Snow White and the Huntsman - A Dark Fairy Tale - Full movie.

Snow White and the Huntsman, DIRECTED BY Rupert Sanders. Enter a dark fairy tale with Snow White and the Huntsman. Magic, betrayal, and the battle for a kingdom. 

Snow White and the Huntsman

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Snow White and the Huntsman - Synopsis:

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Snow White and the Huntsman


Rupert Sanders


Laurie Boccaccio...associate producer
Gloria S. Borders...executive producer (as Gloria Borders)
Helen Hayden...producer: Ireland surf unit
Sam Mercer...producer
Palak Patel...executive producer
Joe Roth...producer.


Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart ... Snow White
Chris Hemsworth Chris Hemsworth ... The Huntsman
Charlize Theron Charlize Theron ... Ravenna
Sam Claflin Sam Claflin ... William
Sam Spruell Sam Spruell ... Finn
Ian McShane Ian McShane ... Beith
Bob Hoskins Bob Hoskins ... Muir
Ray Winstone Ray Winstone ... Gort
Nick Frost Nick Frost ... Nion
Eddie Marsan Eddie Marsan ... Duir
Toby Jones Toby Jones ... Coll
Johnny Harris Johnny Harris ... Quert
Brian Gleeson Brian Gleeson ... Gus
Vincent Regan Vincent Regan ... Duke Hammond
Liberty Ross Liberty Ross ... Snow White's Mother
Noah Huntley Noah Huntley ... King Magnus
Chris Obi Chris Obi ... Mirror Man
Lily Cole Lily Cole ... Greta
Rachael Stirling Rachael Stirling ... Anna
Hattie Gotobed Hattie Gotobed ... Lily
Raffey Cassidy Raffey Cassidy ... Young Snow White
Xavier Atkins Xavier Atkins ... Young William
Anastasia Hille Anastasia Hille ... Ravenna's Mother
Izzy Meikle-Small Izzy Meikle-Small ... Young Ravenna
Elliot Reeve Elliot Reeve ... Young Finn
Mark Wingett Mark Wingett ... Thomas
Jamie Blackley Jamie Blackley ... Iain
Dave Legeno Dave Legeno ... Broch
Matt Berry Matt Berry ... Percy
Greg Hicks Greg Hicks ... Black Knight General
Peter Ferdinando Peter Ferdinando ... Black Knight
Andrew Hawley Andrew Hawley ... Guard on Duty
Joey Ansah Joey Ansah ... Aldan
Gregor Truter Gregor Truter ... Duke's Commander
Tom Mullion Tom Mullion ... Soldier
Julian Seager Julian Seager ... Woodsman (uncredited)
Paul Warren Paul Warren... Emaciated Peasant (uncredited)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Edd Osmond Edd Osmond ... Gort Dwarf Double
Charlie Akin Charlie Akin ... Archer (uncredited)
Karen Anderson Karen Anderson ...Muir Dwarf Double (uncredited)
Oliver Andrews-Waller Oliver Andrews-Waller ... Choir Boy / Emaciated Child (uncredited)
Lasco Atkins Lasco Atkins ... Palace Worker (uncredited)
Lee Bennett Lee Bennett ...Dark Army Warrior (uncredited)
Jason Bostridge Jason Bostridge ...Duke's Army Soldier (uncredited)
Kenneth W Caravan Kenneth W Caravan... Nobelman (uncredited)
Duncan Casey Duncan Casey ... Ravenna Guard (uncredited)
Lucy Chappell Lucy Chappell ... Prisoner Girl (uncredited)
James Cook James Cook...Choir Monk / Dark Army (uncredited)
James Currie James Currie...Ravenna's Personal Guard (uncredited)
Luke Davies Luke Davies ... Ravenna's Archer (uncredited)
Guinevere Edwards Guinevere Edwards... Extra (uncredited)
Bryony Francis Bryony Francis ... Gypsy Villager (uncredited)
Jake Francis Jake Francis ... Ravenna's Archer (uncredited)
Mick Fryer-Kelsey Mick Fryer-Kelsey ... Village Carpenter (uncredited)
Neve Gachev Neve Gachev ... Fendland Woman (uncredited)
Craig Garner Craig Garner ...Coll Dwarf Double (uncredited)
Dylan Goodall Dylan Goodall ... Fairy (mocap) (uncredited)
Roman Green Roman Green...Village Peasant Amputee (uncredited)
Mark Haldor Mark Haldor ... Duke's Army Soldier / Nobleman (uncredited)
Shawn Paul Hastings Shawn Paul Hastings ... Snow White Guard (uncredited)
Matthew Hobbs Matthew Hobbs ... Shadow Soldier (uncredited)
Matt Hookings Matt Hookings ... Magnus Guard (uncredited)
Nick Horwood Nick Horwood ... Duke's General (uncredited)
Kevin Hudson Kevin Hudson ... Archer (uncredited)
Leo Hunter Leo Hunter ...Dark Army Soldier (uncredited)
Craig Izzard Craig Izzard ... Duke's Army (uncredited)
Lee Edward Jones Lee Edward Jones ... Quert Dwarf Double (uncredited)
Darren Kent Darren Kent ...Emaciated Peasant (uncredited)
Cameron Leese Cameron Leese ... Nobleman (uncredited)
Hain MacSheoinin Hain MacSheoinin...Dark Guard (uncredited)
Duncan JC Mais Duncan JC Mais ... The Shadow (uncredited)
Max Manganello Max Manganello ... Duke's Warrior (uncredited)
Oliver Mayo Oliver Mayo ... Ravenna Guard (uncredited)
Brendan McCoy Brendan McCoy ...Duke's Army Soldier (uncredited)
Duncan Meadows Duncan Meadows ... Woodsman (uncredited)
Sarah Molkenthin Sarah Molkenthin... Peasant (uncredited)
Esme Molly Esme Molly ... Village Child (uncredited)
Alex Moore Alex Moore ... Duke's Knight (uncredited)
Peter Jonathan Moore Peter Jonathan Moore ... Duke's Army Warrior (uncredited)
Martin Polak Martin Polak ...Ravenna's Servant (uncredited)
Paradox Pollack Paradox Pollack ... Bat Faerie (uncredited)
John Robinson John Robinson ... Bishop (uncredited)
Jd Roth-round Jd Roth-round ... Ravenna Guard (uncredited)
Andrew Scott-Marshall Andrew Scott-Marshall...Dukes Knight (uncredited)
David Speed David Speed ... Ravenna Guard (uncredited)
Ryan Stuart Ryan Stuart ... Mercenary #3 (uncredited)
Vince Taylor Vince Taylor ... Gort (uncredited)
Peter Theobalds Peter Theobalds ... Duke's Army Swordsman / Noble (uncredited)
David Verne David Verne ... Shadow Soldier (uncredited)
Daniel Westwood Daniel Westwood ... Special Action Soldier (uncredited)
Christian Wolf-La'Moy Christian Wolf-La'Moy ... Ravenna's Archer (uncredited).

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