Red Notice - The Chase for the World's Most Wanted - Full movie.

Red Notice, DIRECTED BY Rawson Marshall Thurber. Join the chase for the world's most wanted in Red Notice. Interpol, heists, and the pursuit of justice.

Red Notice

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Red Notice - Synopsis:

Red Notice is a Netflix Original action-comedy film directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, which was released in November 2021. The film stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot in the lead roles. The movie revolves around an Interpol agent's pursuit of the world's most wanted art thief, with the help of a rival thief. As the plot unfolds, we are taken on a wild ride full of twists, turns, and double-crosses.

The story starts with the introduction of John Hartley (Dwayne Johnson), an Interpol agent, who is in pursuit of the world's most wanted art thief, the Bishop. The Bishop is notorious for stealing valuable artifacts and art pieces from museums and private collections all over the world. Hartley has been chasing the Bishop for years and is determined to bring him to justice.

During his pursuit, Hartley crosses paths with Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds), a notorious thief and con artist. Booth is also after the Bishop, but for his own reasons. The two join forces and set out on a mission to capture the Bishop, with the promise of a reduced prison sentence for Booth.

As they track down the Bishop, the duo discovers that things are not as straightforward as they seem. They find themselves caught in a web of lies, double-crosses, and unexpected alliances. They encounter a Russian oligarch named Roman Sionis (Gal Gadot), who also has an interest in the Bishop and the valuable art pieces he has stolen.

The trio embarks on an adventure that takes them to various locations around the world, including Italy, Russia, and Egypt. They face several challenges, including high-speed chases, shootouts, and close encounters with deadly animals. Along the way, they learn to trust each other, despite their initial skepticism and differences.

The film's climax takes place in a high-security prison in Siberia, where the Bishop is being held. The trio must navigate their way through the prison's labyrinthine corridors and heavily guarded cells to reach the Bishop and retrieve the stolen art pieces. They face several obstacles and enemies along the way, but eventually, they manage to outsmart their adversaries and complete their mission.

In conclusion, Red Notice is an action-packed, fast-paced film that offers a thrilling ride for viewers. With its star-studded cast, impressive locations, and well-executed action scenes, the film is an entertaining watch for anyone who enjoys a good action-comedy. The plot is engaging, and the characters are well-developed, with each actor bringing their unique style and charisma to the screen.

Red Notice


Rawson Marshall Thurber


Blondel Aidoo ... co-producer (as Blondell Aidoo)
Beau Flynn ... producer (produced by) (p.g.a)
Dany Garcia ... producer
Hiram Garcia ... producer (produced by) (p.g.a)
David B. Householter ... executive producer
Dwayne Johnson ... producer (produced by) (p.g.a)
Marco Valerio Pugini ... line producer: Italy
Mika Saito ... co-producer
Scott Sheldon ... executive producer
Rawson Marshall Thurber ... producer (produced by) (p.g.a)
John Wildermuth ... co-producer.


Dwayne Johnson Dwayne Johnson ... John Hartley
Ryan Reynolds Ryan Reynolds ... Nolan Booth
Gal Gadot Gal Gadot ... The Bishop
Ritu Arya Ritu Arya ... Inspector Urvashi Das
Chris Diamantopoulos Chris Diamantopoulos ... Sotto Voce
Ivan Mbakop Ivan Mbakop ... Tambwe
Vincenzo Amato Vincenzo Amato ... Director Gallo
Rafael Petardi Rafael Petardi ... Security Chief Ricci
Seth Michaels Seth Michaels ... Souvenir Stand Owner
Sebastien Large Sebastien Large ... Gelato Truck Driver
Guy Nardulli Guy Nardulli ... Museum Reporter / Italian VIP
Andrew Hunter Andrew Hunter ... Moped Tourist
George Tsai George Tsai ... Bali Van Driver
Rawson Marshall Thurber Rawson Marshall Thurber ... Exhausted Film Director in Bar
Robert Mata Robert Mata ... Handsome Bartender
Anthony Belevtsov Anthony Belevtsov... Prison Guard Sergeant
Daniel Bernhardt Daniel Bernhardt ... Drago Grande
Yosef Podolski Yosef Podolski ... Lead Guard
Martin Harris Martin Harris ... Tower Guard (as Martin William Harris)
Alexander Perkins Alexander Perkins... Intelligence Analyst
Joseph A. Garcia- Joseph A. Garcia...Old Tech (as Joseph Garcia)
Nathan Theis Nathan Theis ... Young Tech
Gonzalo Escudero Gonzalo Escudero ... Head Waiter
Jay Romero Jay Romero ... Sotto Voce Display Room Guard
Ethan Herschenfeld Ethan Herschenfeld ... Abanoub Magdy
Brenna Marie Narayan Brenna Marie Narayan ... Cleopatra
Tom Choi Tom Choi ... Mongolian Captain
Nick Arapoglou Nick Arapoglou ... Officer on Yacht
Robert Clotworthy--Robert Clotworthy... Opening Narrator (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Angel Nair Angel Nair ... Egyptian Wedding Guest
Ivette Alvarez Ivette Alvarez ... French Interpol (uncredited)
James William Ballard James William Ballard ... Russian Prisoner (uncredited)
Shane Berengue Shane Berengue ... Russian Prisoner (uncredited)
Bobby Blish Bobby Blish...Egyptian Wedding Billionaire (uncredited)
Andzelika Bobrova Andzelika Bobrova ... Museum Spectator (uncredited)
Levi Bowling Levi Bowling ... Russian Guard (uncredited)
John David Bulla John David Bulla ... Wedding Drummer (uncredited)
Jameson Burnett Jameson Burnett ... Bali SWAT (uncredited)
Matthew Byrge Matthew Byrge ... Ray (uncredited)
Max Calder Max Calder ... Guard (uncredited)
Zach Catanzareti Zach Catanzareti ... Russian Prisoner (uncredited)
Christopher Cocke Christopher Cocke...Prison Guard (uncredited)
Nathan W. Collins Nathan W. Collins ... Russian Prison Guard (uncredited)
Evan A. Dunn Evan A. Dunn ... Russian Prisoner (uncredited)
Dwayne 'Showtim3' Dyke Jr. Dwayne 'Showtim3' Dyke Jr. ... Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Hugh Entrekin Hugh Entrekin ... Server / Vendor (uncredited)
Erwin Felicilda Erwin Felicilda ... Bullfight Fan (uncredited)
Noah Bain Garret Noah Bain Garret...Jeep Gunner (uncredited)
John Gettier John Gettier ... Russian Prisoner (uncredited)
Sarah Gold Sarah Gold ... Ballroom Dancer (uncredited)
Jay Gutierrez Jay Gutierrez ... Sotto Voce Display Room Guard (uncredited)
Stephanie Hill Stephanie Hill ... Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Alice Hong Alice Hong ...Sotto Voce Violinist (uncredited)
Russel Hulsey Russel Hulsey ... Russian Prisoner (uncredited)
Shah Hussain Shah Hussain ... SWAT Team (uncredited)
Frederick Ingram Frederick Ingram ... Guitarist, Sotto Voce Band (uncredited)
Daryl Keith Johnson Daryl Keith Johnson ... Palanquin Bearer (uncredited)
Jeramie Julian Jeramie Julian ... Russian Prisoner (uncredited)
Melissa Kennemore Melissa Kennemore ... Bali SWAT Team (uncredited)
Jamil Khan Jamil Khan ... Guard (uncredited)
Elbert Kim Elbert Kim...Italy Vatican Museum Patron (uncredited)
Travis L. King Jr. Travis L. King Jr. ... Drummer (Masquerade Ball Scene) (uncredited)
Sage Lawrence Sage Lawrence ...Russian Prison Guard (uncredited)
Zak Lee Zak Lee ... Renovator (uncredited)
C.J. Maxwell C.J. Maxwell ... Palanquin Bearer (uncredited)
Bradford Norris Bradford Norris ... Henchman (uncredited)
Brandon Parker Brandon Parker ... Russian Prisoner (uncredited)
Scott Rapp Scott Rapp ... Russian Prisoner (uncredited)
Benton Reid Benton Reid ...Egyptian Trumpeter (uncredited)
Nolan Farrell Rice Nolan Farrell Rice ... Russian Prisoner (uncredited)
Kailie Sanders Kailie Sanders ... Dancer (uncredited)
Keily Sandoval Keily Sandoval...Egyptian Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Kevin Scarlett Kevin Scarlett ... Palanquin Bearer (uncredited)
Madison Setzer Madison Setzer ...Egyptian Bridesmaid (uncredited)
Ed Sheeran Ed Sheeran ... Ed Sheeran (uncredited)
Ray Siegle Ray Siegle ...Argentine Policeman (uncredited)
D.J. Stavropoulos D.J. Stavropoulos..Museum Patron (uncredited)
Ulrike Stewart Ulrike Stewart ... SWAT (uncredited)
John Strong John Strong ...Featured background (uncredited)
Art Sunday Art Sunday ... Russian Prisoner (uncredited)
Robert Tinsley Robert Tinsley ... Russian Prisoner (uncredited)
Ronald Joe Vasquez--Ronald Joe Vasquez...Bullfight Fan (uncredited)
Charlemagne Vida Charlemagne Vida...Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Victoria Paige Watkins Victoria Paige Watkins ...Child (uncredited)
MWW Michael Wilkerson MWW Michael Wilkerson ... Big Russian Prisoner (uncredited).

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