
Michael Bailey Smith Michael Bailey Smith ... Creepy
Lenny Venito Lenny Venito ... New York Guy
Howard Spiegel Howard Spiegel ... New York Guy
Alpheus Merchant Alpheus Merchant ... MIB Guard
Jay Johnston Jay Johnston ... Agent
Joel McKinnon Miller Joel McKinnon Miller ... Agent
Derek Cecil Derek Cecil ... Repairman Agent
Sean Rouse Sean Rouse ... MIB Agent
Peter Spruyt Peter Spruyt ... MIB Customs Agent
Kevin Cotteleer Kevin Cotteleer ... MIB Customs Agent
Marty Belafsky Marty Belafsky ... MIB Customs Agent
Rick Baker Rick Baker ... MIB Passport Control Agent
Martha Stewart Martha Stewart ... Martha Stewart
Michael Jackson Michael Jackson ... Agent M
Sid Hillman Sid Hillman ...Agent Gee (as Sid Garza-Hillman)
Tom Whitenight Tom Whitenight ... Agent C
Nick Cannon Nick Cannon ... MIB Autopsy Agent
Andre Blair Andre Blair ... Central Park Agent
Jeremy Howard Jeremy Howard ... Bird Guy Alien / Postal Sorting Alien
Mary Stein Mary Stein ... Bird Lady Alien
Martin Klebba Martin Klebba ... Family Child Alien (as Marty Klebba)
John Alexander John Alexander ... Jarra / Family Dad Alien
Denise Cheshire Denise Cheshire ... Family Mom / Locker Alien
Ernie Grunwald Ernie Grunwald ... Young Postal Employee
Chloe Sonnenfeld Chloe Sonnenfeld...Young Girl at Post Office
John Andrew Berton Jr. John Andrew Berton Jr. ... Split Alien Guy (as John Berton)
William E. Jackson William E. Jackson ... Eye Guy
Doug Jones Doug Jones ... Joey
Biz Markie Biz Markie ... Rapping Alien
Peter Graves Peter Graves ... Peter Graves
Linda Kim Linda Kim ... Ambassador Lauranna
Paige Brooks Paige Brooks ...'Mysteries in History' Lauranna
Stephanie Kemp Stephanie Kemp ... Neuralyzed Mother
Barry Sonnenfeld Barry Sonnenfeld... Neuralyzed Father
Victoria Jones Victoria Jones ... Neuralyzed Daughter
Michael Garvey Michael Garvey ... Corn Face
Michael Dahlen Michael Dahlen ... Flesh Balls
Kevin Grevioux Kevin Grevioux ... Pineal Eye
Derek Mears Derek Mears ... Mosh Tendrils
Sonny Tipton Sonny Tipton ... Dog Poop
John Richardson John Richardson ... Postman
Philip Goodwin Philip Goodwin ... Diner Guy
Tim Blaney Tim Blaney ... Frank the Pug (voice)
Greg Ballora Greg Ballora ... Sleeble (voice)
Carl J. Johnson Carl J. Johnson ... Gleeble (voice)
Thom Fountain Thom Fountain ... Neeble (voice)
Brad Abrell Brad Abrell ... Mannix (voice)
Richard Pearson Richard Pearson ... Gordy (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Rick Avery Rick Avery ... Subway passenger (uncredited)
John D. Bair John D. Bair ...Alien Attack Victim (uncredited)
Michael Beardsley Michael Beardsley ... Suspicious Video Store Patron (uncredited)
Michael Buonomo Michael Buonomo ... College Student (uncredited)
Kristin Charney Kristin Charney ... Family Mom (uncredited)
Ty Copeman Ty Copeman ... Car and Driver (uncredited)
Patrick Coleman Duncan Patrick Coleman Duncan ... 'History's Mysteries' Alien (uncredited)
Jovette Elise Jovette Elise ... Diner Patron (uncredited)
Paul Evans Paul Evans ... Extra (uncredited)
Darrell Foster Darrell Foster ...MIB Autopsy Agent (uncredited)
Ned Gorman Ned Gorman ...Cockroach on Sidewalk (voice) (uncredited)
James E. Halleran James E. Halleran ... Subway Platform Heavy (uncredited)
William Jackson Jr. William Jackson Jr.... Eye Guy (uncredited)
Gene LeBell Gene LeBell ... Subway Passenger (uncredited)
Pete Macnamara Pete Macnamara ... Man in Black (uncredited)
Dory Manzour Dory Manzour ... Subway Passenger (uncredited)
Drew Massey Drew Massey ... Worm Guy (uncredited)
Jon M. McDonnell Jon M. McDonnell...Man in Street (uncredited)
Matthew McGrory Matthew McGrory ... Tall Alien (uncredited)
Christopher Metas Christopher Metas ... Alien Accountant (uncredited)
Nikki Milican Bedwell Nikki Milican Bedwell ...Agent (uncredited)
Bart Mixon Bart Mixon ... Alien Puppeteer (uncredited)
Alexandra O'Hara Alexandra O'Hara ... Diner Waitress (uncredited)
David Patykewich David Patykewich...Bald Kid Alien (uncredited)
Martin Pfefferkorn Martin Pfefferkorn ... Homeless Alien Collaborater (uncredited)
David C. Roehm Sr. David C. Roehm Sr. ...Alien (uncredited)
Leo Rogstad Leo Rogstad ...NewYorker On His Cell (uncredited)
Thomas Rosales Jr. Thomas Rosales Jr. ... Subway Passenger (uncredited)
Audrey Ruttan Audrey Ruttan ... Alien (uncredited)
Brandee Sanders Brandee Sanders ... Subway Business Woman (uncredited)
Hannah Sim Hannah Sim ...Head-Bobbing Alien (uncredited)
Peter Siragusa Peter Siragusa ... Mayor of Grand Central Terminal Locker Aliens (voice) (uncredited)
Daniel Browning Smith Daniel Browning Smith ... Aquarium Boy (uncredited)
Brian Steele Brian Steele ... Sharkmouth (uncredited)
Mark Steger Mark Steger ... Quadraped Alien (uncredited)
Alan Tuskes Alan Tuskes ...Lobsterhead Alien (uncredited)
Shannon Watson Shannon Watson ... 70's MIB Agent (uncredited)
Bo Welch Bo Welch ... Astronaut (uncredited)
Merritt Yohnka Merritt Yohnka ... Automatic Pilot (uncredited)
David K. Zandi David K. Zandi ... Alien (uncredited).

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