Outer Banks: Season 2 - Unraveling the Coastal Mystery - Full episodes.

Outer Banks: Season 2, DIRECTED BY Jonas Pate. Unravel the coastal mystery in Outer Banks: Season 2. Betrayals, alliances, and the fight for justice.

Outer Banks: Season 2

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Outer Banks: Season 2 - Synopsis:

The highly anticipated second season of Outer Banks is finally here and it did not disappoint. The show, which follows the adventures of a group of teenagers in the Outer Banks of North Carolina as they search for treasure, is back with even more excitement and suspense than ever before.

This season picks up right where the first left off, with John B (Chase Stokes) and Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) on the run from the law and searching for the treasure of the legendary Royal Merchant. The stakes are higher this time around, as the group must navigate dangerous waters and treacherous terrain to find the treasure and clear their names.

The season is jam-packed with 18 episodes, with some directed by Jonas Pate, Valerie Weiss, Darnell Martin, Cherie Nowlan, Sunny Hodge, and Gonzalo Amat. Each director brings their own unique vision to the show, resulting in an incredibly diverse range of episodes.

One of the standout episodes of the season is directed by Cherie Nowlan, who previously directed two episodes of the first season. In this episode, titled "The Heist," the group pulls off a daring heist to steal a key piece of the treasure map from a heavily guarded museum. The episode is action-packed and suspenseful, with some of the most impressive stunt work seen on the show to date.

The performances of the cast are also noteworthy, with the core group of actors delivering strong performances throughout the season. Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline continue to have great chemistry on-screen, while Jonathan Daviss and Rudy Pankow also have standout moments as the loyal Pogues JJ and Pope.

But it's not just the main cast that shines in this season. Newcomer Elizabeth Mitchell also delivers a standout performance as the enigmatic Limbrey, who has her own agenda in the search for the treasure.

Overall, Outer Banks: Season 2 is an epic adventure that is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. With its stunning cinematography, diverse range of episodes, and strong performances from the cast, it's no surprise that the show has become a fan-favorite.

Outer Banks: Season 2


Jonas Pate...(18 episodes, 2020-2023)
Valerie Weiss...(5 episodes, 2020-2023)
Darnell Martin...(3 episodes, 2021-2023)
Cherie Nowlan...(2 episodes, 2020)
Sunny Hodge...(1 episode, 2021)
Gonzalo Amat...(1 episode, 2023).


Shannon Burke ... executive producer / executive producer (31 episodes, 2020-2024)
Jonas Pate ... executive producer / producer / executive producer (31 episodes, 2020-2024)
Josh Pate ... executive producer / executive producer (31 episodes, 2020-2024)
Sunny Hodge ... producer (30 episodes, 2020-2023)
Aaron Miller ... producer (30 episodes, 2020-2023)
Caroline Dobbe ... associate producer (20 episodes, 2021-2023).


Chase Stokes--Chase Stokes...John B Routledge31 episodes, 2020-2024 
Madelyn Cline Madelyn Cline...Sarah Cameron31 episodes, 2020-2024 
Madison Bailey Madison Bailey...Kiara Carrera31 episodes, 2020-2024 
J.D. J.D. ... Pope Heyward31 episodes, 2020-2024 
Rudy Pankow Rudy Pankow ...JJ Maybank31 episodes, 2020-2024 
Drew Starkey Drew Starkey...Rafe Cameron30 episodes, 2020-2024 
Charles Esten Charles Esten...Ward Cameron28 episodes, 2020-2023 
Austin North Austin North...Topper Thornton27 episodes, 2020-2024 
Caroline Arapoglou Caroline Arapoglou ... Rose21 episodes, 2020-2024 
Cullen Moss Cullen Moss ... Deputy Shoupe / ...20 episodes, 2020-2023 
Marland Burke Marland Burke ... Mike Carrera / ...18 episodes, 2020-2024 
Julia Antonelli Julia Antonelli ...Wheezie / .17 episodes, 2020-2024 
E. Roger Mitchell E. Roger Mitchell ... Heyward17 episodes, 2020-2024 
Samantha Soule Samantha Soule ...Anna / ...16 episodes, 2020-2024 
Carlacia Grant Carlacia Grant ... Cleo15 episodes, 2021-2024 
Charles Halford Charles Halford ...Big John14 episodes, 2020-2023 
Nicholas Cirillo Nicholas Cirillo ... Barry13 episodes, 2020-2023 
Deion Smith Deion Smith ... Kelce13 episodes, 2020-2023 
Elizabeth Mitchell Elizabeth Mitchell ... Limbrey9 episodes, 2021-2023 
Adina Porter Adina Porter...Sheriff Peterkin8 episodes, 2020-2021 
Andy McQueen Andy McQueen ... Carlos Singh8 episodes, 2023 
Lou Ferrigno Jr. Lou Ferrigno Jr. ... Ryan8 episodes, 2023 
Chelle Ramos Chelle Ramos ...Deputy Plumb8 episodes, 2020-2021 
Chris Gerard Chris Gerard ...Mr. Sunn7 episodes, 2020-2023 
Tonia Jackson Tonia Jackson ... Cara Heyward / ...7 episodes, 2020-2023 
Gary Weeks Gary Weeks ... Luke6 episodes, 2020-2021 
Rob Mars Rob Mars...Deputy Thomas6 episodes, 2020-2021 
Lilah Pate Lilah Pate ... Peeler6 episodes, 2020-2023 
Adam Vernier Adam Vernier ... Gavin6 episodes, 2020-2021 
Jesse C. Boyd Jesse C. Boyd ... Renfield5 episodes, 2021 
Mary Rachel Quinn Mary Rachel Quinn ... Dr. Thornton5 episodes, 2020-2023 
Fiona Palomo Fiona Palomo ... Sofia5 episodes, 2023-2024 
Nico Tirozzi Nico Tirozzi ... Young John B5 episodes, 2023 
CC Castillo CC Castillo ... Lana Grubbs4 episodes, 2020 
Brian Stapf Brian Stapf ... Cruz4 episodes, 2020 
Brad James Brad James..Agent Bratcher4 episodes, 2020-2021 
Terence Rosemore Terence Rosemore ... Captain Terrance4 episodes, 2020-2021 
Michael Otis Michael Otis ...Hugh Landry4 episodes, 2020-2021 
Jontavious Johnson Jontavious Johnson...Stubbs3 episodes, 2021 
Ezekiel Ajeigbe Ezekiel Ajeigbe ... Fenton3 episodes, 2023 
Ian Gregg Ian Gregg ... Ricky3 episodes, 2021-2023 
Jason Saucier Jason Saucier ... Guffy3 episodes, 2020-2021 
Emmanuel Kabongo Emmanuel Kabongo... Raj3 episodes, 2023 
Bing Fu Bing Fu ... Kook Dad3 episodes, 2020-2021 
Justin Matthew Smith Justin Matthew Smith ... Barracuda Mike3 episodes, 2023 
Brad Ashten Brad Ashten ... Ratter2 episodes, 2020 
Michael Aaron Milligan Michael Aaron Milligan ... Macias2 episodes, 2021-2023 
Kamran Shaikh Kamran Shaikh ...Eberhimi2 episodes, 2021-2023 
Andres Munar Andres Munar ... Travis2 episodes, 2021 
David Ury David Ury...Scooter Grubbs / ...2 episodes, 2020 
Candi Brooks Candi Brooks ... DCS Cheryl2 episodes, 2020 
Ted Huckabee Ted Huckabee ... Randall2 episodes, 2021 
Logan Siu Logan Siu ... Jorge2 episodes, 2020-2021 
Paul Teal Paul Teal ... Crewman2 episodes, 2021 
Onye Eme-Akwari Onye Eme-Akwari ... Trevor2 episodes, 2021 
Alexandra Archer Alexandra Archer...Scarlett2 episodes, 2023 
Robert Walker Branchaud Robert Walker Branchaud..Ned2 episodes, 2023 
Byron John Byron John ... Captain2 episodes, 2023 
David Jensen David Jensen ...Wes Genrette2 episodes, 2023-2024 
Donna Biscoe Donna Biscoe ... Beck1 episode, 2020 
Jayson Warner Smith Jayson Warner Smith ... Coroner Charlie1 episode, 2020 
Sharon E. Smith Sharon E. Smith ... Ms. Crain1 episode, 2020 
Marshall Bell Marshall Bell ... Doc Marsh1 episode, 2021 
Califf Guzman Califf Guzman ... Cane Worker1 episode, 2023 
Gwydion Lashlee-Walton Gwydion Lashlee-Walton..Valet1 episode, 2020 
Kelley Davis Kelley Davis ... Mom1 episode, 2020 
Charlotte Benesch Charlotte Benesch...Yvonne1 episode, 2021 
Kraig Dane Kraig Dane ... Jimmy Portis1 episode, 2023 
Rodney Gardiner Rodney Gardiner ... Arjun1 episode, 2023 
Bobby James Bobby James ... Guard1 episode, 2023.

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