Transformers: Age of Extinction - New Threats, New Heroes - Full movie.

Transformers: Age of Extinction, DIRECTED BY Michael Bay. Face new threats and new heroes in Transformers: Age of Extinction. Dinobots, ancient rivalries, and the fate of humanity.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

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Transformers: Age of Extinction - Synopsis:

Transformers: Age of Extinction is a science-fiction action movie directed by Michael Bay. The film was released in 2014 and is the fourth installment in the Transformers film series. In this movie, we see the Autobots once again fight against their old enemies, the Decepticons, while facing new challenges.

The story starts with the discovery of a new type of metal called Transformium, which is the key to creating new transformers. Harold Attinger, a corrupt CIA agent, hires a bounty hunter named Lockdown to capture Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots. At the same time, Cade Yeager, a mechanic from Texas, discovers an old truck, which turns out to be Optimus Prime in disguise. Cade repairs and revives Optimus, and soon they become allies.

As Optimus and Cade try to stay one step ahead of the CIA and Lockdown, they are joined by a group of Autobots led by Bumblebee. Together, they travel to China to stop a new threat - a man-made transformer called Galvatron, who is controlled by a resurrected Megatron.

The group learns that Galvatron was created by Joshua Joyce, the CEO of KSI, a company that manufactures transformers. Joyce wants to use Galvatron to replace the Autobots and make a profit from selling his new technology. However, Galvatron has his own agenda, and soon he starts to turn against his creators.

The final showdown takes place in Hong Kong, where the Autobots and humans unite to defeat Galvatron and Lockdown. During the battle, Optimus Prime is severely damaged and is believed to be dead. However, he is later revived by the mysterious creators of the transformers, who reveal that they have plans for Earth.

In summary, Transformers: Age of Extinction is a thrilling movie that combines intense action sequences with a gripping storyline. The film introduces new characters and challenges while staying true to the franchise's core values. With its stunning visuals and explosive action, Transformers: Age of Extinction is a must-watch for any science-fiction or action movie fan.

Transformers: Age of Extinction


Michael Bay


Michael Bay...executive producer
Ian Bryce...producer
Chen On Chu...line producer: Hong Kong
Tom DeSanto...producer
Lorenzo di Bonaventura...producer
Brian Goldner...executive producer
Chiu Wah Lee...line producer: China, pre-production (uncredited)
Yi Li...line producer: China
Longfei China
Don Murphy...producer.


Mark Wahlberg Mark Wahlberg ... Cade Yeager
Stanley Tucci Stanley Tucci ... Joshua Joyce
Kelsey Grammer Kelsey Grammer ... Harold Attinger
Nicola Peltz Beckham Nicola Peltz Beckham ... Tessa Yeager (as Nicola Peltz)
Jack Reynor Jack Reynor ... Shane Dyson
Titus Welliver Titus Welliver ... James Savoy
Sophia Myles Sophia Myles ... Darcy Tirrel
Bingbing Li Bingbing Li ... Su Yueming
T.J. Miller T.J. Miller ... Lucas Flannery
James Bachman James Bachman ... Gill Wembley
Thomas Lennon Thomas Lennon ... Chief of Staff
Charles Parnell Charles Parnell ... CIA Director
Erika Fong Erika Fong ... CIA Analyst
Michael Collins Michael Collins ... CIA Analyst
Geng Han Geng Han ... Convertible Passenger
Shiming Zou Shiming Zou ... Elevator Boxer
Richard Riehle Richard Riehle ... Theater Landlord
Patrick Bristow Patrick Bristow ... Landlord's Grandson
Cleo King Cleo King ... Realtor
Calvin Wimmer Calvin Wimmer ... Realtor Client
Glenn Keogh Glenn Keogh ... Arctic Site Foreperson
David Midthunder David Midthunder... Arctic Site Guard
Richard Gallion Richard Gallion ... Air Force Operator
Nick Horst Nick Horst ... Air Force Technician
Kassem Gharaibeh Kassem Gharaibeh... Wembley's Associate
Ed Welburn Ed Welburn ... KSI Executive
Yanis Kalnins Yanis Kalnins ... KSI Security Chief
Peter A Kelly Peter A Kelly ... KSI Guard (as Peter A. Kelly)
Jessica Gomes Jessica Gomes ... KSI Spokesmodel
Andreas Beckett Andreas Beckett ... KSI Scientist
Alexander Leeb Alexander Leeb ... KSI Scientist
Jamison Haase Jamison Haase ... KSI Robot Controller
Drew Wicks Drew Wicks ... KSI Robot Controller
Gene Shieh Gene Shieh ... KSI Factory Executive
Woei Bee Woei Bee ... KSI Factory Executive
Wang Ying Wang Ying ... KSI Greeter
William Wang William Wang ... KSI Worker
Melanie Specht Melanie Specht ... Joshua's Assistant
Abigail Klein Abigail Klein ... Joshua's Assistant
Greg Matthew Anderson Greg Matthew Anderson ... Joshua's Assistant (as Greg Anderson)
Victoria Summer Victoria Summer ... Joshua's Assistant
Po-Hung Lin Po-Hung Lin ...Attinger's Driver (as Lin Po Hung)
Kevin Covais Kevin Covais ... Dorky Driver
B. Adam Baillio B. Adam Baillio ...Robot Thief (as Blair Adam Baillio)
Mikal Vega Mikal Vega...Cemetery Wind Team (as Mikal A. Vega)
Andrew Arrabito Andrew Arrabito ... Cemetery Wind Team
Tyrone Smith Tyrone Smith ... Cemetery Wind Team
Kenny Sheard Kenny Sheard ... Cemetery Wind Team (as Kenneth Sheard)
Kevin Kent Kevin Kent ... Cemetery Wind Team
Michael Wong Michael Wong ... Hong Kong Police Chief
King-Man Yip King-Man Yip ... Hong Kong Man in Suit (as Winston Yeh Kingman)
Ray Lui Ray Lui ... Motorcycle Owner
Candice Zhao Candice Zhao ... Woman in Elevator
Li Jun Ting Li Jun Ting ... Hong Kong Police Officer
Howard Y. Woo Howard Y. Woo ... Hong Kong Police Officer
Jingsheng Yu Jingsheng Yu ... Hong Kong Police Officer
Ben Wang Ben Wang ... Hong Kong Police Officer (as Ben Y. Wang)
Eddie San Chan Eddie San Chan ... Hong Kong Police Officer (as Eddie Chan)
Tianyu Zhang Tianyu Zhang ... Pangu Hotel Greeter
Gang Wu Gang Wu ... Chinese Minister of Defense (as Wu Gang)
Teresa Daley Teresa Daley ... Assistant to Minister of Defense
Peter Cullen Peter Cullen ... Optimus Prime (voice)
Frank Welker Frank Welker ... Galvatron (voice)
John Goodman John Goodman ... Hound (voice)
Ken Watanabe Ken Watanabe ... Drift (voice)
Robert Foxworth Robert Foxworth ... Ratchet (voice)
John DiMaggio John DiMaggio ... Crosshairs (voice)
Mark Ryan Mark Ryan ... Lockdown (voice)
Reno Wilson Reno Wilson ... Brains (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Michele Sweeney Abrams Michele Sweeney Abrams ... Driver in Traffic (uncredited)
Eligah Alexander Jr. Eligah Alexander Jr. ... KSI Agent (uncredited)
Mike Ancrile Mike Ancrile ... Shipyard Worker (uncredited)
Eric Bauza Eric Bauza ... Drift (uncredited)
Michael Bay Michael Bay ... Truck Passenger (uncredited)
Lisa Belcher Lisa Belcher ... Pedestrian (uncredited)
Walbert Beltran Walbert Beltran ... Silver Suit Man (uncredited)
Jacob Block Jacob Block ... Scientist (uncredited)
Amber Rae Braaten Amber Rae Braaten ... Car Driver (uncredited)
Travis Bryant Travis Bryant ... Car Passenger (uncredited)
Chanel Celaya Chanel Celaya ... Cate (uncredited)
Shelagh Conley Shelagh Conley ... Extra (uncredited)
Layla Cushman Layla Cushman ... International Supermodel (uncredited)
Ricky Dew Ricky Dew ...Street Pedestrian (uncredited)
Renee Domenz Renee Domenz ... Lab Technician (uncredited)
Jonathan Emond Jonathan Emond ...Teen Heist Leader (uncredited)
Rebecca Franchione Rebecca Franchione ... Mom (uncredited)
Daniel Garcia Daniel Garcia ... Hong Kong Resident Extra (uncredited)
Briana Golden Briana Golden ... Pedestrian (uncredited)
Gary W Golden Gary W Golden ... Pedestrian (uncredited)
Michael Haase Michael Haase ... Texas Highway Patrol Officer (uncredited)
Jenny Hale Jenny Hale ... KSI Scientist (uncredited)
Matt Harmatuk Matt Harmatuk ...Cemetery Wind Team (uncredited)
David A. Hubert David A. Hubert ...KSI Security Guard (uncredited)
Lily Ji Lily Ji ... News Reporter (uncredited)
Dayl Johns Dayl Johns ... Scientist (uncredited)
Shawn Jones Shawn Jones ... Scientist (uncredited)
Demi Kazanis Demi Kazanis...Government Official (uncredited)
Logan Kimes Logan Kimes ... Window Shopper (uncredited)
King King ... Farmer (uncredited)
Erich K. Kurschat Erich K. Kurschat...Scientist (uncredited)
Dan Latham Dan Latham ...KSI Security Officer (uncredited)
Seth Leslie Seth Leslie ...Hong Kong Resident (uncredited)
Anna Li Anna Li ... Hong Kong Resident (uncredited)
Tingyi Liu Tingyi Liu ... Fashion Girl (uncredited)
James Lunddon James Lunddon ... KSI Guard (uncredited)
Patrick Meraz Patrick Meraz ...College Student #1 (uncredited)
Kristin M. Miller Kristin M. Miller ... Townsperson / Driver (uncredited)
Paige Mobley Paige Mobley...International Supermodel (uncredited)
Anthony Montanino Anthony Montanino...Truck Driver (uncredited)
Ammar Nemo Ammar Nemo ... Cop (uncredited)
William Nero Jr. William Nero Jr....Pedestrian (uncredited)
Sarah Papic Sarah Papic ...Business Woman Extra (uncredited)
Jay Pennington Jay Pennington ... Solo Texan (uncredited)
Ray L. Perez Ray L. Perez ... Townfolk (uncredited)
Kristina Raynes Kristina Raynes ... Pedestrian (uncredited)
Heather Rhea Heather Rhea ... Window Shopper (uncredited)
Elkin Rivas Elkin Rivas ... Extra (uncredited)
Julie Ariane Russell Julie Ariane Russell ... Business Woman (uncredited)
Saúl Salcedo-Frausto Saúl Salcedo-Frausto...KSI Agent (uncredited)
Julia Sanford Julia Sanford ... Betty (uncredited)
Scot Schmidt Scot Schmidt ... Pedestrian (uncredited)
Jason Scully Jason Scully ...KSI Security Officer (uncredited)
Ron Shedd Ron Shedd ... Grandpa (uncredited)
Angelita Aronce Sorensen Angelita Aronce Sorensen ... Town Resident (uncredited)
Brett Storm Brett Storm ... Silver Suit (uncredited)
Loraelei Temoney Loraelei Temoney ... Texas Townsfolk (uncredited)
Chris D. Thomas Chris D. Thomas ... Special Operations Group Officer (uncredited)
Kimberly Tortorice Kimberly Tortorice ... Realtor Client Wife (uncredited)
Martin Van Almen Martin Van Almen...Scientist (uncredited)
Mark Van Woert Mark Van Woert ... Pedestrian (uncredited)
Lee Vang Lee Vang ... Street Pedestrian / Factory Worker (uncredited)
Jason M. Varso Jason M. Varso ... Scientist (uncredited)
Travis Wong Travis Wong ...KSI Factory Worker (uncredited)
Aaron Lee Wright Aaron Lee Wright...News Crew (uncredited)
Nina Wu Nina Wu ... KSI Executive (uncredited)
Jerome Yoo Jerome Yoo ... Teen Heist Member (uncredited)
Jenny Zhang Jenny Zhang ... News Reporter (uncredited)
Selinda Zhou Selinda Zhou ... News Reporter (uncredited).

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