The Peripheral: Season 1 - A Mind-Bending Thriller - Full episodes.

The Peripheral: Season 1, DIRECTED By Vincenzo Natali. Immerse yourself in a mind-bending thriller with The Peripheral: Season 1. Parallel worlds, futuristic conspiracies, and the fate of humanity. 

The Peripheral: Season 1

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The Peripheral: Season 1 - Synopsis:

The Peripheral: Season 1, Series Directed by Vincenzo Natali & Alrick Riley (4 episodes, 2022) is a new science fiction television series that explores a future where technology has drastically altered society. The show follows the story of a woman who discovers a secret connection to an alternate reality, as well as a dark future of her own. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive synopsis of The Peripheral: Season 1, as well as explore why this show is a must-watch for science fiction fans.

The Peripheral: Season 1 is based on the bestselling novel by William Gibson. The show is set in the near future, where technology has become so advanced that it has changed the fabric of society. The story revolves around Flynne Fisher, a woman living in a small town in the United States. Flynne spends her days playing a video game for a living, but when her brother Burton asks her to help him out with a job, she stumbles upon a dark secret that sets her on a path to discover a connection to an alternate reality.

As Flynne delves deeper into this alternate reality, she discovers that her actions in the present can have a profound impact on the future. She soon realizes that she holds the key to preventing a catastrophic event that will change the course of history. Along the way, she teams up with a group of unlikely allies, including a private investigator named Conner, who helps her navigate this new world.

The Peripheral: Season 1 boasts a talented cast of actors who bring the characters to life. The show stars Chloë Grace Moretz as Flynne Fisher, a young woman who finds herself caught up in a world beyond her imagination. Moretz delivers a standout performance, capturing the essence of a character who is both vulnerable and strong.

The show also features Jack Reynor as Burton Fisher, Flynne's brother who sets her on this path of discovery. Reynor brings depth to his character, showcasing a range of emotions as Burton struggles with his own demons.

Other notable performances come from Gary Carr as Conner, a private investigator who becomes Flynne's ally, and Charlotte Riley as Lowbeer, a mysterious figure who holds the key to unlocking the truth about the alternate reality.

The Peripheral: Season 1 explores a variety of themes that will resonate with audiences. At its core, the show is a meditation on the power of technology and the impact it has on our lives. The show also touches on themes of family, love, and the human condition. Through Flynne's journey, we see how the choices we make in the present can have a profound impact on the future, and how even the smallest actions can have far-reaching consequences.

The Peripheral: Season 1 is a must-watch for science fiction fans. The show boasts a talented cast, compelling storyline, and stunning visuals. The show is a masterclass in world-building, creating a future that feels both familiar and alien. The themes explored in the show are thought-provoking, and will leave audiences pondering long after the credits have rolled.

The Peripheral: Season 1 is a science fiction masterpiece that explores a future where technology has drastically altered society. The show boasts a talented cast, compelling storyline, and stunning visuals. The themes explored in the show are thought-provoking, and will leave audiences pondering long after the credits have rolled. If you're a science fiction fan, The Peripheral: Season 1 is a must-watch.

The Peripheral: Season 1




Jamie Chan...producer (8 episodes, 2022)
Sara Desmond...producer / producer (8 episodes, 2022)
Steven Hoban...executive producer (8 episodes, 2022)
Vincenzo Natali...executive producer (8 episodes, 2022)
Jonathan Nolan...executive producer (8 episodes, 2022)
Noreen O'Toole...producer (8 episodes, 2022)
Halle Phillips...producer (8 episodes, 2022)
Greg Plageman...executive producer (8 episodes, 2022)
Alrick producer (8 episodes, 2022)
James W. Skotchdopole...executive producer (8 episodes, 2022)
Scott B. Smith...executive producer (8 episodes, 2022)
Crystal (8 episodes, 2022)
Athena Wickham...executive producer (8 episodes, 2022)
Jay Worth...producer (8 episodes, 2022)
Phil (7 episodes, 2022)
Lisa Joy...executive producer (7 episodes, 2022)
Bronwyn producer (4 episodes, 2022)
Margot Lulick...executive producer (3 episodes, 2022).


Chloë Grace Moretz Chloë Grace Moretz ... Flynne Fisher8 episodes, 2022 
Gary Carr Gary Carr... Wilf Netherton8 episodes, 2022 
Jack Reynor Jack Reynor... Burton Fisher8 episodes, 2022 
JJ Feild JJ Feild ... Lev Zubov8 episodes, 2022 
T'Nia Miller T'Nia Miller... Cherise Nuland8 episodes, 2022 
Louis Herthum Louis Herthum...Corbell Pickett8 episodes, 2022 
Katie Leung Katie Leung ... Ash8 episodes, 2022 
Melinda Page Hamilton Melinda Page Hamilton ... Ella Fisher8 episodes, 2022 
Chris Coy Chris Coy ... Jasper Baker8 episodes, 2022 
Alex Hernandez Alex Hernandez ...Tommy Constantine8 episodes, 2022 
Julian Moore-Cook Julian Moore-Cook ... Ossian8 episodes, 2022 
Adelind Horan Adelind Horan ... Billy Ann Baker8 episodes, 2022 
Austin Rising Austin Rising ... Leon8 episodes, 2022 
Eli Goree Eli Goree ... Conner Penske8 episodes, 2022 
Charlotte Riley Charlotte Riley ... Aelita West8 episodes, 2022 
David Hoflin David Hoflin ... Daniel6 episodes, 2022 
Miles Barrow Miles Barrow ... Macon6 episodes, 2022 
Hannah Arterton Hannah Arterton ... Dee Dee5 episodes, 2022 
Chuku Modu Chuku Modu ... Carlos5 episodes, 2022 
Cal Watson Cal Watson ... Service Koids / ...5 episodes, 2022 
Gavin Dunn Gavin Dunn ... Edward4 episodes, 2022 
Harrison Gilbertson Harrison Gilbertson ... Atticus4 episodes, 2022 
India Mullen India Mullen ... Mary Pickett4 episodes, 2022 
Duke Davis Roberts Duke Davis Roberts ... Cash4 episodes, 2022 
Sophia Ally Sophia Ally ... Young Aelita4 episodes, 2022 
Jared Bankens Jared Bankens ... Buddy4 episodes, 2022 
Moe Bar-El Moe Bar-El ... Reece4 episodes, 2022 
Alexandra Billings Alexandra Billings ... Ainsley Lowbeer3 episodes, 2022 
Ned Dennehy Ned Dennehy ... Bob3 episodes, 2022 
Ben Dickey Ben Dickey ... Sheriff Jackman3 episodes, 2022 
Anjli Mohindra Anjli Mohindra ... Beatrice3 episodes, 2022 
Curtis Baffoe Djadja Curtis Baffoe Djadja ... Young Wolf3 episodes, 2022 
Poppy Corby-Tuech Poppy Corby-Tuech ... Mariel Raphael3 episodes, 2022 
Claire Cooper Claire Cooper ... Dominika Zubov3 episodes, 2022 
Maxim Grigorovich Maxim Grigorovich ... Anton Zubov3 episodes, 2022 
Roisin Browne Roisin Browne ...Female Surgeon3 episodes, 2022 
Anton Kamillus Anton Kamillus ... Male Surgeon / ...3 episodes, 2022 
Stephen Murphy Stephen Murphy ... Murph2 episodes, 2022 
Amber Rose Revah Amber Rose Revah ... Grace2 episodes, 2022 
Felicity Duncan Felicity Duncan ... Gladys2 episodes, 2022 
Danny Bayne Danny Bayne ...Security Koid2 episodes, 2022 
Brooke Carter Brooke Carter ... Irina Zubov2 episodes, 2022 
Kyle Bolton Kyle Bolton ... Carter2 episodes, 2022 
Rene Vrabel Rene Vrabel ... Duval2 episodes, 2022 
Riley Stuart Riley Stuart ... Young Flynne2 episodes, 2022 
Elliott Stuart Elliott Stuart ... Young Burton2 episodes, 2022 
Courtney Hawkins Courtney Hawkins ... Jimmy's Bartender2 episodes, 2022 
Joey Akubeze Joey Akubeze... Adoption Director2 episodes, 2022 
Clive Russell Clive Russell ... Frank Derosa1 episode, 2022 
Eddie Arnold Eddie Arnold ... Al Derosa1 episode, 2022 
Jack Veal Jack Veal ... Young Angus1 episode, 2022 
Lilian Wouters Lilian Wouters ... Rose1 episode, 2022 
Teal Wicks Teal Wicks ... Bridget1 episode, 2022 
Zeh Prado Zeh Prado ... Manuel1 episode, 2022 
Raphael Blackwood Raphael Blackwood ... Young Sid1 episode, 2022 
Callum Blue Callum Blue ... Reggie1 episode, 2022 
Julianna Kurokawa Julianna Kurokawa ... Barstow1 episode, 2022 
Christina Ellinas Christina Ellinas ... Carmen1 episode, 2022 
Hannah D. Scott Hannah D. Scott ... Abigail1 episode, 2022 
Nathan Whatton Nathan Whatton ... Mike Derosa1 episode, 2022 
Grant Masters Grant Masters ... Artyom1 episode, 2022 
Louis Bernard Louis Bernard ... Red-Haired Man1 episode, 2022 
Rob Pavey Rob Pavey ... Tony Derosa1 episode, 2022 
Dahlia Elkateb Dahlia Elkateb ... Tropicana Dancer #11 episode, 2022 
Gary Oliver Gary Oliver ... Kyrill1 episode, 2022 
Donna Williams Donna Williams ... Janet1 episode, 2022 
Corina Wuersch Corina Wuersch ... Tropicana Dancer #21 episode, 2022 
Amanda Drew Amanda Drew ... Mrs. West1 episode, 2022 
Simon Chandler Simon Chandler ... Nikolai1 episode, 2022 
Daniel Cahill Daniel Cahill ... Bearded Man1 episode, 2022 
Yanilda Rosado Yanilda Rosado ... Tropicana Dancer #31 episode, 2022 
Nigel Hastings Nigel Hastings ... Mr. West1 episode, 2022 
Dean Denton Dean Denton ... State Trooper1 episode, 2022 
Denis Ooi Denis Ooi ... Caretaker1 episode, 2022 
Luke Rattenbury Luke Rattenbury ... Tropicana Musician #11 episode, 2022 
Jamie Bacon Jamie Bacon ... C Blond1 episode, 2022 
Andy Mackenzie Andy Mackenzie ... CJ1 episode, 2022 
Cary Crankson Cary Crankson ... Angus1 episode, 2022 
Mark Kavuma Mark Kavuma ... Tropicana Musician #21 episode, 2022 
Adam Dunnells Adam Dunnells ... Tut1 episode, 2022 
Vincent Jerome Vincent Jerome ... Sid1 episode, 2022 
Miles Kwaku Ofosu-Dan Miles Kwaku Ofosu-Dan ... Tropicana Musician #31 episode, 2022 
B.J. Potter B.J. Potter ... State Police Officer1 episode, 2022 
Satin Singh Satin Singh ... Tropicana Musician #41 episode, 2022 
Mason Schneiderman Mason Schneiderman ... Young Jasper1 episode, 2022 
Jason Eller Jason Eller ... Local Drunk (uncredited)8 episodes, 2022 
Dale Allen Hoffman Dale Allen Hoffman ... Jimmy's Bar Patron (uncredited)4 episodes, 2022 
Dillon Belisle Dillon Belisle ... Onlooker / ... (uncredited)3 episodes, 2022 
Eric Tiede Eric Tiede ... Koid Policeman (uncredited)2 episodes, 2022 
Anastasia Zabarchuk Anastasia Zabarchuk ... Koid (uncredited)1 episode, 2022 
Kelly Rian Sanson Kelly Rian Sanson ... Party Guest (uncredited)1 episode, 2022 
Alfredo Tavares Alfredo Tavares ...Klept (uncredited)1 episode, 2022 
Ethan Keaton Ethan Keaton ... Futuristic Man from London (uncredited)1 episode, 2022 
Willie Tyrone Ferguson Willie Tyrone Ferguson ... Townsperson (uncredited)1 episode, 2022 
Bonnie Cole Bonnie Cole ... Townperson (uncredited)1 episode, 2022 
Elliott Mcmillan Elliott Mcmillan ... Future Londoner (uncredited)1 episode, 2022 
Scotty 'JJ' Moss Scotty 'JJ' Moss ... Junkie (uncredited)1 episode, 2022 
Ray Fawley Ray Fawley ... Bar Patron (uncredited)1 episode, 2022.

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