The Maze Runner - A Deadly Labyrinth - Full movie:

The Maze Runner, DIRECTED BY Wes Ball. Enter a deadly labyrinth in The Maze Runner. Amnesia, survival, and the search for a way out. 

The Maze Runner

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The Maze Runner - Synopsis:

The Maze Runner, directed by Wes Ball, is a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Based on the novel of the same name by James Dashner, this movie tells the story of Thomas, a young man who wakes up with no memory of who he is, only to find himself trapped in a maze with a group of other boys.

As the story unfolds, Thomas and the other boys soon learn that they are part of an experiment designed to test their intelligence, agility, and bravery. The maze is their prison, and the only way out is to solve it. But the maze is not a simple puzzle - it is a living, breathing thing, with shifting walls and deadly creatures that lurk around every corner.

Thomas quickly becomes one of the "runners," the boys who brave the maze every day in search of a way out. Together with his fellow runners, including the tough and resourceful Minho, the brave and loyal Newt, and the stoic and mysterious Teresa, Thomas must navigate the maze, solve its puzzles, and fight off its dangers if he wants to survive.

But as Thomas and his friends delve deeper into the mysteries of the maze, they begin to uncover dark secrets about the experiment that has trapped them there. They discover that they are not the only ones being tested, and that there are forces at work behind the scenes that will stop at nothing to keep them trapped inside the maze.

With stunning cinematography, heart-pumping action, and a gripping story that will keep you guessing until the very end, The Maze Runner is a must-see movie for anyone who loves adventure and thrills. Wes Ball's direction is masterful, bringing to life the danger and excitement of the maze with expert skill.

The cast of the movie is also excellent, with Dylan O'Brien giving a standout performance as Thomas. O'Brien perfectly captures the character's confusion, fear, and determination as he navigates the maze and uncovers its secrets. The rest of the cast is equally impressive, with each actor bringing depth and nuance to their roles.

Overall, The Maze Runner is a movie that is not to be missed. It is a thrilling adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat, with a story that is both compelling and thought-provoking. If you're a fan of action, adventure, or science fiction, this movie is sure to satisfy.

The Maze Runner


Wes Ball


Marty Bowen...producer
Eddie Gamarra...executive producer (as Edward Gamarra)
Wyck Godfrey...producer
Ellen Goldsmith-Vein...producer
Joe Hartwick Jr....executive producer
Lee Stollman...producer
Lindsay Williams...executive producer.


Dylan O'Brien Dylan O'Brien ... Thomas
Aml Ameen Aml Ameen ... Alby
Ki Hong Lee Ki Hong Lee ... Minho
Blake Cooper Blake Cooper ... Chuck
Thomas Brodie-Sangster Thomas Brodie-Sangster ... Newt
Will Poulter Will Poulter ... Gally
Dexter Darden Dexter Darden ... Frypan
Kaya Scodelario Kaya Scodelario ... Teresa
Chris Sheffield Chris Sheffield ... Ben
Joe Adler Joe Adler ... Zart
Alexander Flores Alexander Flores ... Winston
Jacob Latimore Jacob Latimore ... Jeff
Randall D. Cunningham Randall D. Cunningham ... Clint
Patricia Clarkson Patricia Clarkson ... Ava Paige
Don McManus Don McManus ... Masked Man
Michael Bow Michael Bow ... Glader
Jerry Clark Jerry Clark ... Glader
Michael Deville Michael Deville ... Glader
Dylan Gaspard Dylan Gaspard ... Glader
Mark Gibson Mark Gibson ... Glader
Cory Gooding Cory Gooding ... Glader
Cazi Greene Cazi Greene ... Glader (as Carl Greene)
Dustin Guitreau Dustin Guitreau ... Glader
Tyler Harrison Tyler Harrison ... Glader
Landon Hazel Landon Hazel ... Glader
Gary Hood Gary Hood ... Glader
Nick Killebrew Nick Killebrew ... Glader
John Langston John Langston ... Glader
Chad Martinez Chad Martinez ... Glader
Lester Millet Lester Millet ... Glader
Sawyer Pierce Sawyer Pierce ... Glader
Weston Rachal Weston Rachal ... Glader
Bryce Romero Bryce Romero ... Jack
Johnny Stockwell Johnny Stockwell ... Glader (as John Stockwell)
SanChavis Torns SanChavis Torns ... Glader
Lane Westerhaus Lane Westerhaus ... Glader
Gentry Williams Gentry Williams ... Glader
Adrian Acosta Adrian Acosta ... Glader (uncredited)
Austin Reed Alleman Austin Reed Alleman ... Lab Tech Student (uncredited)
William Buckley William Buckley ... Glader (uncredited)
Nicholas Bursavich Nicholas Bursavich... Glader (uncredited)
Kin-Lam Chan Kin-Lam Chan ... Glader(Jim) (uncredited)
Duane Cothren Duane Cothren ... Conference Room Parent (uncredited)
James Dashner James Dashner ... Lab Tech (uncredited)
Jacob Deville Jacob Deville ... Dan (uncredited)
Darryl Harvey Darryl Harvey ... Maze Control Room Supervisor / EMT (uncredited)
Janet L'Aube Janet L'Aube ... Lab Scientist (uncredited)
Sheldon Maurer Sheldon Maurer ... Glader (uncredited)
Travis Michael Myers Travis Michael Myers... Glader (uncredited)
Seth Nichols Seth Nichols ... Lab Tech Student (uncredited)
Zach Nichols Zach Nichols ... Glader (uncredited)
Gustavo I. Ortiz Gustavo I. Ortiz...Rebel Soldier (uncredited)
McKenna Pippen McKenna Pippen ... Lab Tech Student (uncredited)
Tommy Sheppard Tommy Sheppard ... Conference Room Member (uncredited)
Giovanni Silva Giovanni Silva ... Lab Tech 7 (uncredited)
Nicolas Stan Nicolas Stan ... Child (uncredited)
Andrew Varenhorst Andrew Varenhorst...Patient Zero (uncredited)
Carol Jean Wells Carol Jean Wells ... Self Lab Student (uncredited)
Jeff Wiesen Jeff Wiesen ... Glader (uncredited).

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