Transformers: Dark of the Moon - A Lunar Conspiracy - Full Movie.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon, DIRECTED BY Michael Bay. Uncover a lunar conspiracy in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Autobots, Decepticons, and the battle for Earth's destiny.

Transformers Dark of the Moon

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Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Synopsis:

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is an American science fiction action film directed by Michael Bay. The film is the third installment in the Transformers film series and was released on June 28, 2011. The story revolves around the Autobots and Decepticons racing against each other to reach a Cybertronian spacecraft hidden on the moon and uncover its secrets.

The film begins with a brief history of the Autobots and Decepticons' war on Cybertron, their home planet. The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, are the noble and just group, while the Decepticons, led by Megatron, are the tyrannical and power-hungry faction. The war ultimately forces the Autobots to flee their home planet in search of a new one to call home. They eventually land on Earth and form an alliance with the human race.

The plot of Transformers: Dark of the Moon begins with the Autobots discovering that a Cybertronian spacecraft crashed on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission. They learn that the ship contains technology that could be used to help their dying home planet. The Autobots, with the help of the United States government, set out on a mission to retrieve the technology before the Decepticons can get to it.

Meanwhile, Sam Witwicky, a human ally of the Autobots, is looking for a job after graduating from college. He eventually lands a job at a top-secret facility run by the eccentric Bruce Brazos. While working there, he comes across a piece of technology that sets off a chain of events that puts him in the middle of the Autobot-Decepticon conflict once again.

As the Autobots and Decepticons race to retrieve the technology from the moon, they engage in epic battles across Chicago. The Decepticons eventually get their hands on the technology and use it to revive their fallen leader, Sentinel Prime. However, it turns out that Sentinel Prime has made a deal with Megatron and plans to use the technology to enslave Earth and rebuild Cybertron with humans as slave labor.

The Autobots, with the help of Sam and his friends, engage in a final battle with the Decepticons in downtown Chicago. The Autobots eventually emerge victorious and save Earth from enslavement. The film ends with Optimus Prime stating that the Autobots will always protect the Earth and thanking the human race for their bravery and support.

In conclusion, Transformers: Dark of the Moon is an action-packed science fiction film that explores the ongoing conflict between the Autobots and Decepticons. The film's plot revolves around the race to uncover the secrets of a Cybertronian spacecraft hidden on the moon and the battle for control of its advanced technology. With its stunning visual effects, intense action scenes, and compelling storyline, Transformers: Dark of the Moon is a must-see for fans of the Transformers franchise and science fiction enthusiasts alike.

Transformers Dark of the Moon


Michael Bay


Kenny (as Ken Bates)
Michael Bay...executive producer
Ian Bryce...producer (produced by)
Matthew Cohan...associate producer
Tom DeSanto...producer (as Tom Desanto) (produced by)
Lorenzo di Bonaventura...producer (produced by)
Brian Goldner...executive producer
Michael Kase...associate producer
Don Murphy...producer (produced by)
Steven Spielberg...executive producer
Mark Vahradian...executive producer


Shia LaBeouf Shia LaBeouf ... Sam Witwicky
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Rosie Huntington-Whiteley ... Carly
Josh Duhamel Josh Duhamel ... Lennox
John Turturro John Turturro ... Simmons
Tyrese Gibson Tyrese Gibson ... Epps
Patrick Dempsey Patrick Dempsey ... Dylan
Frances McDormand Frances McDormand ... Mearing
John Malkovich John Malkovich ... Bruce Brazos
Kevin Dunn Kevin Dunn ... Ron Witwicky
Julie White Julie White ... Judy Witwicky
Alan Tudyk Alan Tudyk ... Dutch
Ken Jeong Ken Jeong ... Jerry Wang
Glenn Morshower Glenn Morshower ... General Morshower
Lester Speight Lester Speight ... Eddie
Buzz Aldrin Buzz Aldrin ... Buzz Aldrin
Bill O'Reilly Bill O'Reilly ... Bill O'Reilly
Ravil Isyanov Ravil Isyanov ... Voshkod
Dustin Dennard Dustin Dennard ... Lennox Lieutenant
Markiss McFadden Markiss McFadden ... Lennox Team 'Baby Face' (as Markiss McFadden Jr.)
Nick Bickle Nick Bickle ... Lennox Team 'Chapman'
Ajay James Ajay James ... Lennox Team 'Atroui'
Brett Lynch Brett Lynch ... Lennox Team 'Phelps'
Chris A. Robinson Chris A. Robinson ... Lennox Team 'Bruno' (as Chris Robinson)
Scott C. Roe Scott C. Roe ... Lennox Team 'Nelson'
James D. Weston II James D. Weston II ... Lennox Team 'Tuens' (as James Weston II)
Brian Call Brian Call ... Lennox Team 'Taggart'
Aaron Garrido Aaron Garrido ... Epps Team 'Mongo'
Mikal Vega Mikal Vega ... Epps Team 'Hooch' (as Mikal A. Vega)
Kenny Sheard Kenny Sheard ... Epps Team 'Marc L'
Josh Kelly Josh Kelly ... Epps Team 'Stone'
Keiko Agena Keiko Agena ... Mearing's Aide
LaMonica Garrett LaMonica Garrett... Morshower's Aide
Yasen Peyankov Yasen Peyankov ... Voshkod Associate
Brett Stimely Brett Stimely ... President Kennedy
John H. Tobin John H. Tobin ...President Nixon (as John Tobin)
Drew Pillsbury Drew Pillsbury ... Defense Secretary McNamara
Patrick Pankhurst Patrick Pankhurst... Director of NASA
Larry Clarke Larry Clarke ... NASA Scientist (1969)
Tom Virtue Tom Virtue ...Black Ops NASA Technician (1969)
Thomas Crawford Thomas Crawford ...Black Ops NASA Technician (1969)
Kevin Sizemore Kevin Sizemore ...Black Ops NASA Technician (1969)
Alan Pietruszewski Alan Pietruszewski ... NASA Mission Controller (1969)
Michael Daniel Cassady Michael Daniel Cassady ... NASA Launch Technician (1969)
Peter Murnik Peter Murnik ... Tracking Station Supervisor (1969) (as Peter B. Murnik)
Don Jeanes Don Jeanes ... Neil Armstrong (1969)
Cory Tucker Cory Tucker ... Buzz Aldrin (1969)
Lindsey Ginter Lindsey Ginter ... Old NASA Scientist
David St. James David St. James ... Old NASA Scientist
Mitch Bromwell Mitch Bromwell ... NASA Technician
Elya Baskin Elya Baskin ... Cosmonaut Dimitri
Eugene Alper Eugene Alper ... Cosmonaut Yuri
Inna Korobkina Inna Korobkina ... Russian Lady
Zoran Radanovich Zoran Radanovich... Russian Bouncer
Kathleen Gati Kathleen Gati ... Russian Female Bartender
Annie O'Donnell Annie O'Donnell ... Human Resources Lady
Chris Sheffield Chris Sheffield ... Pimply Corporate Kid
Ken Takemoto Ken Takemoto ... Japanese Executive
Michael Loeffelholz Michael Loeffelholz... Executive Interviewer
Mindy Sterling Mindy Sterling ... Female Insurance Agent
Stephen Monroe Taylor Stephen Monroe Taylor...Mailroom Worker
Andy Daly Andy Daly ... Mailroom Worker
Derek Miller Derek Miller ... Mailroom Worker
Leidy Mazo Leidy Mazo ... Mailroom Worker
Scott Krinsky Scott Krinsky ... Accuretta Executive
Katherine Sigismund Katherine Sigismund... Accuretta Worker
Maile Flanagan Maile Flanagan ... Accuretta Worker
Darren O'Hare Darren O'Hare ... Berated Scientist
Jack Axelrod Jack Axelrod ... Simmons Tileman
Rich Hutchman Rich Hutchman ... Engineer
Meredith Monroe Meredith Monroe ... Engineer's Wife
Charlotte Labadie Charlotte Labadie... Engineer's Daughter
Christian Baha Christian Baha ... Dylan's Executive
Jennifer Williams Jennifer Williams... Dylan's Assistant
Danielle Fornarelli Danielle Fornarelli... Dylan's Assistant
Danny McCarthy Danny McCarthy ... NEST Guard
John Turk John Turk ... NEST Guard
Peter A Kelly Peter A Kelly ...NEST Guard (as Peter A. Kelly)
Mark Golden Mark Golden ... SEAL
Sean Murphy Sean Murphy ... SEAL
Scott Paulson Scott Paulson ... SEAL
Luis Echagarruga Luis Echagarruga ... SEAL
Iqbal Theba Iqbal Theba ... UN Secretary General
Anthony Azizi Anthony Azizi ... Lt. Sulimani
Sammy Sheik Sammy Sheik ... Lt. Faraj
Mark Ryan Mark Ryan ... Military Drone Operator
John S. McAfee John S. McAfee ... GPS Tracking Coordinator
Jay Gates Jay Gates ... DC Mall Reporter
Rebecca Cooper Rebecca Cooper ... DC Capitol Reporter
Bonecrusher the Mastiff Bonecrusher the Mastiff ... Bones the Mastiff (as Bonecrusher)
Peter Cullen Peter Cullen ... Optimus Prime (voice)
Hugo Weaving Hugo Weaving ... Megatron (voice)
Leonard Nimoy Leonard Nimoy ... Sentinel Prime (voice)
Jess Harnell Jess Harnell ... Ironhide (voice)
Charlie Adler Charlie Adler ... Starscream (voice)
Robert Foxworth Robert Foxworth ... Ratchet (voice)
James Remar James Remar ... Sideswipe (voice)
Francesco Quinn Francesco Quinn ... Dino (voice)
George Coe George Coe ... Que / Wheeljack (voice)
Tom Kenny Tom Kenny ... Wheelie (voice)
Reno Wilson Reno Wilson ... Brains (voice)
Frank Welker Frank Welker ... Shockwave / Soundwave (voice)
Ron Bottitta Ron Bottitta ... Roadbuster / Amp (voice)
John DiMaggio John DiMaggio ... Leadfoot / Target (voice)
Keith Szarabajka Keith Szarabajka... Laserbeak (voice)
Greg Berg Greg Berg ... Igor (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Rodney Luis Aquino Rodney Luis Aquino ... Air Force Soldier (uncredited)
Bob Beathard Bob Beathard ... Bystander (uncredited)
Corey Bente Corey Bente ... White House Aid (uncredited)
Eric Berlynn Eric Berlynn ... 1969 NASA Tech (uncredited)
Ian Bonner Ian Bonner ... White House Aid (uncredited)
Fabrice Calmels Fabrice Calmels ... Tourist (uncredited)
Courtney Erin Carroll Courtney Erin Carroll ... Train Passenger (uncredited)
Larry Carter Larry Carter ... News Crew Reporter (uncredited)
Brian Ceponis Brian Ceponis ... NEST Guard (uncredited)
Adam Chaffin Adam Chaffin ... Guard (uncredited)
Michael Ciannilli Michael Ciannilli ... Launch Director (uncredited)
Matt Cinquanta Matt Cinquanta ... Colonel (uncredited)
Vincent John Conti Vincent John Conti ... Mailroom Worker (uncredited)
Jordan Michael Coulson Jordan Michael Coulson ... Police Officer (uncredited)
Adam Critchlow Adam Critchlow ...White House Marine (uncredited)
Tony Cronin Tony Cronin ... 4 Star General (uncredited)
Walter Cronkite Walter Cronkite ...Self (archive footage) (uncredited)
Paul D'Elia Paul D'Elia ... D.C. Businessman (uncredited)
Joseph Jajoe Davis Joseph Jajoe Davis ... Executive (uncredited)
Michael De Palma Michael De Palma ... Accuretta Worker (uncredited)
Finnegan the Dog Finnegan the Dog ... Desert Dog (uncredited)
Gena Ellis Gena Ellis ... Chicago Pedestrian (uncredited)
Jason Endicott Jason Endicott ... Mearing's Second Aide (uncredited)
Joshua Farcone Joshua Farcone ... Police Officer (uncredited)
John Farrer John Farrer ... U.N. Delegate (uncredited)
Liam Ferguson Liam Ferguson ... DC Cop (uncredited)
Liliana Florea Liliana Florea ... Triangle Park Pedestrian (uncredited)
Colin Follenweider Colin Follenweider ... Astronaut Jumping on the Moon (uncredited)
Reese Foster Reese Foster ... Accuretta Worker (uncredited)
Frankie Fronk Frankie Fronk ... Nest Team Soldier (uncredited)
Henry Frost III Henry Frost III ... Dylan Henchman (uncredited)
Zander Gerhardt Zander Gerhardt ... Police Officer (uncredited)
Jennifer Gorka Jennifer Gorka ... Accuretta Worker (uncredited)
Alecia Hamilton Alecia Hamilton ... Mansion Waitress (uncredited)
William Haze William Haze ... FBI agent #2 (uncredited)
Jesse Heiman Jesse Heiman ... Office Worker (uncredited)
Robert Herrick Robert Herrick ... Josh (uncredited)
David Hill David Hill ... NEST Technician (uncredited)
Bob Honest Bob Honest ... General Decker (uncredited)
WBBrown II WBBrown II ... NEST Officer (uncredited)
Matt Iwinski Matt Iwinski ... Driver - extra (uncredited)
Anthony J. James Anthony J. James...Nasa Tourist (uncredited)
Corey Jovan Corey Jovan ... Soldier (uncredited)
Waléra Kanischtscheff Waléra Kanischtscheff ... Voskhod (voice) (uncredited)
Bob Kaye Bob Kaye ... Mearing's Secret Service (uncredited)
John F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy ... Self (archive footage) (uncredited)
Kevin Kent Kevin Kent ... Military Member (uncredited)
Kristoffer Kjornes Kristoffer Kjornes ... Robert F. Kennedy (uncredited)
Ben Kolodzinski Ben Kolodzinski ... Pedestrian (uncredited)
Elena Kolpachikova Elena Kolpachikova ... Russian (uncredited)
Erik Kowalski Erik Kowalski ...Nest Team Soldier (uncredited)
Eva Marie Lardani Eva Marie Lardani... Police (uncredited)
Jillana Laufer Jillana Laufer ... Bruce's Executive Secretary (uncredited)
Kef Lee Kef Lee ... Police Officer (uncredited)
Won Hee Lee Won Hee Lee ... Interviewee (uncredited)
Ina Lereine Ina Lereine ... Pedestrian (uncredited)
Lawrence G. Lozano Lawrence G. Lozano ... Chicago Pedestrian (uncredited)
Mino Mackic Mino Mackic ... Dylan's Henchman (uncredited)
Kris Mardula Kris Mardula ... Soldier (uncredited)
Taylor McCluskey Taylor McCluskey ... Office Employee (uncredited)
Abi McKenzie Abi McKenzie ... Kid in Chicago (uncredited)
Jeremy McLain Jeremy McLain ... Pedestrian (uncredited)
Matt McVay Matt McVay ...Bill Anders - 1969 (uncredited)
Jim Meskimen Jim Meskimen...John F. Kennedy (voice) (uncredited)
Keith Middlebrook Keith Middlebrook ... Lieutenant Haze (uncredited)
Tony Moore Tony Moore ... US Capital Police Officer (uncredited)
Jared Moser Jared Moser ...Air Force Soldier (uncredited)
Christopher Mur Christopher Mur ... Film Crew (uncredited)
Dean Napolitano Dean Napolitano ... FBI Agent #3 (uncredited)
Jason Neisewander Jason Neisewander... Extra (uncredited)
Jim Nieciecki Jim Nieciecki...NEST Scientist at Chernobyl (uncredited)
Richard Nixon Richard Nixon...Self (archive footage) (uncredited)
Daniel Okeefe Daniel Okeefe ... Engineer's Son (uncredited)
Michael Paul Michael Paul ... Honor Guard (uncredited)
Jeffrey Porter Jeffrey Porter ...Background Executive (uncredited)
Christina Putnam Christina Putnam ... Girl in the Elevator (uncredited)
Chaz Riddle Chaz Riddle ... Policeman (uncredited)
Jason Rocco Jason Rocco ... Street Photographer (uncredited)
Ryan Daniel Rodriguez Ryan Daniel Rodriguez ... Nest Soldier (uncredited)
Joséphine Roth Joséphine Roth ...Bruce's Secretary (uncredited)
Michael Saglimbeni Michael Saglimbeni...Lt. Colonel (uncredited)
Victor Saigh Victor Saigh ... NEST Guard (uncredited)
Chris Sanders Chris Sanders ...Accuretta Executive (uncredited)
Michael J. Sanow Michael J. Sanow ... Military Extra (uncredited)
Joel Thingvall Joel Thingvall ...Chicago Pedestrian (uncredited)
Alen Toric Alen Toric ... Pilot (uncredited)
Mark Van Woert Mark Van Woert ... Pedestrian (uncredited)
Kaitlan Welton Kaitlan Welton ...Dylan's Dinner Date (uncredited)
David Michael Williamson David Michael Williamson ... Job Applicant (uncredited)
Jimmie Wood Jimmie Wood ... Crowbar (voice) (uncredited)
William H. Worden William H. Worden ... Nest Soldier / NASA Security (uncredited)
Karen E. Wright Karen E. Wright...Secretary to Head of NASA (uncredited)
Gracie Zane Gracie Zane ... Extra (uncredited).

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