Death Race 2: The Rise of a New Champion - Full movie.

Death Race 2  DIRECTED BY  Roel Reiné. Witness the rise of a new champion in Death Race 2. Convicts, brutal races, and the pursuit of freedom.

Death Race 2  DIRECTED BY  Roel Reiné

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Death Race 2 - Synopsis:

Set in a dystopian future, "Death Race 2" immerses audiences in a world where the penitentiary system has transformed into a modern-day colosseum. The notorious Death Race, a merciless competition where hardened criminals battle for their freedom, takes center stage. The plot revolves around the enigmatic Carl "Luke" Lucas, portrayed by the talented Luke Goss, a skilled driver who finds himself entangled in a web of corruption and betrayal.

The movie unfolds with Luke's unjust imprisonment and subsequent entry into the brutal Death Race. The race, orchestrated by the ruthless and power-hungry Weyland Corporation, serves as both a form of entertainment for the masses and a profitable venture for the corporation. As the race gains notoriety, Luke becomes a fan favorite, captivating the audience with his unmatched driving skills and unwavering determination.

The story takes an unexpected turn when Luke crosses paths with the captivating Katrina Banks, played by the stunning Tanit Phoenix. Katrina, a seductive and manipulative assistant to the corrupt Weyland Corporation executive September Jones (Lauren Cohan), becomes a pivotal character in Luke's journey. Their fates intertwine as Luke seeks revenge against those who wronged him and battles for his freedom both on and off the treacherous racetrack.

Roel Reiné's directorial prowess shines through every frame, masterfully blending heart-pounding action sequences with a gripping narrative. The racing scenes, meticulously choreographed and expertly executed, transport viewers into the heart of the Death Race. Reiné's visual style captures the raw energy and excitement of each race, creating an immersive experience that leaves audiences breathless.
The cast's exceptional performances elevate the film to new heights. Luke Goss delivers a captivating portrayal of Carl "Luke" Lucas, infusing the character with both vulnerability and indomitable spirit. Tanit Phoenix mesmerizes as the enigmatic Katrina Banks, exuding charisma and cunning in equal measure. Lauren Cohan's portrayal of September Jones adds a layer of complexity to the narrative, showcasing the corruptive power of greed and ambition.

As the story reaches its climax, alliances are formed, and loyalties are tested, leading to a thrilling and unpredictable finale. The film's conclusion leaves audiences on the edge of their seats, eager for more and yearning to witness the next chapter in this adrenaline-fueled saga.

"Death Race 2" directed by Roel Reiné is a cinematic triumph that delivers an unparalleled blend of high-octane action, gripping storytelling, and exceptional performances. From start to finish, the film keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, immersing them in a world where survival is the ultimate prize. Reiné's directorial vision, coupled with the outstanding performances by the talented cast, catapults "Death Race 2" into a league of its own.

Death Race 2


Roel Reiné


Paul W.S. Anderson...producer
Jeremy Bolt...producer
Roger Corman...executive producer
Mike Elliott...producer
Greg Holstein...associate producer
Marvin Saven...associate producer
Alan Shearer...line producer
Dylan Voogt...assistant producer: Moonlighting Films


Luke Goss Luke Goss ... Carl 'Luke' Lucas
Lauren Cohan Lauren Cohan ... September Jones
Sean Bean Sean Bean ... Markus Kane
Ving Rhames Ving Rhames ... Weyland
Tanit Phoenix Tanit Phoenix ... Katrina Banks
Patrick Lyster Patrick Lyster ... Warden Medford Parks
Deobia Oparei Deobia Oparei ... Big Bill
Frederick Koehler Frederick Koehler...Lists (as Fred Koehler)
Robin Shou Robin Shou ... 14K
Danny Trejo Danny Trejo ... Goldberg
Joe Vaz Joe Vaz ... Rocco
Danny Keogh Danny Keogh ... Dr. Klein
Hennie Bosman Hennie Bosman ... Xander Grady
Warrick Grier Warrick Grier ... Calin
Sean Higgs Sean Higgs ... Hillbilly Con
Tanya van Graan Tanya van Graan ... Holly
Wayne Harrison Wayne Harrison ... Sergeant Linus Drago
Trayan Milenov-Troy...Trayan Milenov-Troy...Scars (as Traian Milenov)
Chase Armitage Chase Armitage ... Apache
Michael Solomon Michael Solomon ... The Sheik
Tauriq Jenkins Tauriq Jenkins ... Cameraman #1
Tyrone Keogh Tyrone Keogh ... Cameraman #2
Kevin Otto Kevin Otto ... Ray
Ray Randall Ray Randall ... Joey
Scott Sparrow Scott Sparrow ... Vinnie
Clayton Evertson Clayton Evertson ... Jonsey
Ricky Botsis Ricky Botsis ... Terry (as Richard Botsis)
Michael Dube Michael Dube ... Union Blood Member (as Michael T. Dube)
Richard Lothian Richard Lothian ... Rapist Con
Andrew Brent Andrew Brent ... The Technical Director
Inge Beckmann Inge Beckmann ... Nurse
Robyn LeAnn Scott Robyn LeAnn Scott ... Big Angry Female Guard (as Robyn Scott)
Stephanie Schildknecht Stephanie Schildknecht...Weyland's Secretary
Mark Simpson Mark Simpson ... Pit Guard
Ryan Kruger Ryan Kruger ... Fat Guard
Pierre Malherbe Pierre Malherbe ... Mess Hall Guard
Quentin Chong Quentin Chong ... Chinese Assassin (as Quentin 'Dragon' Chong)
Adrian Collins Adrian Collins ... Lead Guard
Dylan Skews Dylan Skews ... Armed Guard
Chad Phillips Chad Phillips ... Male Nurse
Nicholas Pauling Nicholas Pauling ...Tattooed Hooligan
Leon Clingman Leon Clingman ... Cell Block 'A' Guard
Milton Schorr Milton Schorr ... Prison Bus Guard
Jason Ralph Jason Ralph ... Escort Guard
Chelsea King Chelsea King ... Big Bill's Navigator Girl (as Chelsea Nortje)
Stephen Jennings Stephen Jennings ... Defense Attorney
Jenna Saras Jenna Saras ... Stunning Woman
Leigh Graves Leigh Graves ... The D.A.
Lee-Anne Liebenberg Lee-Anne Liebenberg ... The Sheik's Navigator Girl
Karlien Seegers Karlien Seegers ... Apache's Navigator Girl
Bruce Young Bruce Young ... Driving Policeman
Adam Neill Adam Neill ... Arena Sound Guy
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Gary Green Gary Green ... Prisoner (uncredited)
Louis Joubert Louis Joubert ... Prison / Yard Guard (uncredited)
Alex Lorre Alex Lorre ... Driver (uncredited)
Roel Reiné Roel Reiné ... Steam Roller Driver (uncredited)

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