Passengers - Love in Deep Space - Full movie.

Passengers, DIRECTED BY Morten Tyldum. Discover love in deep space with Passengers. A journey of romance, secrets, and the edge of the universe.


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Passengers - Synopsis:

Passengers is a science fiction romance film directed by Morten Tyldum and written by Jon Spaihts, released in 2016. The movie stars Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in lead roles, and is set aboard a spaceship transporting over 5,000 people in hibernation to a distant colony planet, Homestead II.

The film opens with the introduction of Jim Preston (Chris Pratt), an engineer who is among the passengers in hibernation. A malfunction in one of the sleeping pods causes Preston to wake up 90 years early. He discovers that he is the only one awake on the spaceship, and that he is still 90 years away from the planet they are supposed to be heading to.

The first act of the movie is an incredible exploration of the psychological effects of isolation and loneliness. The cinematography and set design are exceptional, immersing the viewer in the vastness of space and the emptiness of the ship. Chris Pratt delivers a powerful performance as Jim Preston, conveying the anguish of his predicament with emotional depth and nuance.

As Preston struggles to come to terms with his new reality, he begins to experience depression and isolation. He becomes increasingly desperate, attempting to fix the malfunctioning pod but ultimately realizing that he cannot do so without sacrificing his own life. This sequence is incredibly poignant, as we see Preston grappling with the weight of his isolation and the impossibility of his situation.

However, the tone of the film shifts with the introduction of Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence), another passenger who Preston becomes enamored with. After struggling with the ethical implications of waking up another passenger without their consent, Preston ultimately decides to wake Aurora up. He pretends that her pod also malfunctioned, and the two begin to fall in love on the spaceship.



Morten Tyldum


Greg Basser ... executive producer
Greg Baxter ... co-producer
Bruce Berman ... executive producer
Ben Browning ... executive producer
Stephen Hamel ... producer (produced by) (p.g.a.)
David B. Householter ...executive producer (as David Householter)
Michael Maher ... producer (produced by)
Ori Marmur ... producer (produced by)
Neal H. Moritz ... producer (produced by)
Jon Spaihts ... executive producer.


Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence ... Aurora Lane
Chris Pratt Chris Pratt ... Jim Preston
Michael Sheen Michael Sheen ... Arthur
Laurence Fishburne Laurence Fishburne ... Gus Mancuso
Andy Garcia Andy Garcia ... Captain Norris
Vince Foster Vince Foster ... Executive Officer
Kara Flowers Kara Flowers ... Communications Officer
Conor Brophy Conor Brophy ... Crew Member
Julee Cerda Julee Cerda ... Instructor (Hologram)
Aurora Perrineau Aurora Perrineau ... Best Friend
Lauren Farmer Lauren Farmer ... Party Friend
Emerald Mayne Emerald Mayne ... Party Friend
Kristin Brock Kristin Brock ... Party Friend
Tom Ferrari Tom Ferrari ... Party Friend
Quansae Rutledge Quansae Rutledge ... Party Friend
Desmond Reid Desmond Reid ... Party Friend
Emma Clarke Emma Clarke ... Voice of the Avalon (voice)
Chris Edgerly Chris Edgerly ... InfoMat / Deejay (voice)
Fred Melamed Fred Melamed ... Observatory Voice (voice)
Matt Corboy Matt Corboy ... Video Game (voice)
Zeus Mendoza Zeus Mendoza ... Hector, the Robot Waiter (as Jesus Mendoza)
Alpha Takahashi Alpha Takahashi ... Sushi Robot Waitress
Matthew Wolf Matthew Wolf ...French Restaurant Robot Waiter
Jean-Michel Richaud Jean-Michel Richaud ... French Restaurant Robot Waiter
Jon Spaihts Jon Spaihts ... Autodoc (voice)
Curtis Grecco Curtis Grecco ... Dancer
Joy Spears Joy Spears ... Dancer (as Joy Denver Spears)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Steph Allen--Steph Allen...Passenger in Commercial Promo (uncredited)
Kimberly Battista Kimberly Battista ... Jr Officer Fitzgerald (uncredited)
Nazanin Boniadi Nazanin Boniadi ... Wake-up Hologram (uncredited)
Marie Burke Marie Burke ... The Attendant (uncredited)
Lindsey Elizabeth Lindsey Elizabeth...Passenger (uncredited)
Ana Gray Ana Gray ... Coffee Girl (uncredited)
Kenneth Jones Kenneth Jones ... Passenger (uncredited)
Inder Kumar Inder Kumar ... Banker in Pod (uncredited)
Stephen M. LaBar Jr. Stephen M. LaBar Jr.... Passenger (uncredited)
Ashley Lambert Ashley Lambert ... Starship Orientation Leader (voice) (uncredited)
Robert Larriviere Robert Larriviere... TV Host (uncredited)
Andrew S. McMillan Andrew S. McMillan ... Hibernating Passenger (uncredited)
Shelby Taylor Mullins Shelby Taylor Mullins ... Passenger (uncredited)
Jeff Olsen Jeff Olsen ... Passenger (uncredited)
Kelli Pardo Kelli Pardo ... Passenger (uncredited)
Kayla Radomski Kayla Radomski ... Female Video Game Robot (uncredited)
Jamie Soricelli Jamie Soricelli ... Space Cruise Passenger (uncredited)
Ivana Vitomir Ivana Vitomir ... Passenger (uncredited).

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