Safe - A High-Stakes Rescue Mission - Full movie.

Safe, DIRECTED BY Boaz Yakin. Embark on a high-stakes rescue mission in Safe. Secret codes, dangerous secrets, and a fight against time.


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Safe - Synopsis:

Safe, directed by Boaz Yakin, is an action-packed thriller that follows the story of a young girl named Mei, whose extraordinary memory holds a priceless numerical code. The movie showcases how Mei finds herself being chased by various groups including the Triads, the Russian mob, and corrupt NYC cops, as everyone is after the code that Mei holds.

The movie is set in New York City, where Mei (played by Catherine Chan), a 10-year-old Chinese girl, is abducted by the Triads, a Chinese organized crime syndicate. The Triads want Mei to memorize a secret code, which will give them access to a large sum of money that they have been keeping in a safe deposit box. Mei manages to escape from the Triads' clutches and finds herself on the streets of New York City.

Meanwhile, we are introduced to Luke Wright (played by Jason Statham), an ex-cage fighter whose life has been destroyed by the Russian mob. He was forced to take a dive during a fight, which resulted in the death of his pregnant wife. Luke has now become a homeless drifter, and his only goal is to seek revenge against those who ruined his life.

Luke comes across Mei, who is being chased by the Triads, and decides to help her. He learns about the code that Mei holds and understands that it could help him get his life back on track. Luke takes it upon himself to protect Mei from the various groups that are after her, including the corrupt NYC cops who are in cahoots with the Triads.

The rest of the movie showcases how Luke and Mei fight off the Triads, the Russian mob, and the corrupt cops, as they try to stay alive and protect the code that Mei holds. The movie is filled with action-packed fight scenes and intense car chases that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

In the end, Mei manages to memorize the code and Luke uses it to his advantage, taking down the Russian mob and the corrupt cops. Mei and Luke part ways, and the movie ends with Luke finally finding redemption for the death of his wife.

Overall, Safe is an intense action thriller that will keep you entertained from start to finish. The movie is well-directed by Boaz Yakin and features strong performances by Jason Statham and Catherine Chan.



Boaz Yakin


Lawrence Bender...producer
Dana Brunetti...producer
Stuart Ford...executive producer
Brian Kavanaugh-Jones...executive producer
Deepak Nayar...executive producer
Kevin Spacey...executive producer
John R. Woodward...associate producer


Jason Statham Jason Statham ... Luke Wright
Catherine Chan Catherine Chan ... Mei
Robert John Burke Robert John Burke ... Captain Wolf
James Hong James Hong ... Han Jiao
Anson Mount Anson Mount ... Alex Rosen
Chris Sarandon Chris Sarandon ... Mayor Tremello
Sándor Técsy Sándor Técsy ... Emile Docheski
Joseph Sikora Joseph Sikora ... Vassily Docheski
Igor Zhizhikin Igor Zhizhikin ... Chemyakin
Reggie Lee Reggie Lee ... Quan Chang
James Colby James Colby ... Detective Mears
Matt O'Toole Matt O'Toole ... Detective Lasky
Jack Gwaltney Jack Gwaltney ... Detective Reddick
Barry Bradford Barry Bradford ... Detective Benoit
Jay Giannone Jay Giannone ... Detective Kolfax
James Tolbert III James Tolbert III ... Crazy Guy
Danni DanDan Gadigan Danni DanDan Gadigan ... Ling (as Danni Lang)
Julian Marzal Julian Marzal ... Lieutenant Teague
Scott Nicholson Scott Nicholson ... Sergeant Mackelvane
Kathy Anne Zhang Kathy Anne Zhang ... Kake (as Kathy Ann Zhang)
Byron Zheng Byron Zheng ... Feng
Lyman Chen Lyman Chen ... Principal
Howie Brown Howie Brown ... Mayor's Aide
Nicolas Salgado Nicolas Salgado ...Teenager (as Nicolas Marti Salgado)
Danny Hoch Danny Hoch ... Julius Barkow
Suzanne Savoy Suzanne Savoy ... Furious Woman
Dan McCabe Dan McCabe ... Young Homeless Man
John Wooten John Wooten ... Shelter Security 1
Brian Anthony Wilson Brian Anthony Wilson ...Shelter Security 2
Victor Pagan Victor Pagan ... Wild-Eyed Man
Henry Kwan Henry Kwan ... Korean Grocer
Marvina Vinique Marvina Vinique ... Sales Girl
Jennifer Skyler Jennifer Skyler ... Hotel Receptionist
Kate Rogal Kate Rogal ... Hooker
Tony Cheng Tony Cheng ... Disco Triad
Dmitriy Kojevnikov Dmitriy Kojevnikov ...Mamoschka's Chef
Oksana Lada Oksana Lada ... Mamoschka's Hostess
Al Kao Al Kao ... Asian Patrolman
John Cenatiempo John Cenatiempo ... Russian Gangster
Dan Shea Dan Shea ... Police Tech
George B. Colucci Jr. George B. Colucci Jr. ... Middle-Aged Man (as George Colucci)
Matt Dellapina Matt Dellapina ... Uniformed Cop
Stephen Oyoung Stephen Oyoung ... Triad Laptop Soldier
Tim Carr Tim Carr ... Young Aide
Daoud Heidami Daoud Heidami ... Taxi Driver
Ben Sinclair Ben Sinclair ... Angry Man
Oleg Ivanov Oleg Ivanov ... Russian Mobster
Zun Lin Zun Lin ... Triad with Duffel
Alexander Kogan Alexander Kogan ... Russian Singer
Laurence Covington Laurence Covington ... Irate Homeless Man
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Tex Allen Tex Allen ... Casino Manager (uncredited)
Hank Amos Hank Amos ... Police Officer at Casino Crime Scene (uncredited)
Erica Lynne Arden Erica Lynne Arden...Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Gary Beck Gary Beck ...Press Photographer (uncredited)
Robert Bizik Robert Bizik ... Hostage (uncredited)
Ian Bonner Ian Bonner ... Mamoschka Chef (uncredited)
Chris Clemens Chris Clemens...Mayor's Security Agent (uncredited)
David Collihan David Collihan ... Homeless Man (uncredited)
Tim Connolly Tim Connolly ... Piotor Ivanovov (uncredited)
Lawrence Degala Lawrence Degala ... Nightclub Patron (uncredited)
Tom Delconte Tom Delconte ... Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Cindy Engle Cindy Engle ... Hostage (uncredited)
Shawn Gonzalez Shawn Gonzalez ... Busboy (uncredited)
Danielle Hollenberg Danielle Hollenberg...Angry Sister (uncredited)
John Jillard Sr. John Jillard Sr. ... ESU Police Officer (uncredited)
Ann-Marie Jordan Ann-Marie Jordan... Hostage (uncredited)
Adam Zebediah Joseph Adam Zebediah Joseph... Busboy (uncredited)
Shing Ka Shing Ka ... Triad Guard (uncredited)
William James Kelly William James Kelly... Hostage (uncredited)
Basil Kershner Basil Kershner ...Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Michael William Kondyra Michael William Kondyra ... Russian Mobster (uncredited)
Michael J. Kraycik Michael J. Kraycik...Russian Cook (uncredited)
Nicole Lee Nicole Lee ... Pedestrian (uncredited)
Jian Leonardo Jian Leonardo ... Triad Guard #1 (uncredited)
James Lew James Lew...Underground Casino Guard (uncredited)
Pila Manivong Pila Manivong ...Underground Casino Employee (uncredited)
Matt Nicholas Matt Nicholas ...Tactical Policeman (uncredited)
Lin Oeding Lin Oeding ...Quan Chang henchman (uncredited)
Brian James Pepe Brian James Pepe...Russian Mafia (uncredited)
J.J. Perry J.J. Perry ... Russian Mobster (uncredited)
Chuck Pressler Chuck Pressler ... Police Officer (uncredited)
Joseph Queroli Joseph Queroli ...Brother at Hospital (uncredited)
Simon Rhee Simon Rhee...Underground Casino Guard (uncredited)
Chuck Schanamann Chuck Schanamann...Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Will Souders Will Souders ... NYC Pedestrian (uncredited)
Aleksandra Svetlichnaya Aleksandra Svetlichnaya ... Fight Observer (uncredited)
Philip Tan Philip Tan...Underground Casino Patron (uncredited)
Don Thai Theerathada Don Thai Theerathada ... Henchman in hotel (uncredited)
Rennel Turner Rennel Turner ...Shelter Counselor (uncredited)
Gabriel Valentino Gabriel Valentino...Detective (uncredited)
Jon Valera Jon Valera ...Henchman in Hotel (uncredited)
Kelvin Whui Kelvin Whui ... Triad Gang (uncredited)
Marcus Young Marcus Young ...Henchman in Hotel (uncredited).

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