Transfusion - A Blood-Chilling Horror - Full movie

Transfusion, DIRECTED BY Mike Burns. Experience a blood-chilling horror in Transfusion. Desperation, sacrifice, and the thirst for eternal life.


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Transfusion - Synopsis:

Transfusion is a 2022 Australian action-thriller film directed by Matt Nable. This movie centers around an ex-convict named Jaxon, who is recruited by a crime lord to steal a rare blood type from a heavily guarded hospital. Jaxon is a man with a dark past who is desperate for a chance to start over. However, this heist proves to be much more than he bargained for.

The movie opens with Jaxon (played by Sam Worthington) being released from prison. He is a former soldier who was dishonorably discharged and became involved in a life of crime. After serving his time, he is determined to turn his life around and start anew.

Jaxon quickly finds a job as a truck driver and begins to build a new life. However, things take a dramatic turn when he is approached by a crime lord named Vlad (played by Robert Kazinsky) who offers him a job he can't refuse. Vlad needs a rare blood type for his wife, who is dying from a rare disease, and Jaxon is the only one who can get it.

Jaxon initially refuses the offer, but Vlad makes it clear that he won't take no for an answer. Jaxon is left with no choice but to accept the job. He must infiltrate a heavily guarded hospital, steal the blood, and make it out alive.

As Jaxon prepares for the heist, he is introduced to a team of criminals who will help him pull off the job. This includes a skilled hacker named Tyler (played by Phoebe Tonkin) and a professional thief named Alby (played by Christopher Kirby).

The team manages to sneak into the hospital and locate the blood, but things quickly spiral out of control. They are discovered by the hospital's security team, and a high-stakes chase ensues. Jaxon and his team must fight their way out of the hospital, all while trying to keep the blood safe from harm.

Sam Worthington delivers a standout performance as Jaxon, the ex-convict turned thief. Worthington brings a sense of grit and determination to the role, making it clear that Jaxon is a man with a dark past who is desperate for redemption.

Robert Kazinsky is equally impressive as Vlad, the ruthless crime lord who will stop at nothing to save his wife. Kazinsky manages to make Vlad both menacing and sympathetic, adding depth to a character who could have easily been a one-dimensional villain.

Phoebe Tonkin and Christopher Kirby also deliver solid performances as Tyler and Alby, respectively. Tonkin brings a sense of intelligence and cunning to her role, while Kirby adds a touch of humor and levity to the film.

Overall, Transfusion is a high-stakes thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. With a talented cast and a gripping storyline, this movie is sure to be a hit with action fans..



Mike Burns


Zac Adams ... executive producer (as Zac Weinstein)
Mitch Budin ... executive producer
Alastair Burlingham ... executive producer
Joe Di Maio ... line producer
Randall Emmett ... producer
George Furla ... producer
Gus Furla ... executive producer.


Bruce Willis Bruce Willis ... Frank
Ashley Greene Ashley Greene ...Chloe (as Ashley Greene Khoury)
Michael Sirow Michael Sirow ... Jake
Texas Battle Texas Battle ... Captain East
Stacey Danger Stacey Danger ... Tammy
Massi Furlan Massi Furlan ... Virgil
Josh Rhett Noble Josh Rhett Noble... Officer Richter
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
John D. Hickman John D. Hickman ... Jerry
Hassel Kromer Hassel Kromer ... Waiter at restaurant
Lauren McCord Lauren McCord ... Maggie (as Lauren McCord aka Lauren Schiff)
Adam Huel Potter Adam Huel Potter ... Leon
Kirsten Temple Kirsten Temple ... Sandy
Amber Townsend Amber Townsend ... Dr. Levine
Larken Woodward Larken Woodward ... Jenny.

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