The Rock - An Explosive Action Thriller - Full movie.

The Rock, DIRECTED BY  Michael Bay. Experience an explosive action thriller with The Rock. A deadly mission, Alcatraz, and the ultimate showdown. 

The Rock

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The Rock - Synopsis:

The Rock, directed by Michael Bay, is an action-packed thriller that was released in 1996. The movie stars Sean Connery as John Patrick Mason, a former SAS captain who has been imprisoned in Alcatraz for over three decades. Nicolas Cage plays Stanley Goodspeed, a mild-mannered chemist who works for the FBI.

The story begins when a rogue group of military men, led by a renegade general, Brigadier General Francis X. Hummel (played by Ed Harris), steals a cache of deadly nerve gas from a top-secret government facility. They threaten to launch a missile armed with the gas at San Francisco if their demands are not met.

The FBI sends a team of agents to take control of the situation, but they are quickly outmatched by Hummel's highly-trained men. The only hope for the city lies in the hands of Mason and Goodspeed, who are reluctantly teamed up to lead a counterstrike against the rogue group.

As the clock ticks down, Mason and Goodspeed must navigate the treacherous confines of Alcatraz and outsmart Hummel's men if they are to prevent a catastrophic attack on San Francisco. The movie is filled with thrilling action sequences, intense drama, and gripping suspense.

The Rock was a critical and commercial success upon its release, grossing over $335 million worldwide. It has since become a classic in the action-thriller genre and is widely regarded as one of Michael Bay's best movies.

In conclusion, The Rock is a must-see movie for fans of action, suspense, and drama. With its all-star cast, pulse-pounding action, and gripping storyline, it is no wonder that the movie has stood the test of time and remains a fan favorite to this day..

The Rock


Michael Bay


Kenny Bates...associate producer
Jerry Bruckheimer...producer (produced by)
Sean Connery...executive producer
Don Simpson...producer (produced by)
Louis A. Stroller...executive producer
William Stuart...executive producer
Barry H. Waldman...associate producer (as Barry Waldman)


Sean Connery Sean Connery ... John Patrick Mason
Nicolas Cage Nicolas Cage ... Stanley Goodspeed
Ed Harris Ed Harris ... General Francis X. Hummel
John Spencer John Spencer ... F.B.I. Director Womack
David Morse David Morse ... Major Tom Baxter
William Forsythe William Forsythe ... Ernest Paxton
Michael Biehn Michael Biehn ... Commander Anderson
Vanessa Marcil Vanessa Marcil ... Carla Pestalozzi
John C. McGinley John C. McGinley ... Marine Captain Hendrix (as John C. Mc Ginley)
Gregory Sporleder Gregory Sporleder ... Captain Frye
Tony Todd Tony Todd ... Captain Darrow
Bokeem Woodbine Bokeem Woodbine ... Sergeant Crisp
Jim Maniaci Jim Maniaci ... Private Scarpetti
Greg Collins Greg Collins ... Private Gamble
Brendan Kelly Brendan Kelly ... Private Cox
Steve Harris Steve Harris ... Private McCoy
Danny Nucci Danny Nucci ... Lieutenant Shepard
Claire Forlani Claire Forlani ... Jade Angelou
Celeste Weaver Celeste Weaver ... Stacy Richards
Todd Louiso Todd Louiso ... Marvin Isherwood
David Bowe David Bowe ... Dr. Ling
Raquel Krelle Raquel Krelle ... Agent Margie Wood
Dennis Chalker Dennis Chalker ... Seal Boyer
Marshall R. Teague Marshall R. Teague ... Seal Reigert (as Marshall Teague)
Duffy Gaver Duffy Gaver ... Seal Dando
Steve Decker Steve Decker ... Navy Seal
Joseph Hawes Joseph Hawes ... Navy Seal
Mike Mahrer Mike Mahrer ... Navy Seal
Carlos Sandoval Carlos Sandoval ... Navy Seal
Rick Toms Rick Toms ... Navy Seal
Billy Devlin Billy Devlin ... Navy Seal
Jack Yates Jack Yates ... Hummel Marine 'A'
Juan A. Riojas Juan A. Riojas ... Hummel Marine 'B'
Joseph Patrick Kelly Joseph Patrick Kelly... Hummel Marine 'C'
Ingo Neuhaus Ingo Neuhaus ... Marine That Dies
John Laughlin John Laughlin ... General Peterson
Harry Humphries Harry Humphries ... Navy Admiral
Howard Platt Howard Platt ... Louis Lindstrom
Willie Garson Willie Garson ... Francis Reynolds
John Nathan John Nathan ... F.B.I. Radar Technician
Robert M. Anselmo Robert M. Anselmo...F.B.I. Radar Technician
Jack Ford Jack Ford ... Military Official
Thomas J. Hageboeck Thomas J. Hageboeck ... F.B.I. Agent Cord (as T. J. Hageboeck)
Dwight Hicks Dwight Hicks ... F.B.I. Agent Star
Ralph Peduto Ralph Peduto ... F.B.I. Agent Hunt
Anthony Clark Anthony Clark ... Paul the Hotel Barber
Andy Ryan Andy Ryan ... Lab Technician
Hans Georg Struhar Hans Georg Struhar ... Valet
Robert C. Besgrove Robert C. Besgrove ... F.B.I. Agent
Sean Skelton Sean Skelton ... Kid on Motorcycle
Raymond O'Connor Raymond O'Connor... Park Ranger Bob
Jane Sanguinetti Jane Sanguinetti... Female Tourist
Luenell Luenell ... Female Tourist
John W. Love Jr. John W. Love Jr. ... Male Tourist
Sam Whipple Sam Whipple ... Larry Henderson
Tom Towles Tom Towles ... Alcatraz Park Ranger
Ronald Simmons Ronald Simmons ... Alcatraz Park Ranger
Robert Ben Rajab Robert Ben Rajab... Alcatraz Park Ranger
Leonard McMahan Leonard McMahan ... Cable Car Conductor (as Leonard Mc Mahan)
Anthony Guidera Anthony Guidera ... Lead F-18 Pilot
Jim Caviezel Jim Caviezel...Rear F-18 Pilot (as James Caviezel)
John Enos III John Enos III ... Sea Stallion Pilot
Ken Kells Ken Kells ... Spotter
Fred Salvallon Fred Salvallon ... Chef
Buck Kartalian Buck Kartalian ... Reverend
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Stanley Anderson Stanley Anderson...The President (uncredited)
Xander Berkeley Xander Berkeley ... Lonner (uncredited)
Richard Conti Richard Conti ... Detective (uncredited)
Raymond Cruz Raymond Cruz ... Sergeant Rojas (uncredited)
Leah Diamond II Leah Diamond II ... Woman (uncredited)
Ric Drasin Ric Drasin ... Supporting (uncredited)
David Marshall Grant David Marshall Grant ... Chief of Staff Hayden Sinclair (uncredited)
Matt Gulbranson Matt Gulbranson ... U.S. Marine (uncredited)
Philip Baker Hall...Philip Baker Hall...Chief Justice (uncredited)
Jenny Inge Jenny Inge ... Tourist (uncredited)
Michael Rose Michael Rose ... FBI Agent (uncredited)
Michael Satterfield Michael Satterfield ... FBI Technician (uncredited)
Pat Skipper Pat Skipper... Navy Lt. Commander (uncredited)
Anthony Snow Anthony Snow... Apache Load Master (uncredited)
Theodore Carl Soderberg Theodore Carl Soderberg ... Police Officer (uncredited)
Jeronimo Spinx Jeronimo Spinx ... F.B.I. Radar Technician (uncredited)
Ezra J. Stanley Ezra J. Stanley ... Tourist (uncredited)
Erick Vinther Erick Vinther ... Prisoner (uncredited)
Kevin Weisman Kevin Weisman ... Tourist (uncredited)
Stuart Wilson Stuart Wilson ...General Al Kramer (uncredited).

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