The Last of Us - Surviving in a Post-Apocalyptic World - Full movie.

The Last of Us, DIRECTED BY Ali Abbasi. Survive in a post-apocalyptic world in The Last of Us: Season 1. Hope, despair, and the bonds that hold us together.

The Last of Us 

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The Last of Us - Synopsis:

"The Last of Us" is a highly anticipated TV series directed by Ali Abbasi and co-directed by Jeremy Webb. The show is based on the critically acclaimed video game of the same name, which was developed by Naughty Dog and released in 2013. The series is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a global pandemic has wiped out most of humanity, leaving only a few survivors to fend for themselves.

The story revolves around the journey of Joel, a hardened survivor who is tasked with escorting a 14-year-old girl named Ellie across the country in the hopes of finding a cure for the pandemic. Ellie is believed to be the key to saving humanity, and it is up to Joel to protect her from the dangers that lurk in the world around them. Along the way, they encounter other survivors who have formed their own communities, as well as dangerous bandits who will stop at nothing to take what they want.

The show has been highly anticipated by fans of the video game, who are eager to see their favorite characters brought to life on the small screen. The series promises to be a gripping and emotional tale of survival, loss, and hope in the face of insurmountable odds.

Directed by a team of talented directors including Neil Druckmann, Peter Hoar, Liza Johnson, Craig Mazin, and Jasmila Zbanic, "The Last of Us" promises to be a cinematic masterpiece that will captivate audiences around the world. The show is set to air in 2023, and fans are eagerly counting down the days until they can immerse themselves in this thrilling and emotional journey.

In conclusion, "The Last of Us" is an upcoming TV series that promises to be an epic tale of survival, loss, and hope in the face of a global pandemic. With a talented team of directors and a gripping storyline, this show is sure to captivate audiences around the world. We can't wait to see what the future holds for this highly anticipated series.

The Last of Us


Ali Abbasi...(2 episodes, 2023)
Jeremy Webb...(2 episodes, 2023)
Neil Druckmann...(1 episode, 2023)
Peter Hoar...(1 episode, 2023)
Liza Johnson...(1 episode, 2023)
Craig Mazin...(1 episode, 2023)
Jasmila Zbanic...(1 episode, 2023).


Neil Druckmann ... executive producer (9 episodes, 2023)
Jane Allison Hooper ... associate producer (9 episodes, 2023)
Rose Lam ... executive producer (9 episodes, 2023)
Jacqueline Lesko... co-executive producer (9 episodes, 2023)
Craig Mazin ... executive producer / executive producer (9 episodes, 2023)
Cecil O'Connor ... producer / producer (9 episodes, 2023)
Asad Qizilbash ... executive producer (9 episodes, 2023)
Greg Spence ... producer (9 episodes, 2023).


Pedro Pascal Pedro Pascal ... Joel Miller10 episodes, 2023 
Bella Ramsey Bella Ramsey ...Ellie Williams10 episodes, 2023 
Anna Torv Anna Torv ... Theresa 'Tess' Servopoulos3 episodes, 2023 
Lamar Johnson Lamar Johnson ...Henry Burrell3 episodes, 2023 
Melanie Lynskey Melanie Lynskey ...Kathleen Coghlan2 episodes, 2023 
Nico Parker Nico Parker ... Sarah Miller2 episodes, 2023 
Merle Dandridge Merle Dandridge ... Marlene2 episodes, 2023 
Keivonn Woodard Keivonn Woodard ... Sam Burrell2 episodes, 2023 
Jeffrey Pierce Jeffrey Pierce ... Perry2 episodes, 2023 
John Getz John Getz ... Edelstein2 episodes, 2023 
Gabriel Luna Gabriel Luna ... Tommy Miller2 episodes, 2023 
Samuel Hoeksema Samuel Hoeksema ...Clicker / ...2 episodes, 2023 
Olivier Ross-Parent Olivier Ross-Parent ... Clicker / ...2 episodes, 2023 
Storm Reid Storm Reid ... Riley Abel1 episode, 2023 
Scott Shepherd Scott Shepherd ... David1 episode, 2023 
Ashley Johnson Ashley Johnson ... Anna Williams1 episode, 2023 
Nick Offerman Nick Offerman ... Bill1 episode, 2023 
John Hannah John Hannah ... Dr. Neuman1 episode, 2023 
Troy Baker Troy Baker ... James1 episode, 2023 
Rutina Wesley Rutina Wesley ... Maria1 episode, 2023 
Terry Chen Terry Chen ... Cpt. Kwong1 episode, 2023 
Christine Hakim Christine Hakim ... Ratna Pertiwi1 episode, 2023 
Murray Bartlett Murray Bartlett ... Frank1 episode, 2023 
Ari Rombough Ari Rombough ... Joyce1 episode, 2023 
Pardeep Singh Sooch Pardeep Singh Sooch ... Firefly Soldier1 episode, 2023 
Ian Rozylo Ian Rozylo ... Infected Man1 episode, 2023 
Yayu A.W. Unru Yayu A.W. Unru..Lt. Gen. Agus Hidayat1 episode, 2023 
Graham Greene Graham Greene ... Marlon1 episode, 2023 
Josh Brener Josh Brener ... Murray1 episode, 2023 
Sonia Maria Chirila Sonia Maria Chirila ... Hannah1 episode, 2023 
Andy McDermott Andy McDermott ...Firefly Soldier1 episode, 2023 
Sharon Crandall Sharon Crandall ... Lab Worker1 episode, 2023 
Ruby Lybbert Ruby Lybbert ... Bethany1 episode, 2023 
Kevin Sateri Kevin Sateri ...Infected in Cellar1 episode, 2023 
Christopher Heyerdahl Christopher Heyerdahl ... Dr. Schoenheiss1 episode, 2023 
Philip Prajoux Philip Prajoux...Infected Kissing Man1 episode, 2023 
Elaine Miles Elaine Miles ... Florence1 episode, 2023 
Nelson Leis Nelson Leis ... Josiah1 episode, 2023 
Primo Allon Primo Allon ...Firefly Soldier1 episode, 2023 
Marcus Aurelio Marcus Aurelio ...Infected at Fence1 episode, 2023 
Brad Leland Brad Leland ... Mr. Adler1 episode, 2023 
Darren Dolynski Darren Dolynski ... Surgeon1 episode, 2023 
Juan Magana Juan Magana ... Bryan1 episode, 2023 
Craig Haas Craig Haas ... Informer1 episode, 2023 
Rumbie Muzofa Rumbie Muzofa ... Mother1 episode, 2023 
Jason Vaisvila Jason Vaisvila ... Marco1 episode, 2023 
Laura Bailey Laura Bailey ... Nurse1 episode, 2023 
Toby Levins Toby Levins ... Man on Horse1 episode, 2023 
Marcia Bennett Marcia Bennett ... Mrs. Adler1 episode, 2023 
Eric Breker Eric Breker ...Bryan's Father1 episode, 2023 
Benjamin Rogers Benjamin Rogers ... Timothy1 episode, 2023 
Ron J. Anderson Ron J. Anderson ... Sniper1 episode, 2023 
Brendan Fletcher Brendan Fletcher...Robert1 episode, 2023 
Adam Basil Adam Basil ... The Bloater1 episode, 2023 
Ana Rice Ana Rice ... Nurse1 episode, 2023 
Erik Lindquist Erik Lindquist ... Villager1 episode, 2023 
Miël Logan Miël Logan ... Little Girl1 episode, 2023 
Paolina van Kleef Paolina van Kleef ... Staring Girl1 episode, 2023 
Jerry Wasserman Jerry Wasserman ... Abe1 episode, 2023 
Skye Cowton Skye Cowton ... Child Clicker1 episode, 2023 
Tiahra Allen Tiahra Allen ...Sarah 9 Years Old1 episode, 2023 
Wendy Gorling Wendy Gorling ... Nana1 episode, 2023 
Jessica Belbin Jessica Belbin ...Mrs. Lauterstein1 episode, 2023 
Haysam Kadri Haysam Kadri ... Nasir1 episode, 2023 
Sarah Himadeh Sarah Himadeh ... Tahira1 episode, 2023 
Caitlin Howden Caitlin Howden ... Denise1 episode, 2023 
Max Montesi Max Montesi ... Lee1 episode, 2023 
Natasha Mumba Natasha Mumba ... Kim Tembo1 episode, 2023 
Gina Louise Phillips Gina Louise Phillips ... Medic1 episode, 2023 
Taylor St. Pierre Taylor St. Pierre...Buzzcut1 episode, 2023 
Ryan D. Clark Ryan D. Clark ... Soldier1 episode, 2023 
Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah ... Kind FEDRA Soldier1 episode, 2023 
Logan Pierce Logan Pierce ... The Boy1 episode, 2023 
Corina Akeson Corina Akeson ...Sooty Faced Woman1 episode, 2023 
Jason Burkart Jason Burkart ... FEDRA Foreman1 episode, 2023 
Andrea Greening Andrea Greening ... FEDRA Officer1 episode, 2023 
Arran Henn Arran Henn ... Newscaster1 episode, 2023 
C. Stephen Campbell C. Stephen Campbell ... Rebel Soldier / ... (uncredited)3 episodes, 2023 
Jason Ritter Jason Ritter...Clicker (uncredited)1 episode, 2023 
Riley Davis Riley Davis ... Young Firefly Soldier (uncredited)1 episode, 2023 
Kelsey Andries Kelsey Andries ... Infected Woman (uncredited)1 episode, 2023 
Autumn Thom  ..Autumn Thom...Infected #6 (uncredited)1 episode, 2023 
Adrian Hein Adrian Hein ... Diner Chase Infected (uncredited)1 episode, 2023 
Kory Grim Kory Grim..Scavenger (uncredited)1 episode, 2023 
Bud Klasky Bud Klasky ... Man Being Eaten (uncredited)1 episode, 2023 
Alan Chamout Alan Chamout ... Man in Line (uncredited)1 episode, 2023 
Jeff Hanni....Jeff Hanni...Rebel Soldier (uncredited)1 episode, 2023 
Shane Pollitt Shane Pollitt...Dead Man (uncredited)1 episode, 2023 
Kevin Gritton Kevin Gritton ... Bus Passenger (uncredited)1 episode, 2023 
Jace Bews Jace Bews...Stalker (uncredited)1 episode, 2023 
Patrick Chan Patrick Chan ... Stranger (uncredited)1 episode, 2023 
Janet Orpen Janet Orpen ... Infected Person (uncredited)1 episode, 2023. 

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