Stranger Things: Season 4 - The Return of the Upside-Down - Full episodes.

Stranger Things: Season 4, DIRECTED BY Matt Duffer. Experience the return of the Upside-Down in Stranger Things: Season 4. Darker secrets, haunting mysteries, and the fight for survival.

Stranger Things - Season 4

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Stranger Things: Season 4 - Synopsis:

Stranger Things is one of the most popular science-fiction horror series on Netflix, and fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Season 4. Created by the Duffer Brothers, the series features a talented cast, including Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp, and many others. While the release date for the fourth season has not yet been announced, fans are already speculating about what to expect.

In the third season of Stranger Things, we saw our favorite characters battling against the Mind Flayer and its army of creatures from the Upside Down. Despite defeating the Mind Flayer, the season ended on a somber note, with the apparent death of Jim Hopper, one of the main characters. The fourth season of Stranger Things is expected to pick up where the third season left off, and the trailer released by Netflix has given us some clues about what to expect.

One of the most significant revelations in the trailer is that Jim Hopper is alive, and he appears to be a prisoner in Russia. How Hopper survived the explosion at the end of the third season remains a mystery, but fans are excited to see him back in action. The trailer also introduces a new character, played by Maya Hawke, who made her debut in the third season. She is seen working with Dustin, Steve, and Robin to investigate a mysterious radio transmission.

The trailer also suggests that the fourth season of Stranger Things will delve deeper into the mythology of the Upside Down. We see glimpses of terrifying creatures and an ominous figure looming in the shadows, which could be a new villain for the series. The trailer also hints that Eleven and her friends will be facing their toughest challenge yet, as they fight to save their town from the forces of evil.

Overall, the fourth season of Stranger Things promises to be just as thrilling and entertaining as the previous seasons. With the return of Hopper and the introduction of new characters and villains, fans are in for a wild ride. We can't wait to see what the Duffer Brothers have in store for us.

Stranger Things - Season 4


Matt Duffer ... (23 episodes, 2016-2022)
Ross Duffer ... (23 episodes, 2016-2022)
Shawn Levy ... (10 episodes, 2016-2022)
Andrew Stanton ... (2 episodes, 2017)
Uta Briesewitz ... (2 episodes, 2019)
Nimród Antal ... (2 episodes, 2022) 
Rebecca Thomas ... (1 episode, 2017).


Matt Duffer ... executive producer / producer / executive producer (42 episodes, 2016-2022)
Ross Duffer ... executive producer / producer / executive producer (42 episodes, 2016-2022)
Shawn Levy ... executive producer (42 episodes, 2016-2022)
Dan Cohen ... executive producer (34 episodes, 2016-2022)
Rand Geiger ... producer / associate producer (34 episodes, 2016-2022)
Emily Morris ... associate producer / co-producer (33 episodes, 2016-2022)
Iain Paterson ... executive producer / co-executive producer (30 episodes, 2016-2022)
Justin Doble ...producer / co-producer (17 episodes, 2016-2017).


Winona Ryder Winona Ryder ... Joyce Byers42 episodes, 2016-2022 
David Harbour David Harbour ... Jim Hopper42 episodes, 2016-2022 
Finn Wolfhard Finn Wolfhard ... Mike Wheeler42 episodes, 2016-2022 
Gaten Matarazzo Gaten Matarazzo ... Dustin Henderson42 episodes, 2016-2022 
Caleb McLaughlin Caleb McLaughlin...Lucas Sinclair42 episodes, 2016-2022 
Natalia Dyer Natalia Dyer ... Nancy Wheeler42 episodes, 2016-2022 
Charlie Heaton Charlie Heaton ... Jonathan Byers42 episodes, 2016-2022 
Joe Keery Joe Keery ... Steve Harrington42 episodes, 2016-2022 
Millie Bobby Brown Millie Bobby Brown...Eleven / ...42 episodes, 2016-2022 
Noah Schnapp Noah Schnapp ... Will Byers40 episodes, 2016-2022 
Cara Buono Cara Buono ... Karen Wheeler38 episodes, 2016-2022 
Priah Ferguson Priah Ferguson ... Erica Sinclair29 episodes, 2017-2022 
Sadie Sink Sadie Sink ... Max Mayfield28 episodes, 2017-2022 
Paul Reiser Paul Reiser ... Dr. Sam Owens27 episodes, 2017-2022 
Maya Hawke Maya Hawke ... Robin Buckley25 episodes, 2019-2022 
Brett Gelman Brett Gelman ... Murray Bauman25 episodes, 2017-2022 
Joe Chrest Joe Chrest ... Ted Wheeler20 episodes, 2016-2022 
Dacre Montgomery Dacre Montgomery...Billy Hargrove18 episodes, 2017-2022 
Matthew Modine Matthew Modine ... Martin Brenner / ...20 episodes, 2016-2022 
Jamie Campbell Bower Jamie Campbell Bower ... Vecna / ...17 episodes, 2022 
Rob Morgan Rob Morgan ... Officer Powell / ...16 episodes, 2016-2022 
John Reynolds John Reynolds ... Officer Callahan16 episodes, 2016-2022 
Tinsley Price Tinsley Price ... Holly Wheeler15 episodes, 2016-2022 
Catherine Curtin Catherine Curtin...Claudia Henderson11 episodes, 2017-2022 
Randy Havens Randy Havens ... Scott Clarke11 episodes, 2016-2019 
Aimee Mullins Aimee Mullins ... Terry Ives7 episodes, 2016-2022 
Sean Astin Sean Astin ... Bob Newby10 episodes, 2017-2019 
Eduardo Franco Eduardo Franco ... Argyle10 episodes, 2022 
Susan Shalhoub Larkin Susan Shalhoub Larkin ...Florence10 episodes, 2016-2019 
Joseph Quinn Joseph Quinn ... Eddie Munson8 episodes, 2022 
Mason Dye Mason Dye ... Jason Carver8 episodes, 2022 
Anniston Price Anniston Price ... Holly Wheeler8 episodes, 2016-2022 
Tom Wlaschiha Tom Wlaschiha ... Dmitri Antonov8 episodes, 2022 
Clayton Royal Johnson Clayton Royal Johnson ... Andy8 episodes, 2022 
Andrey Ivchenko Andrey Ivchenko ... Grigori7 episodes, 2019 
Chester Rushing Chester Rushing ... Tommy Hagan7 episodes, 2016-2017 
Mark Steger Mark Steger ... The Monster6 episodes, 2016-2017 
Sherman Augustus Sherman Augustus...Lt. Col. Jack Sullivan6 episodes, 2022 
Francesca Reale Francesca Reale ... Heather Holloway6 episodes, 2019 
Nikola Djuricko Nikola Djuricko ... Yuri6 episodes, 2022 
Tobias Jelinek Tobias Jelinek ... Lead Agent6 episodes, 2016 
Chelsea Talmadge Chelsea Talmadge...Carol Perkins6 episodes, 2016-2017 
Myles Truitt Myles Truitt ... Patrick McKinney6 episodes, 2022 
Jennifer Marshall Jennifer Marshall...Susan Hargrove6 episodes, 2017-2022 
Shannon Purser Shannon Purser ... Barbara Holland4 episodes, 2016-2017 
Jake Busey Jake Busey ... Bruce5 episodes, 2019 
Cary Elwes Cary Elwes ... Mayor Larry Kline5 episodes, 2019 
Michael Park Michael Park ... Tom Holloway5 episodes, 2019 
Catherine Dyer Catherine Dyer ... Agent Connie Frazier5 episodes, 2016 
Martie Marie Blair Martie Marie Blair ... Young Eleven5 episodes, 2022 
Vaidotas Martinaitis Vaidotas Martinaitis ...Warden Melnikov5 episodes, 2022 
Tristan Spohn Tristan Spohn ... Two5 episodes, 2022 
Paris Benjamin Paris Benjamin ... Agent Stinson5 episodes, 2022 
Peyton Wich Peyton Wich ... Troy5 episodes, 2016 
Chloe Adona Chloe Adona ... Nine5 episodes, 2022 
Kendrick Cross Kendrick Cross ... Agent Wallace5 episodes, 2022 
Jeremiah Friedlander Jeremiah Friedlander ... Fourteen5 episodes, 2022 
Morgan Gao Morgan Gao ... Three5 episodes, 2022 
Ethan J Green Ethan J Green ... Sixteen5 episodes, 2022 
Oliver J Green Oliver J Green ... Seventeen5 episodes, 2022 
David Alexander Kaplan David Alexander Kaplan ... Twelve5 episodes, 2022 
Logan Riley Bruner Logan Riley Bruner ... Fred Benson3 episodes, 2022 
Jessica Arden Napier Jessica Arden Napier ... Five5 episodes, 2022 
Sparrow Nicole Sparrow Nicole ... Four5 episodes, 2022 
Olivia Sembra Olivia Sembra ... Eighteen5 episodes, 2022 
Lana Jean Turner Lana Jean Turner ... Seven5 episodes, 2022 
Bentley Williams Bentley Williams ... Fifteen5 episodes, 2022 
Hendrix Yancey Hendrix Yancey ... Thirteen5 episodes, 2022 
Grant Goodman Grant Goodman ... Freak2 episodes, 2022 
Ross Partridge Ross Partridge ... Lonnie Byers4 episodes, 2016 
Peggy Miley Peggy Miley ... Doris Driscoll4 episodes, 2019 
Alec Utgoff Alec Utgoff ... Dr. Alexei4 episodes, 2019 
Hugh B. Holub Hugh B. Holub ... Scientist4 episodes, 2016 
Cynthia Barrett Cynthia Barrett ... Mrs. Holland4 episodes, 2016-2017 
Caroline Arapoglou Caroline Arapoglou ... Mom #1 / ...4 episodes, 2019 
Cade Jones Cade Jones ... James4 episodes, 2016 
Joe Davison Joe Davison ... Nerdy Tech4 episodes, 2017 
Christian Ganiere Christian Ganiere ... Ten4 episodes, 2022 
Charles Lawlor Charles Lawlor ... Mr. Melvald4 episodes, 2016-2017 
Nikolai Nikolaeff Nikolai Nikolaeff ... Ivan4 episodes, 2022 
Holly A. Morris Holly A. Morris ... Janet4 episodes, 2019 
Robert Walker Branchaud Robert Walker Branchaud ... Agent Repairman4 episodes, 2016 
Olan Montgomery Olan Montgomery ... Newsman4 episodes, 2019 
Karen Ceesay Karen Ceesay ... Mrs. Sinclair / ...4 episodes, 2017-2022 
Tony Vaughn Tony Vaughn ... Principal Coleman4 episodes, 2016-2017 
Amybeth McNulty Amybeth McNulty ... Vickie4 episodes, 2022 
Raphael Luce Raphael Luce ... Young Henry Creel4 episodes, 2022 
Jayden Griffin Jayden Griffin ... Freshman Teammate4 episodes, 2022 
Jeff Sprauve Jeff Sprauve ... Officer Glenn Daniels4 episodes, 2022 
Hunter Romanillos Hunter Romanillos ... Chance4 episodes, 2022 
De'Jon Watts De'Jon Watts ... Six4 episodes, 2022 
Vanathi Parthiban Vanathi Parthiban ...Young Kali1 episode, 2017-2022 
Linnea Berthelsen Linnea Berthelsen ... Kali3 episodes, 2017 
Pete Burris Pete Burris ... Hawkins Head of Security3 episodes, 2016 
Andrew Benator Andrew Benator ... Elevator Scientist3 episodes, 2016 
Glennellen Anderson Glennellen Anderson ... Nicole3 episodes, 2016-2017 
Amy Seimetz Amy Seimetz ... Becky Ives3 episodes, 2016-2017 
Anthony Belevtsov..Anthony Belevtsov...Lynx Security Guard #1 / ...3 episodes, 2019 
Chantell D. Christopher Chantell D. Christopher ... Hospital Receptionist3 episodes, 2019 
Elodie Grace Orkin Elodie Grace Orkin ... Angela3 episodes, 2022 
Gabriella Pizzolo Gabriella Pizzolo...Suzie Bingham3 episodes, 2019-2022 
Matty Cardarople Matty Cardarople ... Keith3 episodes, 2017-2019 
Pasha D. Lychnikoff Pasha D. Lychnikoff ... Oleg3 episodes, 2022 
Joel Stoffer Joel Stoffer ... Wayne Munson3 episodes, 2022 
Drew Scheid Drew Scheid ... Sweaty Teen Boy / ...3 episodes, 2017 
Ira Amyx Ira Amyx ... Agent Harmon3 episodes, 2022 
Logan Allen Logan Allen ... Jake3 episodes, 2022 
Alexei Afonin Alexei Afonin ... Prisoner #33 episodes, 2022 
Christi Waldon Christi Waldon ... Marissa3 episodes, 2016-2022 
Will Chase Will Chase ... Neil Hargrove2 episodes, 2017-2019 
Charity Hitchcock Charity Hitchcock... Scientist #33 episodes, 2022 
Martin Harris Martin Harris ... Prisoner #23 episodes, 2022 
Arnell Powell Arnell Powell ... Charles Sinclair / ...3 episodes, 2017-2022 
Konstantin Podprugin Konstantin Podprugin ... Prisoner #13 episodes, 2022 
Gabriella Surodjawan Gabriella Surodjawan ... Mean Girl3 episodes, 2022 
Alex Wagenman Alex Wagenman ... Mean Boy3 episodes, 2022 
Sam Salary Sam Salary ... Stern Orderly3 episodes, 2022 
Grace Van Dien Grace Van Dien ... Chrissy Cunningham1 episode, 2022 
Helen LeRoy Helen LeRoy ... Radar Tech2 episodes, 2017 
Brian Brightman Brian Brightman ... M.P. Guard #12 episodes, 2017 
Chris Sullivan Chris Sullivan ... Benny Hammond2 episodes, 2016 
Kai Greene Kai Greene ... Funshine2 episodes, 2017 
Kristopher Charles Kristopher Charles ... M.P. Guard #22 episodes, 2017 
Stefanie Butler Stefanie Butler ... Cynthia2 episodes, 2016 
James Landry Hébert James Landry Hébert ... Axel2 episodes, 2017 
David Dwyer David Dwyer ... Earl2 episodes, 2016 
Anna Jacoby-Heron Anna Jacoby-Heron ... Dottie2 episodes, 2017 
Pruitt Taylor Vince Pruitt Taylor Vince ... Ray2 episodes, 2017 
Sam Ashby Sam Ashby ... Werewolf2 episodes, 2017.

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