Warcraft : A World at War - Full movie.

Warcraft  DIRECTED BY  Duncan Jones. Enter a world at war in Warcraft. Orcs, humans, and the battle for Azeroth's destiny. 


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Warcraft - Synopsis:

Warcraft, directed by Duncan Jones, is a thrilling action-adventure film that takes place on the planet Azeroth. As the Orc horde invades Azeroth through a magical portal, a few human heroes and dissenting Orcs must band together to stop the true evil behind this war.

The movie opens with the Orcs fleeing their dying world, Draenor, through a portal that leads them to Azeroth. The portal, powered by a powerful magic known as fel magic, is being used by the Orcs to conquer Azeroth and establish a new home for themselves. However, this invasion doesn't go unnoticed, and the humans of Azeroth, led by King Llane Wrynn, start to prepare for war.

One of the key human heroes in the movie is Anduin Lothar, a skilled fighter and trusted friend of King Llane. He is tasked with leading the human army against the Orcs, but he soon realizes that the Orcs are not the true enemy. There is something much more sinister behind this invasion, and Lothar must work with a group of dissenting Orcs to uncover the truth and put an end to the war.

 One of the dissenting Orcs is Durotan, the chieftain of the Frostwolf clan. Unlike the other Orcs, Durotan questions the motives of their leader, Gul'dan, and is not blinded by the promise of power. He forms an unlikely alliance with Lothar and helps him uncover the true intentions of Gul'dan and his followers.

The movie is full of action-packed battle scenes between the humans and the Orcs, but it also delves into the personal stories of the main characters. We see the struggles of Durotan as he tries to do what's best for his people, even if it means going against the Orcs. We also see the bond between Lothar and King Llane, and how they are willing to risk everything to protect their people.

Warcraft is not just a movie about battles and magic, but it's a movie about the power of unity and the importance of standing up for what's right. It's a movie that shows that even in times of war, there can be compassion and understanding between two opposing sides.

In conclusion, Warcraft, directed by Duncan Jones, is a must-watch movie for any fan of action-adventure films. It's a movie that combines thrilling battle scenes with an engaging storyline and well-developed characters. The movie leaves the audience on the edge of their seats as they watch the heroes fight against the true evil behind the war.



Duncan Jones


Nicholas S. Carpenter ... co-producer (as Nick Carpenter)
Edward Cheng ... executive producer
Stuart Fenegan ... producer
Alex Gartner ... producer
Jon Jashni ... producer
Peikang La ... executive producer
Chris Metzen ... co-producer
Michael Morhaime ... executive producer (as Mike Morhaime)
Brent O'Connor ... executive producer
Rebecca Steel Roven Oakley... co-producer (as Rebecca Steel Roven)
Rob Pardo ... co-producer
Shimu Qian ... executive producer
Charles Roven ... producer
Paul W. Sams ... executive producer (as Paul Sams)
Rio Sato ... localization producer
Jillian Share ... executive producer
Thomas Tull ... producer


Travis Fimmel Travis Fimmel ... Anduin Lothar
Paula Patton Paula Patton ... Garona
Ben Foster Ben Foster ... Medivh
Dominic Cooper Dominic Cooper ... Llane Wrynn
Toby Kebbell Toby Kebbell ... Durotan / Antonidas
Ben Schnetzer Ben Schnetzer ... Khadgar
Robert Kazinsky Robert Kazinsky ... Orgrim
Clancy Brown Clancy Brown ... Blackhand
Daniel Wu Daniel Wu ... Gul'dan
Ruth Negga Ruth Negga ... Lady Taria
Anna Galvin Anna Galvin ... Draka
Callum Keith Rennie Callum Keith Rennie ... Moroes
Burkely Duffield Burkely Duffield ... Callan
Ryan Robbins Ryan Robbins ... Karos
Dean Redman Dean Redman ... Varis / Caged Frostwolf
Glenn Ennis Glenn Ennis ... Compound Guard
Terry Notary Terry Notary ... Peon
Elena Wurlitzer Elena Wurlitzer ... Draenei Mother
Michael Adamthwaite Michael Adamthwaite ... King Magni
Anna Van Hooft Anna Van Hooft ... Aloman
Callan Mulvey Callan Mulvey ... Warrior
Adrian Glynn McMorran Adrian Glynn McMorran ... Officer (as Adrian McMorran)
Kyle Rideout Kyle Rideout ... Officer
Michael Antonakos Michael Antonakos ... Officer
Elisabeth Rosen Elisabeth Rosen ... Westfall Woman
Patrick Sabongui Patrick Sabongui ... Footman
Kent O'Connor Kent O'Connor ... Footman
Wesley MacInnes Wesley MacInnes ... Gate Guard
Mackenzie Gray Mackenzie Gray ... Lordaerian Delegate
Christian Sloan Christian Sloan ... Elf Delegate
Valérie Wiseman Valérie Wiseman ... Kul Tiran Delegate
Dan Payne Dan Payne ... Clansmen
Eugene Lipinski Eugene Lipinski ... Finden
Christina Jastrzembska Christina Jastrzembska ... Archmage
Travis MacDonald Travis MacDonald ... Prison Mage
Frank C. Turner Frank C. Turner ... Prison Mage
Tommy Rieder Tommy Rieder ... Young Medivh
Dylan Schombing Dylan Schombing ... Varian Wrynn
Donavon Stinson Donavon Stinson ... Prison Soldier
Meelah Robbins Meelah Robbins ... Scared Girl
One Take Charlie One Take Charlie ... Sheep
Joseph Aviel Joseph Aviel ... Orc
James Allore James Allore ... Civilian (uncredited)
Kristian Bakstad Kristian Bakstad...Gryphon Caller (uncredited)
Glenn Close Glenn Close ... Alodi (uncredited)
Darin De Paul Darin De Paul ...Additional Voices (uncredited)
Jordan Gardiner Jordan Gardiner ... Knight (uncredited)
G. Michael Gray G. Michael Gray ... Tower Guard (uncredited)
Gary A. Hecker Gary A. Hecker ... Creature Voices (uncredited)
Raj Lal Raj Lal ... Knight (uncredited)
Trevor Mack Trevor Mack ... Warrior (uncredited)
Donnie MacNeil Donnie MacNeil ... Squire (uncredited)
Jill Morrison Jill Morrison ... Indecisive Woman (uncredited)
Michael Patric Michael Patric ... Human Villager (uncredited)
Joel Sturrock Joel Sturrock ... Dwarf Messenger (uncredited)
Linley Subryan Linley Subryan ...Stormwind Soldier (uncredited)

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