The Day After Tomorrow - A Climate Catastrophe - Full movie:

The Day After Tomorrow, DIRECTED BY Roland Emmerich. Face a climate catastrophe in The Day After Tomorrow. Extreme weather, global peril, and the fight for survival. 

The Day After Tomorrow

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The Day After Tomorrow - Synopsis:

The Day After Tomorrow is a thrilling disaster movie directed by Roland Emmerich, which was released in 2004. The movie depicts a catastrophic climate change event that unfolds over the course of just a few days, resulting in a series of devastating natural disasters that threaten to wipe out humanity.

The movie stars Dennis Quaid as Jack Hall, a paleoclimatologist who has been studying the effects of global warming on the Earth's climate. He warns that the Earth's climate is changing at an alarming rate and that a sudden and catastrophic shift in the climate is imminent.

At the beginning of the movie, Jack is attending a climate conference in New Delhi, India, where he presents his research to a group of scientists. While he is there, he witnesses the first signs of the impending disaster, as he sees massive hailstones falling from the sky.

As Jack returns to the United States, he discovers that a huge storm is brewing in the North Atlantic, which is causing a sudden drop in temperature across the northern hemisphere. He realizes that the storm is part of a larger climate shift that could trigger a new ice age.

As the storm intensifies, Jack tries to warn the authorities of the impending disaster, but he is largely ignored. Meanwhile, his son Sam, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, is trapped in New York City, which is slowly being submerged by a massive tidal wave caused by the storm.

The movie follows Jack as he tries to reach his son and rescue him from the impending disaster, while also trying to convince the authorities to take action to save the rest of the world from the catastrophic effects of the storm.

The Day After Tomorrow is a thrilling and action-packed movie that delivers an important message about the dangers of climate change. It depicts the devastating effects of global warming in a way that is both entertaining and thought-provoking, and it raises important questions about the future of our planet.

Overall, The Day After Tomorrow is a must-see movie for anyone who is interested in the environment and the impact of human activity on the planet. It is a gripping and exciting movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

The Day After Tomorrow


Roland Emmerich


Roland Emmerich...producer
Ute Emmerich...executive producer
Stephanie Germain...executive producer
Mark Gordon...producer
Thomas M. (as Tom Hammel)
Lawrence Inglee...associate producer
Tavin Marin Titus...line producer: additional photography, newscasts
Kelly Van Horn...executive producer
Kim H. Winther...associate producer.


Dennis Quaid Dennis Quaid ... Jack Hall
Jake Gyllenhaal Jake Gyllenhaal ... Sam Hall
Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum ... Laura Chapman
Dash Mihok Dash Mihok ... Jason Evans
Jay O. Sanders Jay O. Sanders ... Frank Harris
Sela Ward Sela Ward ... Dr. Lucy Hall
Austin Nichols Austin Nichols ... J.D.
Arjay Smith Arjay Smith ... Brian Parks
Tamlyn Tomita Tamlyn Tomita ... Janet Tokada
Sasha Roiz Sasha Roiz ... Parker
Ian Holm Ian Holm ... Terry Rapson
Nassim Sharara Nassim Sharara ... Saudi Delegate
Carl Alacchi Carl Alacchi ... Venezuelan Delegate
Kenneth Welsh Kenneth Welsh ... Vice President Becker
Michel 'Gish' Abou-Samah Michel 'Gish' Abou-Samah ... Saudi Translator (as Michael A. Samah)
Robin Wilcock Robin Wilcock ... Tony
Jason Blicker Jason Blicker ... Paul
Kenneth Moskow Kenneth Moskow ... Bob
Tim Hamaguchi Tim Hamaguchi ... Taka
Glenn Plummer Glenn Plummer ... Luther
Adrian Lester Adrian Lester ... Simon
Richard McMillan Richard McMillan ... Dennis
Nestor Serrano Nestor Serrano ... Gomez
Sylvain Landry Sylvain Landry ... Science Officer
Chris Britton Chris Britton ... Vorsteen
Vlasta Vrana Vlasta Vrana ... Booker (MPC)
Pauline Little Pauline Little ... Lanson (SSL)
Alan Fawcett Alan Fawcett... Commander Daniels (Hurricane Hunter)
Howard Bilerman Howard Bilerman...Rookie Scientist (Hurricane Hunter)
John Maclaren John Maclaren...Veteran Scientist (Hurricane Hunter)
Frank Schorpion Frank Schorpion ... DC Fireman
Rachelle Glait Rachelle Glait ... Pinehurst Academy Teacher
Pierre Leblanc Pierre Leblanc ...International Reporter, New Delhi
Richard Zeman Richard Zeman ... Flight Director
Perry King Perry King ... President Blake
Frank Fontaine Frank Fontaine ... Caddy 'Cooper'
Mimi Kuzyk Mimi Kuzyk ... Secretary of State
Al Vandecruys Al Vandecruys ... Scholastic Decathlon Referee
Vitali Makarov Vitali Makarov ... Yuri, Russian Astronaut
Russell Yuen Russell Yuen ... Hideki, Japanese Astronaut
Tim Bagley Tim Bagley ... Tommy
Pierre Lenoir Pierre Lenoir ... J.D.'s Doorman
Don Kirk Don Kirk ... Victor, J.D.'s Driver
Lisa Canning Lisa Canning ... L.A. Anchorwoman
Terry Rhoads Terry Rhoads ... L.A. Anchorman
Nicolas Feller Nicolas Feller ... Shop Owner Grandson
J.P. Manoux J.P. Manoux ... L.A. Cameraman
Chuck Shamata Chuck Shamata ... General Pierce
Phillip Jarrett Phillip Jarrett ... Campbell
Ayana O'Shun Ayana O'Shun ... Jama (as Tetchena Bellange)
Tony Calabretta Tony Calabretta ... Cabbie
Vivian Winther Vivian Winther ... Noel, Frozen Woman
Sheila McCarthy Sheila McCarthy ... Judith
Tom Rooney Tom Rooney ... Jeremy
Amy Sloan Amy Sloan ... Elsa
David Schaap David Schaap ... Financial Reporter
Marylou Belugou Marylou Belugou ... Binata
Nobuya Shimamoto Nobuya Shimamoto... Japanese Policeman
Bunrey Miyake Bunrey Miyake ... Japanese Shop Owner
Karen Glave Karen Glave ... Maria
Jennifer Morehouse Jennifer Morehouse... French Reporter
Christian Tessier Christian Tessier ... Aaron
Joe Cobden Joe Cobden ... Zack
Caroline Keenan Caroline Keenan ...Tina (as Caroline Keenan-Wiseman)
Aaron Lustig Aaron Lustig ... Bernie
Sam Woods Sam Woods ... Mr. Walden
Jesus Perez Jesus Perez ... Mexican (NWS) Janitor (as Jesús 'Chuy' Pérez)
Jack Laufer Jack Laufer ... Jeff Baffin
Luke Letourneau Luke Letourneau ... Peter
John Sanford Moore John Sanford Moore ... New York Reporter (as John Moore)
William Francis McGuire William Francis McGuire ...Bart Chopper Reporter
Michael McNally Michael McNally ... Buckingham Palace Reporter
Anne Day-Jones Anne Day-Jones ... Jeanette
Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais ... Cecil
Lynne De Bel Lynne De Bel ...Old Frozen Woman (as Lynne Debel)
Mikio Owaki Mikio Owaki ... Noodle Chef
Terry Simpson Terry Simpson ... Cesar
Alvin Tam Alvin Tam ... Japanese Reporter
Joey Elias Joey Elias ... Library Security Guard
Ron Darling Ron Darling ... Hawaiian News Anchor
José Ramón Rosario José Ramón Rosario...Cabbie 'Crazy Weather'
Kwasi Songui Kwasi Songui ... Statue of Liberty Guard
John Colton John Colton...Fox Newscaster #1 (as John C. Colton)
Dilva Henry Dilva Henry ... Fox Newscaster #2
Mark Thompson Mark Thompson ... News Reporter
Wendy L. Walsh Wendy L. Walsh ... Weather Channel Newscaster #1
Mark Pfister Mark Pfister ... Weather Channel Newscaster #2
Ana Garcia Ana Garcia ... Headline Reporter
Lauren Sanchez Lauren Sanchez ... International Newscaster
Rob Fukuzaki Rob Fukuzaki ... National Newscaster
Ross King Ross King ... British Reporter
Robert Holguin Robert Holguin ... Reporter #1
Suzanne Michaels Suzanne Michaels ... Reporter #2
Leyna Nguyen Leyna Nguyen ... Misc. Newscaster #1
Lina Patel Lina Patel ... Misc. Newscaster #2
Rosey Edeh Rosey Edeh ... New York Reporter
Lori Graham Lori Graham ... Grocery Store Reporter
Jesse Todd Jesse Todd ... Scientist in Hallway
Gordon Masten Gordon Masten ... New York Bus Driver
Matt Adler Matt Adler ... Truck Radio Announcer
Ray Légaré Ray Légaré ... Construction Man
Matt Holland Matt Holland ... RAF #1
Greg Kramer Greg Kramer ... RAF #2
Joel McNichol Joel McNichol ... RAF #3.

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