Poker Face - A Thrilling Game - Full episodes.

Poker Face, DIRECTED BY Rian Johnson. Get ready for a high-stakes showdown in Poker Face. Will you bluff your way to victory or reveal your true hand? Play the game of deception and strategy directed by Rian Johnson.

Poker Face

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Poker Face - Synopsis:

Poker Face, directed by Rian Johnson, is a thrilling movie that follows the journey of Charlie, a woman with an extraordinary ability to determine when someone is lying. With her beloved Plymouth Barracuda, she hits the road, encountering a new cast of characters and strange crimes at every stop, which she can't help but investigate and solve. As a proficient SEO and high-end copywriter, we are here to provide you with a comprehensive synopsis of this exciting movie, while also ensuring that this article outranks other websites on search engines.

The movie follows Charlie, a young woman who possesses an incredible ability to detect when someone is lying. She uses her gift to uncover the truth and help people. After an encounter with a mysterious man, Charlie sets out on a road trip with her beloved Plymouth Barracuda to uncover the truth behind a strange crime that has taken place in a small town.

As Charlie travels across the country, she encounters a cast of intriguing characters, each with their secrets and motives. She uses her exceptional skills to uncover the truth and solve a series of crimes that she encounters along the way. Her journey takes her to dark and dangerous places, where she must confront her fears and fight for justice.

As the story progresses, we see Charlie's character develop, as she learns more about herself and the world around her. She faces difficult decisions and must choose between what is right and what is easy. Along the way, she forms unlikely alliances and builds lasting friendships, proving that justice can be found even in the darkest of places.

Poker Face is a thrilling movie that combines mystery, suspense, and action to create a unique and compelling storyline. With a cast of talented actors and stunning visuals, this movie will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Whether you are a fan of crime dramas or just looking for an exciting movie to watch, Poker Face is a must-see.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a thrilling movie that will keep you entertained from start to finish, then Poker Face directed by Rian Johnson is the perfect choice. With its engaging storyline, talented cast, and stunning visuals, this movie is a must-see for anyone who loves crime dramas and suspenseful movies.

Poker Face


Rian Johnson...(3 episodes, 2023)
Iain B. MacDonald...(2 episodes, 2023)
Janicza Bravo...(1 episode, 2023)
Tiffany Johnson...(1 episode, 2023)
Natasha Lyonne...(1 episode, 2023)
Lucky McKee...(1 episode, 2023)
Ben Sinclair...(1 episode, 2023).


Danielle Renfrew Behrens ... co-executive producer (10 episodes, 2023)
Ram Bergman ... executive producer (10 episodes, 2023)
Rian Johnson ... executive producer (10 episodes, 2023)
Natasha Lyonne ... executive producer (10 episodes, 2023)
Iain B. MacDonald ...executive producer (10 episodes, 2023)
Nena Rodrigue ... executive producer (10 episodes, 2023)
Maya Rudolph ... co-executive producer (10 episodes, 2023)
Nora Zuckerman ... executive producer / executive producer (10 episodes, 2023)
Christine Boylan producer (8 episodes, 2023)
Chris Downey ... co-executive producer (8 episodes, 2023)
Joe Lawson ... co-executive producer (8 episodes, 2023)
Lilla Zuckerman ... executive producer / executive producer (6 episodes, 2023).


Natasha Lyonne Natasha Lyonne ...Charlie Cale10 episodes, 2023 
Benjamin Bratt Benjamin Bratt ...Cliff Legrand5 episodes, 2023 
Simon Helberg Simon Helberg ... Luca2 episodes, 2023 
Pedro Hollywood Pedro Hollywood ... Mike / ...2 episodes, 2023 
Adrien Brody Adrien Brody...Sterling Frost, Jr.1 episode, 2023 
Hong Chau Hong Chau ... Marge1 episode, 2023 
Ellen Barkin Ellen Barkin ...Kathleen Townsend1 episode, 2023 
Joseph Gordon-LevittJoseph Gordon-Levitt..Trey Mendez1 episode,2023 
Ron Perlman Ron Perlman...Sterling Frost, Sr.1 episode, 2023 
Chloë Sevigny Chloë Sevigny ... Ruby Ruin1 episode, 2023 
Tim Blake Nelson Tim Blake Nelson..Kyle Owens1 episode, 2023 
Nick Nolte Nick Nolte ... Arthur Liptin1 episode, 2023 
Judith Light Judith Light ...Irene Smothers1 episode, 2023 
Lil Rel Howery Lil Rel Howery ... Taffy Boyle1 episode, 2023 
Cherry Jones Cherry Jones ... Laura1 episode, 2023 
Danielle Macdonald --Danielle Macdonald..Mandy Boyle1 episode, 2023 
Tim Meadows Tim Meadows ... Michael Graves1 episode, 2023 
Dascha Polanco Dascha Polanco ... Natalie Hill1 episode, 2023 
Charles Melton Charles Melton ... Davis McDowell1 episode, 2023 
Nicholas Cirillo Nicholas Cirillo... Gavin1 episode, 2023 
S. Epatha Merkerson S. Epatha Merkerson ... Joyce Harris1 episode, 2023 
Megan Suri Megan Suri ... Sara1 episode, 2023 
David Castañeda David Castañeda ... Jimmy1 episode, 2023 
Stephanie Hsu Stephanie Hsu ... Morty1 episode, 2023 
Clea DuVall Clea DuVall ... Emily Cale1 episode, 2023 
Luis Guzmán Luis Guzmán ... Raoul1 episode, 2023 
Colton Ryan Colton Ryan ... Jed1 episode, 2023 
K Callan K Callan ... Betty1 episode, 2023 
Audrey Corsa Audrey Corsa ... Rebecca1 episode, 2023 
Leslie Silva Leslie Silva ... Donna Owens1 episode, 2023 
Shane Paul McGhie---Shane Paul McGhie...Austin / ...1 episode, 2023 
Chuck Cooper Chuck Cooper ... Deuteronomy1 episode, 2023 
Jameela Jamil Jameela Jamil ... Ava1 episode, 2023 
John Ratzenberger John Ratzenberger... Abe1 episode, 2023 
Rowan Blanchard Rowan Blanchard ... Lily1 episode, 2023 
Reed Birney Reed Birney ... Ben1 episode, 2023 
Noah Segan Noah Segan ...Sheriff Parker1 episode, 2023 
John Darnielle John Darnielle ... Al1 episode, 2023 
Angel Desai Angel Desai ... Jean McDowell1 episode, 2023 
Larry Brown Larry Brown ... George Boyle1 episode, 2023 
Rhea Perlman Rhea Perlman ... Beatrix Hasp1 episode, 2023 
Tim Russ Tim Russ ... Max1 episode, 2023 
Brandon Micheal Hall Brandon Micheal Hall..Damian1 episode, 2023 
Niall Cunningham Niall Cunningham... Harry1 episode, 2023 
Michael Reagan Michael Reagan ... Jerry Hill1 episode, 2023 
Jasmine Aiyana Garvin Jasmine Aiyana Garvin ... Katy Owens1 episode, 2023 
Marcus Brandon Marcus Brandon ...Sheriff Macdonald1 episode, 2023 
Hallie Ruth Jacobs Hallie Ruth Jacobs ... Young Charlie1 episode, 2023 
Jack Alcott Jack Alcott ... Randy1 episode, 2023 
Chris Cortez Chris Cortez ... Luke1 episode, 2023 
G.K. Umeh G.K. Umeh ... Eskie1 episode, 2023 
Kerry Frances Kerry Frances ... Michelle1 episode, 2023 
Chris McKinney Chris McKinney ... Phil1 episode, 2023 
Darius Fraser Darius Fraser ... Billy1 episode, 2023 
Dylan Frederick Dylan Frederick ... Beto1 episode, 2023 
Willa Dunn Willa Dunn ... Shasta1 episode, 2023 
Jakob Von Eichel--Jakob Von Eichel...Young Arthur1 episode, 2023 
John Hodgman John Hodgman ... Dockers / ...1 episode, 2023 
Chelsea Frei Chelsea Frei ... Dana1 episode, 2023 
James Yaegashi James Yaegashi ...Officer Buckley1 episode, 2023 
Adam Enright Adam Enright ... Jeremy1 episode, 2023 
Steven Randazzo Steven Randazzo ... Gino the Bull1 episode, 2023 
Jeremy Lawrence Jeremy Lawrence ... John-O1 episode, 2023 
Gary Lee Mahmoud Gary Lee Mahmoud... Greg1 episode, 2023 
Donna Winfield Donna Winfield ... Janelle1 episode, 2023 
Will T. Travis Will T. Travis ... Young Max1 episode, 2023 
Ben Beckley Ben Beckley ... Attorney1 episode, 2023 
Trina LaFargue Trina LaFargue ... Young Joyce1 episode, 2023 
Emily Yoshida Emily Yoshida ... Elsie / ...1 episode, 2023 
Maura Day Maura Day ... Young Laura1 episode, 2023 
Dan Chariton Dan Chariton ... Stan1 episode, 2023 
Dwelvan David Dwelvan David ... Edwin1 episode, 2023 
Tom Ukah Tom Ukah ... Louis1 episode, 2023 
John Edward Miller John Edward Miller...Buzz1 episode, 2023 
Jaswant Dev Shrestha Jaswant Dev Shrestha...Arvind1 episode, 2023 
Nick Berninger Nick Berninger ... Jamie1 episode, 2023 
Ethan Rodriguez Ethan Rodriguez ... Curt1 episode, 2023 
Jana Bernard Jana Bernard ... Young Irene1 episode, 2023 
Lincoln A. Castellanos Lincoln A. Castellanos ... Day Shift Guy1 episode, 2023 
Brad Calcaterra Brad Calcaterra ... Chef1 episode, 2023 
Stephen C. Bradbury-Stephen C. Bradbury..Old Timer1 episode, 2023 
Daniel Ray Rodriguez Daniel Ray Rodriguez...Victor1 episode, 2023 
Dagmar Midcap Dagmar Midcap ... Weather Anchor1 episode, 2023 
Thursday Farrar Thursday Farrar ... Ginger1 episode, 2023 
BJ Andrews BJ Andrews ... Scotty1 episode, 2023 
Jon Okabayashi Jon Okabayashi ... BBQ Man1 episode, 2023 
Christopher Hagen Christopher Hagen ... Weirdo Trucker1 episode, 2023 
William Hill William Hill ... Sheriff Ed1 episode, 2023 
Eddie Gorodetsky Eddie Gorodetsky ... Kazimir Caine1 episode, 2023 
Brett Bartholomew Brett Bartholomew...Krampus1 episode, 2023 
Brian Faherty Brian Faherty ...Short Order Cook1 episode, 2023 
Harry Thornton Harry Thornton ... Hot Gabriel1 episode, 2023 
Brian Soutner Brian Soutner ... Teenage Clerk1 episode, 2023 
Richard Bird Richard Bird ... Barber #11 episode, 2023 
Sheena Samanipour Sheena Samanipour ... Denver News Anchor1 episode, 2023 
Maxwell Owens Maxwell Owens ... Dustin1 episode, 2023 
Bryan Burton Bryan Burton ... Chip1 episode, 2023 
Chloë Caro Chloë Caro ... Office Worker1 episode, 2023 
Reid Richards Reid Richards ... Jeff1 episode, 2023 
Nancy Lemenager Nancy Lemenager ...Doctor Woolson1 episode, 2023 
Chris Northrop Chris Northrop ... Toto1 episode, 2023 
Paul Blott Paul Blott...Scratch Off Trucker1 episode, 2023 
Noah Crandell Noah Crandell ... Assistant1 episode, 2023 
Andre De Leon Andre De Leon ... Barber #21 episode, 2023 
Lawrence Floyd Lawrence Floyd ... Ben1 episode, 2023 
Althea Starr Althea Starr ... Rich Wife1 episode, 2023 
Alexi Wasser Alexi Wasser ... Staggeringly Drunk Woman1 episode, 2023 
Eric J. Black Eric J. Black ...Casino Manager1 episode, 2023 
Rony Clanton Rony Clanton ... Patron1 episode, 2023 
Teren Carter Teren Carter ... Zane1 episode, 2023 
Ali Nasser Ali Nasser ...Sports Reporter #11 episode, 2023 
Maya Murphy Maya Murphy ... Barber #31 episode, 2023 
Darryl Deloach Darryl Deloach ...Soul Patch Trucker1 episode, 2023 
Tonya Canady Tonya Canady ... Luce1 episode, 2023 
Ben Sinclair Ben Sinclair ... Boss1 episode, 2023 
Sprague Theobald Sprague Theobald...Pervy Pete1 episode, 2023 
Eric R. Williams Eric R. Williams.. Nick1 episode, 2023 
Carmine Famiglietti Carmine Famiglietti ... Franco1 episode, 2023 
Tim Miller Tim Miller ...Haircut Client #11 episode, 2023 
Tisola Logan Tisola Logan ...Sports Reporter #21 episode, 2023 
Gwen Goldsmith Gwen Goldsmith ...Mullet Trucker1 episode, 2023 
Ashley Austin Morris Ashley Austin Morris...Debbie1 episode, 2023 
Bennie Taylor Bennie Taylor ... Bald Trucker1 episode, 2023 
James Cribbins James Cribbins ... Real Gabriel1 episode, 2023 
Roger Hendricks Simon Roger Hendricks Simon ... Bernie1 episode, 2023 
Adam Gagan Adam Gagan ... Manuel1 episode, 2023 
Joshua R. Pangborn Joshua R. Pangborn ... Haircut Client #21 episode, 2023 
Alexander Manuel Alexander Manuel ... Local TV Reporter1 episode, 2023 
Carol Jefferson Carol Jefferson ... News Anchor1 episode, 2023 
Erik McKay Erik McKay ... Foreman1 episode, 2023 
Alfonso Faustino Alfonso Faustino ... Haircut Client #31 episode, 2023 
Desi Stein Desi Stein ...Earring Trucker1 episode, 2023 
Sharita M. Hunt Sharita M. Hunt ... Fletcher #11 episode, 2023 
Robert Ariza Robert Ariza ... Ben Franklin1 episode, 2023 
Carter-J Thomas Carter-J Thomas ... Kid Running by1 episode, 2023 
Ari Barkan Ari Barkan ... Drunk Guy1 episode, 2023 
Jeanette Aguilar Harris Jeanette Aguilar Harris ... Early Retirement Trucker1 episode, 2023 
Roberto De Felice-Roberto De Felice...Boss Barber1 episode, 2023 
Sarah Marie Jenkins Sarah Marie Jenkins ... Deborah Franklin1 episode, 2023 
Carol Schultz Carol Schultz ... Fletcher #21 episode, 2023 
Jeffrey T. Bernstein Jeffrey T. Bernstein ... Valet Captain1 episode, 2023 
Ted Griffin Ted Griffin ...Dale McClintock1 episode, 2023 
Brian Anthony Wilson Brian Anthony Wilson...Dennis1 episode, 2023 
Tim D. Janis Tim D. Janis ...Judgmental Trucker1 episode, 2023 
Jean Kauffman Jean Kauffman ... Fletcher #31 episode, 2023 
Roosevelt Davis Roosevelt Davis ... Mover1 episode, 2023 
Cameron Hah Cameron Hah ... Female Chorus1 episode, 2023 
Sean Lennon Sean Lennon ... Guest #11 episode, 2023 
Laura Linda Bradley Laura Linda Bradley ... Diner Waitress1 episode, 2023 
Vic Browder Vic Browder ...Grouchy Trucker1 episode, 2023 
Mahadeo Shivraj Mahadeo Shivraj ... Resident #11 episode, 2023 
Julian Alvarez Julian Alvarez ... Male Chorus1 episode, 2023 
Aeon Andreas Aeon Andreas ... Krampus Fan1 episode, 2023 
Charlotte Kemp Muhl..Charlotte Kemp Muhl...Guest #21 episode, 2023 
Zach Rose Zach Rose ...Camo Hat Trucker1 episode, 2023 
Mo Stark Mo Stark ... Cameron1 episode, 2023 
Ally Condrath Ally Condrath ... Trainer1 episode, 2023 
Becky Chong Becky Chong ... Jen1 episode, 2023 
Ron Scott Ron Scott ... Chaplain1 episode, 2023 
Lily Yin Lily Yin ... LAM Employee #11 episode, 2023 
Sale Taylor Sale Taylor ...Mustache Trucker1 episode, 2023 
Haaron Hines Haaron Hines ...Security Guard1 episode, 2023 
Roy Ward Roy Ward ...Redhead Trucker1 episode, 2023 
Tanji Liam Tanji Liam ... Metal Fan1 episode, 2023 
Carl Bryant Carl Bryant ...Security Guard #11 episode, 2023 
Tank Jones Tank Jones ...Polo Shirt Trucker1 episode, 2023 
David Chen David Chen ... Rock Lawyer1 episode, 2023 
Mercedes Flores Mercedes Flores ...Security Guard #21 episode, 2023 
Neal Mayer Neal Mayer ...Corporate Lawyer1 episode, 2023 
Richard Anthony Greywolf Richard Anthony Greywolf ... Portly Trucker1 episode, 2023 
Togba Norris Togba Norris ... Onlooker1 episode, 2023 
Michio Hay Michio Hay ... Kid #11 episode, 2023 
Julian Shapiro Julian Shapiro ... Kid #21 episode, 2023 
Chris Anthony Hernandez Chris Anthony Hernandez..Jorge1 episode, 2023 
Juanes Montoya Juanes Montoya ... Day Laborer #21 episode, 2023 
Jennifer Markes Jennifer Markes ...Atlantic City Detective1 episode, 2023 
Bryan Riley-VelezBryan Riley-Velez...BBQ Patron /.1 episode, 2023 
Eric Guideng Eric Guideng ...Deputy Sheriff1 episode, 2023.

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